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Oxnard Little League will win Nat'l championship.

An Oxnard School will be forced to close.

Fed-ex lands rights to use Point Mugu airstrip for cargo flight drops.

Botanical Garden and Marine Sanctuary locations in Oxnard are proposed.

Secret tunnels under Oxnard Blvd.
are Unearthed.

Ormond Beach becomes Big League Dreams II.

Oxnard College Park becomes site of protest by local residents of area who DO NOT want a commercial stadium in their backyard.

Oxnard College nixes Commercial use of College Park Property.

Fly-over bridge for Oxnard Blvd. @ Gonzo is designed and community support propels the project to ease traffic.

City Council is again cited for Violation of the Brown Act regarding Downtown Property Sale and Arrangement.

Ghost of Roy Lockwood appears mysteriously on Oxnard City Council video replay.

Kobe Byrant is pulled over by VC Sheriffs and ticketed for speeding on Rice Avenue.

Section of Downtown Parking Garage is closed due to structural weakness in concrete.

Larry Stein wins the Lotto and creates a Scholarship fund for city employees to attend college and study accounting.

LA Police Chief Bratton makes surprize career move - Oxnard Police Chief Lopez is again  tagged for LAPD's top slot.

Old Saint John's Hospital becomes operational Senior Housing Village as first tenants move in by Christmas 2005.

Foreign Investor attracts interest of City Council by proposing to pay for the construction of an Oxnard Pier off Ormond.

LNG incident involving tanker off the Australian shoreline puts more teeth in arguement against bringing LNG into and thru Oxnard.

Christian Evangelist announces crusade in Oxnard.

Gentrification becomes a Hot issue in Oxnard city Planning.

Newly elected Councilmember Tim Flynn proposes the formation of a Citizen review of the 2020 Plan.

City contracts to build a desalinization plant.

Three-hour traffic tie-up on Gonzales Road prompts citizen out-cry against future housing and compacting of people into Oxnard.

Oxnard newspaper is started with the primary purpose to cover news the Ventura County Star does not.

A 757 makes safe emergency landing at Oxnard Airport.

Walmart announces a second Superstore location to be developed.

Previously Lost - Historical Document in California History is discovered in a La Colonia Home.

Frye's Electronics Store opens to huge success.

Series of accidents and near misses on "serpentine" Patterson Road between 5th & Wooley forces Council to look at straightening the road again, like it was before.

Irene Pinkhard holds several fund-raisers to support second try for Council.

Al Duff looks at keeping his hopes alive for another shot at a Council Seat.

Dean Maulhardt announces he will not seek another term on the Council - but does not indicate he may run for Mayor.

Saul Medina looks at Republican Congressional Run in 06.

Deirdre Frank keeps her campaign registration current and maintains she will seek office again.

Bill Winter will serve on the INCF and will bring as much news to Oxnard & the world on the Ox Jo as he can.

Dolly Villa is tapped by Congresswoman Lois Capps to assist her with Oxnard issues.

A freak Snow storm hits Oxnard in late June.

President Bush again visits Oxnard.

BRAC 2005 allows NAVBASE Ventura County to remain functional.

Benefactor purchases new building for the permanent housing of the Mexican Consulate in Oxnard.


  Ox Jo Predictions for 2004 ----
                     Did Any Come True ... ?

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= PREDICTIONS for 2004=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

1 Petition for Councilmatic districts is circulated for Nov 2004 ballot.
This prediction came true except for the inclusion in the Nov 04 General elections ballot. - Oh Well. - not bad for a first predix.

2. LA Police Chief Bratton resigns - OXPD Chief Lopez gets second look.
This prediction came close to happening - but not yet - it will be carried over in essence into 2005.

3. Ormond Beach Nature Park proposed...City balks, but National attention forces park to become reality.
We are still waiting on this one. 

4. La Colonia Boxer makes national sports news and gains attention by dramatic fight.
Not Yet !

5. Oxnard Factory Outlet closes.
This prediction came close - except for the fact that the Outlet did indeed close - but a name change and redesign modifications makes this prediction accurate at 60%.

6. Casino Issue makes reappearance in light of declining municipal budget.
Never know what our new Mayor will do on this....

7. City of Oxnard pays off high bucks in Molina and Jones lawsuits.
Molina lawsuit is still active in some legal contortion.  Jones Did win his lawsuit - so this is 50%er.

8. Major motion picture is filmed at Oxnard Beach....hundreds used as extras
This prediction should be carried over into 2005.

