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- February 2005

This News E-mail came from Martin Jones.  His announcement and commentary is noteworthy:

Kathleen McQuillan the Director of the Rainbow House died 2-9.
In my view the death was hastened by the actions of the city, and others, at
first to evict the woman from their home of eighteen years. That was to
make room for a "farm implement museum". Because of my involvement and others the eviction evolved into a relocation. This was an excruciating
time which, I believe hastened Kathleen's demise. I remember the names of the individuals involved supporting the move and will not be forgotten.

A service will be held for Kathleen at the Rainbow House next Wednesday
at 10:30 A.M.

This open question
from Phil Molina.

Has anyone noted that the next Oxnard Council meeting, Feb 15, is again lacking in an agenda item to discuss the BIG LEAGUE DREAMS contract, the contracting process or the resolution granting the City Manager unfettered authority?

Did everyone hear Mayor Holden state at both the two day retreat and again at the last City Council meeting that he wanted this item on the agenda for public comment and discussion?

At what point does the City Mayor consider the lack of follow through by the City Manager to be insubordination?

 More Food For Thought
    from Phil Molina

The City of Oxnard has proven that it needs an independent internal auditor (IIA). Below is a report from the Journal of Accountancy for February 2005 on the internal auditors' function and results of his work. Oxnard City Government has proven that it cannot be relied on to due proper internal control of itself as it is now structured. An Independent Internal Auditor is hired by the City Council, reports to the public, DA, Grand Jury and the Council annually. some of the IIA's functions consist of: reviewing every agreement; assuring through an audit report that all proper agreements are all located in the City Clerk's files; the level to which the City staff had complied with the requirements of each agreement; assures that the assets of the City are properly secured.
                                        Phil Molina

Internal Audit Fallout
A strong internal audit function can be instrumental in helping a company find a weakness in its internal controls. When a company does find and report such a weakness the consequences can be significant.
At companies that disclose a material weakness in internal controls, 62% of CEO's and CFOs either leave or are pushed out immediately before the announcement or within three months afterwards.

More than half of the internal control weaknesses were related to fraud and 65% of companies that disclosed the weaknesses subsequently had to restate their earnings.

Companies with a material weakness saw their auditor fees grow by 150% compared to between 30% and 50% for companies without a weakness.


or special interest? -
The How and Why Oxnard
City Staff independently negotiated a half-million Dollar contract for nothing but Air....and spend $88K as a down payment on that Air......


The infamous Signature Page showing City Staff who were in on the Deal
See the Checks which
the City of Oxnard
Paid to

Exhibit A     //   Exhibits  B & C


A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

-Greek proverb




Martin Jones - One Year Since Brown

Gary Gillig - Under Fire
[City Attorney - Patsy for Brown]




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Democrats Celebrate Labor Day
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Eddie Castillo Chimes-in
Oxnard City Council's
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•  Oxnard Gets Slapped
on the wrists
by Superior Court Judge

•  Medina Under Fire


FRYs Electronix Coming to OX

Patel Family Horror - Oxnard - the
                      City that cares less

Alex Ramos to appear on 
"Remarkable Journey"

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Beautiful Wilson Historic
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Tomás Cafe Hosts PPV Fight Nite

Oxnard Economic Outlook  

Is Oxnard's Living Wage
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A Nerve was Struck......


 I was saddened to hear of the death of Kathleen McQuillan.

I am co-founder and was the President of the Board of Directors  of the Rainbow house when Kathleen first came to us as resident than became the  Director,  over 20 years ago.  

I remember the struggles we had in acquiring the big house on Channel Island Blvd. and all the many hours of work making repairs so we could move from Ventura to Oxnard.

Now I hear that the City of Oxnard is trying to take it away from them.

 You would think of all the wealthy ranchers in the area one of them could donate enough land to establish an equipment museum to honor their farm equipment and leave the Rainbow house alone.  

If not for the sacrifice of dedicated women like Kathleen there would not be a place for hundreds of women to have a safe place to go for there recovery.

And maybe if some of the rich ranchers would open there eyes and look around they might find one of there wives, daughters or mother in need of such a place someday.

But maybe they can just put the in the museum. With deepest sympathy,  

Bobby G. Milligan,  
Lubbock Texas


Views from the Gold Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Honoring Oxnard's former Police Chief - Art Lopez

Former Police Chief Art Lopez says
Good-Bye to Oxnard and Bye-Bye to the Gang Injunction.

Mayor Holden asks the Chief if he remembered that $5.oo he loaned him back in 1998.

