Gary Gillig -- Under Fire.                                           

John Zaragoza probably said it best --- when answering a question at a recent Forum.   Zaragoza said that the Council's adherence to the complexities of the Brown Act was a responsibility of the City Attorney - a Mr. Gary Gillig.

Could the City Council be ready to make Gary Gillig the Patsy for their indiscretion at holding meetings that were in violation of California's Brown Act?

Gillig has been a fixture of the City Council meetings as he has appeared next to the City Manager while thumbing thru papers and generally not too involved in what is going on - especially public comments.  Gillig would probably say "I'm listening, I'm paying attention..." in just the same way as your kid responds to 'yes I'm doing my homework' while watching  TV.

Gillig's performance is going to be examined in a special closed session at 6pm this Tuesday ( SEPT. 14) and anyone can come and comment during Public Comments on this closed-session item..

Here is some additional - legalistic stuff that will probably vex Gillig as his job performance is reviewed.  Good time for a real estate agent in Victorville.


Phil Molina's Job Assessment of Gillig

On page 142 lines 22-25 in part Mr. Gillig testifies that he made changes to the HTGG (High Tide & Green Grass) agreement after the City Council approved it "…the final version of this agreement was not ready on November 16th when the City Council took action."

Mr. Gillig admits that this usurpation of legislative authority has happened more than once in Oxnard. On page 143 "This is an uncommon occurrence, but it does happen."

When asked Mr. Gillig admits that the copy in the City Clerk’s files, which required a complete and thorough audit of the financial statement of High Tides & Green Grass, was approved by the City Council: on page 141 "Yes, that is correct. That is the paragraph in the agreement on file with the City Clerk."

And on page 143 lines 12-15 Mr. Gillig acknowledged that there is a requirement that the City keep in the City Clerk’s office the operative contracts that it has with outside entities.

Also, Mr. Gillig admits he was involved in preparing the response to the Grand Jury and that he did not perform the basic "due diligence" required of an attorney when he was asked "Did you make any effort to see which operating contract was on file with the City Clerk’s office in preparing a response to the grand jury?" Gary answered " No, I did not. I relied on the one in my office." (page 144 lines 5-10)

Finally, on page 144 lines 14-16 Mr. Gillig admits that the agreement on file with the City Clerk (Exhibit 150), which requires a complete and thorough audit of the financial statement of High Tides & Green Grass, was the original that was in the City Clerk’s office.

Is this type of behavior we reward our City Attorney for?



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