9. Jet aircraft runs off run-way and onto Victoria --- no injuries, but vegetable truck is overturned.
This prediction did not come true.

10. President Bush makes second stop in Oxnard as Campaign 2004 nears conclusion (Oct.)
This prediction did not come true - Gov. Schwarzenegger did come to Santa Barbara to support Bob Pohl in Nov. 2004.

11. Councilmatic Districts as a possibility for Oxnard gets a serious consideration. - This prediction is re-hash of #1 and did come true.

12. A Blimp will moor at Oxnard Airport.
This prediction did not come true.

13. A mystery sand pit will develop between Rice and Del Norte.
There is still 2005

14. Howard Dean will mention the word Oxnard.
No - because his scream came in before he could mention our name.

15. Martin Jones will win his lawsuit and force the City to hold public deliberations on the Downtown Theater project.
Martin Jones did win his suit - but the Judge neglected to instruct the City re-do the contract.  Jones won in essence - but not direct impact affected city management....past present & future.

16. Spanish comedian will film a movie in Oxnard - extra's call draws thousands.
This prediction should carry over into 2005.

17. Church group will buy Oxnard Shores property to develop a conference center by the sea.
Still a good idea.

18. South Oxnard revolt draws attention to deterioration of streets and neighborhood.
This prediction is somewhat true.  New Neighborhood Chairman Dennis Waldman had drawn some attention to Southwinds Neighborhood in 2005.   Deterioration of streets and neighborhood were cited.
19. Point Mugu will be placed on BRAC list...local opponents mount costly campaign to save base.
( being put on the list does not necessarily mean closure - just it's gets a close look-see)
(..Insider: Navy PWC has plans to keep base active and open ....developing,,,)
This prediction came true - the base complex is on the 2005 BRAC list - but the Ox Jo predicts this to be of no effect in 2005.

20. Movie Studio proposes studio expansion to Oxnard.
This prediction did not happen yet.

21. Ormond Beach will become sectioned for sanctuary and nature watching preserve.
(main attraction will be boardwalk along wetlands and beach... containment will preserve nature and especially plover nesting sites.)
The Saviers Road Redesign Team is keeping this on the front burner.

22. Martial Arts conglomerate buys the entire Oxnard Factory Outlet and turns it into "Kung Fu City"
This prediction did not happen........................... yet!

23. Surprize City Proclamation is issued to rename Meta Street to Calle Manuel Lopez.
This would be a good an honorable move for our new Mayor.

24. Bedford Pinkhard gives his Council seat to the Misses and announces his appointment to a prestigious state office.
This prediction did come true - but he did not seek further public office. 

25. Dean Maulhardt wins the Lotto and decides to leave politics in order to do something at Cal State Channel Islands.
2005 is such a year of promise...........

26. Flynn and Zaragoza spend a heated year competing for the 5th County Supervisor seat. A shocking draw in the vote count creates non-stop fun.
This prediction came true in a funny way.  Zaragoza did not defeat County Super John Flynn - but Zaragoza and Flynn did spend a year competing for a seat......not on the Super's Board, but on the City Council and not John Flynn, but his son Timothy.

27. Lopez and Holden vie for the Mayor's chair while one mystery candidate will emerge and challenge to two incumbents.
Mayor Lopez opted not to keep his seat, but Holden did run for and win Mayorship in Oxnard.

28. Strawberry fever will hit the country and Oxnard will be spotlighted.
Nothing more spectacular than the Festival.


The Oxnard Journal strives to inform the reader
while maintaining a 'certain' point-of-view which you the reader,  may or may not agree with - but you, the reader should at least give an ear to the opinion and viewpoints you see registered on the
Ox Jo.


29. Old Saint Johns Hospital will become a city park after developer fails to make good on promise to develop.
This prediction did not happen and probably won't. 

30. Roy Lockwood will receive publicly an honorable mention.
Roy "appears" again in another predix for 2005.

31. LNG fight will be fierce with some power players coming to Oxnard as proponents and exponents.
This prediction is still waiting for more force - but did come true.

32. Oxnard Library obtains old Oxnard High school for building new public library. Old library on South A will become new Oxnard Municipal Hall.
This prediction did not come true this year.

33. Masons will force re-formulation of Pleasant Valley Road expansion project.
This prediction is somewhat true as the Masons did some ground work and new attention had been brought to that nib of property along PLV Road with the cutting of the Eucalyptus trees.  The Japanese Cemetery is now gaining attention to become an historical site.