John Flynn reminds the crowd that he beat Mayor Lopez in the last election and that "No" he doesn't want to be the next Police Chief.

Saul Medina chills out.

Armando Lara

Harry Cortez and Armando Lopez

Mayor Tom and his balloons

Gary Gillig


---------------------------------------Read this Press Release  about
Big League Dreams from League City Texas - Do We Really Want To Bring This Kind of a Mess to Oxnard?

View the April 22, 2000 Ventura Star Article about Big League Dreams
trying to wedge into Oxnard's
College Park

An Open Letter to Oxnard - Regarding how the City
Does its Business........

Dear Friends:

After reading the article in the Ventura Star about the Big League Dreams "surprise contract" I am reminded of these facts.

The California government codes and the Oxnard municipal codes do require that the City staff issue monthly financial reports including the amount received, the amount spent, and the balance in each type of fund. The codes also require that the City staff provide at each regular meeting the list of checks (warrants) that were issued since the last report. Interesting to note that other cities in Ventura County comply with these requirements.

During the two years I worked at the City I was repeatedly hindered by the City Manager from issuing the monthly financial reports to the City Council. The City staff had not provided the Council with those financial reports before I came to Oxnard, and the staff has not provided the Council with monthly financial reports since I was terminated.

At Federal trial the City Manager,
Ed Sotelo, said that the reason he was stopping me from issuing monthly financial reports was due to the "inappropriate language" that I used in my reports. But, when my attorney, Mr. Edward Lear, offered the court copies of every monthly financial report which I wrote during those two years the City changed its position and told the court that the City agreed that in fact I never used any "inappropriate language" in my financial reports. So why did the City Manager try to stop me from issuing those reports to the City Council?

Also under oath and when asked why he was not now issuing monthly financial reports to the Council in compliance with the City’s and State’s codes the then Finance Director, Stan Kleinman, said he had been told by the City Attorney that he did not need to prepare the report.

During the two years I worked at the City the City Manager would also not let me prepare the list of checks for Council’s review until I worked with the City Attorney to get his approval to present the list of checks to the City Council. Though I repeatedly requested approval to issue the list of checks that approval was never given to me.

So now it is interesting to note that had these reports been given to the City Council, the Council and the public would have seen the distribution of money to Big League Dreams and all this turmoil would not exist. It is of greater concern to now contemplate whether the intentional disregard for the State and City codes may be for other purposes.

Copies of statements made under oath by City Staff can be provided to you.


Phillip S. Molina

[In Seventy Languages or Dialects.]

1. Aeolian............. Ilos.
2. Arabic. ............Allah.
3. Assyrian........... Ellah.
4. Breton............. Doue.
5. Bengali.......... .Ishuar.
6. Catalan............. Deu.
7. Creolese............Godt.
8. Chaldiac....... ....Elah.
9. Chinese........... Zung.
10. Croatian ...........Bogu.
11. Danish..............Gud.
12. Dalmatian..........Rogt.
13. Doric.. ........... ...Ilos.
14. Dutch..............Godt.
15. Egyptian........... Zeut.
16. English..............God.
17. Etruvian.......... .Chur.
18. Finnish ........ ..Jumala.
19. Flemish............Goed.
20. Fiji..................Kalou.
21. French............. Dieu.
22. Galic................ Dia.
23. German........... ..Gott.
24. Greenland .........Gudib.
25. Greek .............Theos.
26. Hawaiian...........Akua.
27. Hebrew........... Eloah.
28. Hungarian... ..... Isten.
29. Hindostanee........Rain.
30. Icelandic ........... Guo.
31. Irish .... ........... Dia.
32. Italian.............Iddio.
33. Japanese...........Kami.
34. Kafir..............Utixo.
35. Latin........ ......Deus.
36. Lapland ......... Jubmal.
37. Madagascar. .... Tannan.
38. Magi.... ............Orsi.
39. Malay......... .....Alla.
40. Manx (Isle of Man)... Jee.
41 Mohawk. ....... Yehovah.
42. Norwegian.......... Gud.
43. Namacqua......... Eloba.
44. Old German......... Diet.
45. Persian. ............Syra.
46. Piedmontese...... Iddiou.
47. Polacca ........... Bung.
48.Polish............... Bog.
49. Portuguese ......... Deos.
50. Provencal....... .. Dion.
51. Peruvian........... .Lian.
52. Russian............ Bott.
53. Runnic............... As.
54. Rorotongan ........ Atua.
55. Saxon .......... .... God.
56. Spanish. ....... .. .Dios.
57. Scandinavian.......Odin.
58. Swedish............. Gud.
59. Swiss........ ...... Gott.
60. Slavic. .... ........ Buch.
61. Syrian ............. Adad
62. Teutonic............Goth.
63. Tembloan.. ...... Fetiyo.
64. Turkish............. Alah.
65. Tartar...........MagataL
66. Tyrrhenian......... Eher.
67. Vandois ............ Diou.
68. Wallachian.........Zenc.
69. Welsh.... .... ..... Duw.
70. Zulu.... .. .,,.,....Tixo.



