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I'd like to ask the residents of the City of Oxnard for a favor...
I'd like to ask those parents, young adults, and teens to listen to what I have to say
about a law that was passed recently.

I'm sure many of you have heard or read about the injunction law made to target
Oxnard gang members.  Well, I am not a gang member.
I am a "13" year old, an eighth grader.  I live between the boundary lines of the targeted
Normally, this law would not affect anyone like me.  But, as we all know Oxnard has no
professional teams of any sport, but we do have the Dallas Cowboys football team that
practices in our small city.

I like so many of my friends and neighbors enjoy rooting for the team.  We see[m to be]
putting so much dedication in to the game during the off season. 
I know all the players names.  I wear Cowboys hats and T-shirts
because I am a fan.

I feel I am singled out by Police because I am a loyal fan.  I am tired of being
threatened and harassed by Police for the clothes I wear.  But, more so afraid of what
they will do to me for wearing the clothes I want to wear.

I am not a gang member / Why do the Police stop me and want to take my picture?  
Sometimes I wonder if they just want to put me on a gang file.
Just yesterday they told me they stopped me cause I had "the look".
¿What Look is That?
I thought I was just a normal teenage boy with a dream of being like the guys I look up to,
the best team in the N.F.L. - The Dallas Cowboys.
With football season approaching and Bill Parcell's excellent coaching,
I hope that I can cheer my team all the way to the Super Bowl and wear what I want
without being afraid of the Police. 
¿Who thinks of these laws ?
I read in the paper all the propaganda that Detective Holland provided.  That's some
theory he has.  Where did he say he came from "L.A.P.D.".  Isn't that a Police Department
known for racism, harassment, and corruption?
I hope that O.P.D. hasn't adopted the ways Detective Holland openly associates himself with!

"Annonamous "

* the method with which this letter was delivered - provoked credibility.


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