For Immediate Release - August 26, 2004

This morning at 7:00 am a search warrant was served by members of the Oxnard
Violent Crimes Task Force in the 1100 block of Isleton Place. Officers were
looking for evidence in a felony perjury case soon to be filed against
Javier Ambriz, 23 years, of Oxnard. 

This search warrant was in response to a court declaration that Mr. Ambriz
made on July 19, 2004 which stated he was not a Colonia Chiques gang member
and therefore should not be subjected to the civil gang injunction recently
issued by Judge Fred Bysshe.

A large number of items were seized in the service of the warrant which
detectives believe provide further evidence of Mr. Ambriz's Colonia Chiques
gang involvement. Specifics about what was seized will not be released at
this time.

Mr. Ambriz was subsequently arrested at work in Camarillo and will be
charged with felony perjury. DA officials and Oxnard Police detectives
believe Mr. Ambriz is an active Colonia Chiques gang member and served Mr.
Ambriz on June 9, 2004 with the injunction order. Being deceitful in a court
declaration is the same as lying during testimony in court.

Mr. Ambriz will be arraigned on Monday.

For further information please contact David Keith, PIO @ 385-7631.