34. Department of Homeland Security will open an office in Oxnard creating large federal employment opportunity.
No - but TSA is operating at the Oxnard Airport.

35. El Rio gets offer to join Oxnard Corporate City Limits.
This prediction could still come true.

36. Mother gives birth to six babies at Saint John's Hospital.
This prediction may have happened...any one notice?

37. Eddie Castillo contemplates run for Oxnard City Council.
Eddie stayed in the sidelines this year to support Al Duff's bid for Council.

38. Saul Medina will announce his run for a seat on the Oxnard City Council.
This prediction came true.

39. Martin Jones will win the Lotto and begin a scholarship fund.
This prediction did not happen yet.

40. Larry Stein will win the Lotto and will keep visiting the Council Chambers.
We keep waiting.....

41. Bill Winter will have his dream come true with a real Oxnard Journal coming to the city as a news-journal.
2005 is a New Year.

42. Proposed revision plan to 5-Points draws serious public ire...Council decides to leave intersection as is.
This can still happen and may in 2005

43. You will have a great and prosperous year....thanks for reading the Oxnard Journal.....
This prediction is again True --- thanks for reading the Ox Jo.

Henny Backus, (right) wife of famous TV Star Jim Backus at her book signing of "Care for the Caretaker" in Beverly Hills.  

Joining Henny are actress Betty White and Ox Jo Editor, Bill Winter.

Henny passed away on December 9th to join her beloved husband on that fabulous eternal "Gilligan's Island".

Henny's book detailed her personal account of caring for a failing husband and her words of encouragement to others doing similar duty to their loved ones.


For City Council watchers, if the December 14th Council meeting was a preview of coming attractions, then Oxnard is in for a nasty roller coaster ride.

John Zaragoza got re-elected on the promise of hearing the concerns of the people, Mayor Holden came with a tone of compassion in his promise to make Oxnard better, and Tim Flynn came with the promise to say No to New Development.  Each has to go back to their notes from the campaign and re-visit their promises to Oxnard.

Most stunning in this display of how the new Council will act was the vote to sell off a piece of property located directly next to Garcia's Mortuary on A Street.  Robert Garcia, owner of the Mortuary and the Tomas Cafe across the street asked the Council to reconsider their proposal simply based on the fact that he did not have a chance to bid on this valuable land which would benefit his business and most likely fit right in with the theme of that block.

The Council turned a deaf-ear to Mr. Garcia and voted to sell the property at a Fire Sale Price to someone who had an inside track with the City to snatch this land away from any competitor, especially Mr. Garcia.  So that is STRIKE ONE against our new Council.

STRIKE TWO comes on December 21st when the Council approves on a Consent Agenda to go into direct negotiations with Big League Dreams BLD -or-(Big Snake Schemes) to turn our quiet College Park into a noisy and busy commercial ballpark.  
The adjacent Neighborhoods were not consulted - the Original College Park Master Plan was twisted by city staff to approve what certain present and former Council-members want.  The members of the original College Park citizen study group were left out of the news that the Council wants BLD to roll in and make our Strawberry Festival site a den of robbers and thieves --- we need a Savior to come in and overturn the money-changers tables.

So watch the next Council meeting and if you can - please come and comment to the Council about these plans.  You know the Council will not listen to the citizens, but if you at least show up and speak, you will be listed in the minutes so future historians can see how the Council, especially this new one - ignored the people who put them in office.

 This Letter Came In to Ox Jo from a College Park Resident......             

December 8, 2004

Parks Commission

Five weeks ago Mr. Henderson told the Oxnard City Council, that the City of Oxnard had applied for two million in State grant money. This two million, plus other grant money would be used to start building College Park.

Well you can forget using grant money for College Park because two weeks later Mr. Henderson changed the entire College Park concept. Instead of a family park, College Park would be a commercially run “pay to play” operation. Mr. Henderson told the City Council that it would be to Oxnard’s advantage to pay Big League Dreams almost 17 million dollars to build a commercial sports park. Mr. Henderson stated that the 17 million expense would be about 5 million more than it would cost the City to build a family park operated by the City of Oxnard. Why would anyone pay an extra 5 million for a park. According to Henderson this is a good deal because Big League Dreams would operate College Park for nothing. No one does anything for NOTHING. In fact BLD would charge all Oxnard citizens to use the park and BLD would have the exclusive right to sell alcoholic beverages at College Park. And to those who favor serving alcohol at College Park, it doesn’t matter where you serve it, in a bar or in the stands, in either place you can get equally drunk. Mr. