The Oxnard Journal

Oxnard Neighborhood Special Edition

Historic Wilson Neighborhood - Highlighted in the Ventura Star
this Tuesday - September 21, 2004........

Wilson Neighborhood encompasses the Downtown, the civic center, the Library, Police and Fire,
along with the north section of the Downtown.  These views were taken on a quiet Sunday morning.

Store on First Street between A & B.

Inside Panaderia Vannesa - on A Street - One of Oxnard's Best Bread Shops

The Crew at Panaderia Vannesa ------ Hard working guys who get to work at 3 a.m. every day.

The A Street Entrance of Oxnard Public Library

City Hall as seen from 3rd Street.

Oxnard's Public Safety Building - as seen from corner of C and 3rd.

RICO MENUDO is available on Sunday Morning.

Colorful banners announce and attract PLAZA AUTO SALES - corner of 4th & C Street.

Carnegie Art Museum as seen from Fourth Street.

Oxnard's New Downtown Parking Structure - a tandem project with the Downtown Theater.

Plaza Park as seen from B Street looking West.

Beautiful Quaint Home along D Street.

Tall Majestic Palms along D Street.

Historic Santa Clara Chapel << >>

Soon - to - be - Renovated - The Old Saint John's Hospital will become Sycamore Senior Village.

Cute homes on Palm Avenue - just off C Street.

Wilson Park on Palm Drive.

The former Wilson School is now a City Senior Center.

Corner of Magnolia and A Street - looking towards civic center.

1920's - Deco Houses serve as homes and businesses along A Street.

Oxnard Boulevard at Doris - Looking South towards the Downtown.

Deodar Street - One of the Most Beautiful, Quiet & Pleasant Street to stroll along, live on, or view by car.

Reardon Mortuary - a local A Street Landmark.

WIN's Drive-In on A Street.

A Street at First - Looking North.

Black Bird Enjoys Oxnard's Public Parking at corner of  B and Second Street.

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