Ventura County Superior Court Judge Tells Oxnard: 
" Don't to do It Again!"

The City Council which put La Colonia under an Injunction
is put under it's own INJUNCTION by the County Court.

"Don't Do Any More Closed Meetings"
like the ones you did on the Downtown Theatre"
Judge tells City.

Dateline - Oxnard, Calif....31 August 2004

While La Colonia Chicques are told not to associate with other gang members, the Oxnard City Council was told not to associate with closed door meetings where the public is Not Allowed.

Ventura County Superior Court Judge Vincent O'Neill ruled that Oxnard City Council did violate California's Brown Act in 2002 by conducting closed door meetings to formulate an agreement on the Downtown Theater.

The Judge put Oxnard  under a Judgment for [Declaratory] Relief and INJUNCTION..... Check it Out !!!

The 2002 City Council,  which included current Mayoral candidate, then Councilman Tom Holden, was cited for conducting closed door sessions on deliberative items which rightly should have been open to the public. 

Read the Final Order below and await the 'blow-back affluent spin; mastered by the City Attorney, City Manager and certain Councilmen who may now see a valid reason to distance themselves from the Superior Court's light which has  shown brightly on their game of  pulling a fast one on the citizens of Oxnard.

Read it for yourself -----------

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