Steve Houser views La Conchita on January 13, 2005 --- the 101 Freeway ( Ventura Highway )
has been closed since the great landslide that claimed 10 lives and put the future of this small close-knit
beach-side community into question..... Governor Schwarzenegger said of the residents, " They'll Be Back ! "


Oxnard Resident Jose Castellanos views the progress and the job ahead as cleaning up the 101 in time for it open
again on the weekend.

101 - Looking south towards Oxnard --- one can see why it will take till this Saturday before the 101 may be re-opened.

Intersection of sorrow and resolve -

The Day the Music Died ----

Nature and machine meet.

What Can Break This Monotony. . . .   ?

. . . .  How about a picture with the Guys .............. Done !

Crushed Cars and Crushed Lives.

The 101 had to handle the run-off.

Toil, Sweat, Tears.

The View That Keeps People Wanting to Continue to Live in La Conchita.



The Ox Jo is

Oxnard's  Only


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