Oxnard Has a Meet - Up Page.
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Visit:   20millionloud.meetup.com  
From the Pen of Roger.....

On general issues, the LNG proposal that would have had an ultra-high-pressure gas line running under Gonzales Rd. hasn't gotten off the ground. That entity's (Crystal Energy, LLC) latest proposal has it going up Harbor Blvd. and under the Santa Clara River bed. (They obviously haven't met the members of the Friends of the Santa Clara River organization yet!)

Ormond Beach is almost for sure going to get restored as part of a wetlands system running from Port Hueneme to Mugu Rock. This would make the system the largest of its kind in California. Even if you despise "greenies" and hate birds, restoration at Ormond Beach will feed our city's kitty with piles of tourista cash. Birding and bird watching is _the_ most popular tourist activity world-wide. With more than 300 different bird species residing at or passing through Ormond Beach every year, that flyway stop represents the greatest birding opportunity in
the United States. A clean-up, this restoration and the erection of a
new hotel or two might put enough bucks into the city's treasury that
our city fathers could then afford to repair our streets and alleys. Who
knows? (It is kinda silly that our city fathers persist in permitting new residential construction when they cannot afford to rehab our existing, decaying infrastructure!)

The other LNG project (BHP Billiton's Cabrillo Port) presents a possible
threat to Ormond Beach and to sea life in general. They propose running
21+ miles of pipes on the sea bed from Cabrillo Port to the Reliant Plant area at Ormond. Not addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement/Report were any requirements for the temperature of this gas -- which could be as low as 257 degrees F below zero -- it is possible
that they plan to let Mother Nature warm their gas up. Sea life will not
appreciate this. Also, should there be a line break before that gas reaches the "odorizing plant" on shore, no one would know that there was a gas leak. Boom! Simply locating an natural gas odorization/clean out access in proximity to an electricity generating plant seems inane: A gas leak, a loose spark -- any of them around an electric plant??? -- and, again, BOOM!



Big League Dreams
beleaguers Texas Town ---
A Must Read ......

Mansfield, TX, The Citizens of Mansfield Texas are fighting the Big league Dreams Guys like a tiger.
We have stalled them until May. To Oxnard - You will not be able to vote on this because the BLD people say you can't. The Redding, Calif. facility was financed by state grants and loans, but the city was later fined $450K for polluting the vernal pools. The BLD guys after the project was built
asked Redding for 1.4 million for artificial turf. Scott Letierrer, BLD CEO, was the past world soccer CEO.
Bill Simon, your "almost governor" is reported to own 38 % of this company. This is not little league as you already know but a sports venue as defined in Texas. They get money through the parks departments and state grants for parks. Look up the California
definition for parks. Brentwood rejected BLD due to funding problems. The city can't sell tax free bonds for projects that have a net income.

See www.bigleagueschemes.info.
- read it all, your future is there. Also research on Google for League City, Texas they have been through hell
with these guys, their mayor was voted out of office, the finance director quit and is now working for a company that specializes in economic development and the city is 6 million over budget. Don't let this be built in your city. These Texas cities are are married to BLD for 35 years. Their project costs will continue to climb.

I bet your city also signed an operation and maintenance contract as well. The timing would be logical.

Follow the money.

/s/ citizen of Mansfield, Texas

The VC Star Chimes in on the Big League Dreams Flap with our renegade City Manager writing checks like there is no tomorrow -

                        Read the Star's Editorial

 ==Steve Houser ==

The V i e w
La Conchita

Steve's Camera Takes you up-close to the Disaster at La Conchita
                         (the small Sea-Shell)

Houser was the Ox Jo's Photog during the last Municipal Election and brought some great views of the Candidates to Oxnard and the World via the WWW.....he is still stringing for the Ox Jo and goes where the News is to bring you views you won't see anywhere else....

     ....Click Here
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the PIX



ead the Official City News Release -      * Note that the Lead and Ending paragraphs focus on City Manger Sotelo instead of Chief Lopez ---

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