Cool Happenings in the Downtown ---- OXNARD @ NITE.

Fight Night at Tomás Cafe in Downtown Oxnard.

The HBO Pay-Per-View coverage of the De La Hoya - Hopkins Fight was a draw for Home Parties with
Big Screens - & - Keggers at Home for the majority of us --- and Both were the Hot Ticket at an Invitation Only
Fight Night Party put on by the Oxnard law firm of  Schurmer & Drane.  Scott Schurmer and his son Earl were joined by
the firm's Senior Legal Administrator Mark Dominguez in welcoming the capacity crowd to Tomás Cafe for this Saturday Night closed circuit telecast of a Las Vegas fight.

Here are views from the Ox Jo ....

Larry, Ben, and Tomas of Tomás Cafe join John Gonzales, VP of Teamster's Local 186.
See....AFL/CIO can hang with the Teamsters...........

Scott Schurmer - caught on a call.

The Fellas on a Night Out ( from left ) Ramon Gomez, Radio 1400 Producer - Jose Luis Pedroza,
and Avalar's Top Dog Realtor - Jerry Lopez.

Crowd Shot # 1

Over-the-shoulder view of the Big Screen.

Crowd View # 2.

Crowd View # 3.

Mark Dominguez - "Dah God-Fatha" - oversees the affair during the telecast.

Oxnard Mayoral Candidate Bill Winter hangs with Ramon, Jose Luis, and Jerry.

THIS IS OXNARD --- ¿ Wanna Rumble - y que ?

A crowd gathered outside to catch the view of the big screen pay-per-view.

 Larry, John G and his family (full IDs are coming)......

Hey, who's this crazy vato who stepped into our picture - Oh, it's OK, It's Just the Next Mayor of Oxnard.

That's all she wrote............


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