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Martin Jones - One Year Since Brown

• Gary Gillig - Under Fire
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• Democrats Celebrate Labor Day
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• Eddie Castillo Chimes-in
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•  Medina Under Fire


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• Patel Family Horror - Oxnard - the
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Who's Minding the Mint -- or --- Please pass the Mint Julep into my spider hands so that I may suck it dry.

And who is sucking the Oxnard City Treasury dry...well it appears to be Spider-Hands City Attorney Gary Gillig and his gallivanting cohort of compadres who want a piece of that BIG LEAGUE action.  And what a DREAM it is.....

The action, is a contract with the
BIG LEAGUE DREAMS franchise of Chino Hills-- the sucking sound you hear are our City Dollars going out from Dale Belcher's Treasury into the vacuous crevice known as an "Agreement for Consulting Service" with BIGLEAGUEDREAMS - 0xnard City Document No. 2061-03-CM - This said contract Gillig and both hired City Managers signed in agreement to spend $400K+ dollars of your tax money -  with the invisible consent of the Oxnard City Council ....

This 17 Page mystery agreement was never included in any City Council packets, nor was it agendized as an actual article of city business, but Ed Sotello, et al, entered into a $400-thousand-plus agreement for THIN AIR with BIG LEAGUE DREAMS ---

Tom Holden promised the Neighborhood Councils on Wednesday night (Jan. 05) that he would agendize this item and make it a topic of discussion....so it will be interesting to see how the new Mayor handles this.

Outcrys range from firing all who signed the document, to just firing Gillig, cleaning out house with minor dusting in the City Manager's Office.  Some citizens want to see the Mayor and newly elected Councilman Tim Flynn jump on this by making good on their campaign promises for open government and clean up Oxnard's rat nest of special interests.


The infamous Signature Page showing City Staff who were in on the Deal
See the Checks which
the City of Oxnard
Paid to

Exhibit A     //   Exhibits  B & C

<< This is Your Money >>









Promises to be an Interesting One.

Residents will attend with Several Goals to achieve.

  1.  Move Item Q-1 Study Session on the   College Park Master Plan to the head of the Agenda - City Staff put the Item at the tail end of Council's Agenda to dissuade people from speaking - by making them wait long hours before the discussion was to take place.

  2.  Ask Council to Stop their consideration of College Park as the location for BIGLEAGUEDREAMS and ask them to consider another location for the sports park.

  3.  To get the Council to take action against the outlaw City Manager and City Staff who seems to running roughshod over all the City's business.

  4.  For the Council, especially the new Mayor,  to regain a hold and control over City Affairs.

    5. To seek the truth about College Park and what was Bedford Pinkard's roll in fast-tracking all the voting before the new Council was seated?

  6.  How much did then-Mayor Lopez know and when did he know it......?


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