Feedback to the "Spanish as a Disability" story. . . . .

Dear Editor --

Re: "żIs Spanish a Disability in Oxnard?"

Not really. Not any more than the 100-odd other languages spoken
natively by other Oxnard residents. The native speakers of those other
languages, however, are mostly all here legally and most all of them are
endeavoring to Americanize themselves. Speaking and reading and writing
English fluently figure heavily in their efforts.

Despite that, there are some who find English impossible. As a crossword
puzzle solver, I agree!

So, for those folks who refuse or who cannot learn English, then one of
their ethic/cultural/national civic groups or organizations could make
translation arrangements for them. In the case of Spanish-speaking
persons, perhaps an ongoing process for Oxnard's civic meetings could be
made via the local Mexican consulate.

I see no reason to further burden the Oxnard taxpayer. And I'm firmly
opposed to favoring one immigrant group over another.


Roger G. Pariseau, Jr.
Oxnard, California
Sent: Monday, September 07, 2004



How do you justify equating having a disability With
speaking Spanish?

Why do you state that "people with disabilities who
are being most economical depressed and socially
discriminated against group in the nation" are catered
too these fact are from the Harris poll.

Sent: Monday, September 07, 2004

Feedback to the "Hardest Working People in Oxnard". .

Hello Winter,
I also an a Board-member of the Tri-County Regional Center Board, which over sees a $14 million budget which people and families with Developmental Disabilities,  I am a member of the Gold Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President Elect of the Kiwanis Club of Oxnard 2005 2006, Capt. of the Relay for Life-Kiwanis, I work with "High Risk Youth" who have been release from the juvenile justice system and helping them return to their community without returning back to juvenile hall, 75% success rate!!!,  Latino Consortium Committee member which works with local law enforcement agency, and working to reduce commercial truck traffic on Rose Ave  (Oxnard Strawberry Jam) ...... among other things.
Saul Medina
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004
Feedback to the "Holden avoids Winter at TV Taping".
For the recdord. What's Going On with "Whats Going on TV show?  I was not invited to attend no letter or telephone call.  Gee I wonder?  again just for the record.

Respectfully,  Saul Medina.
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004



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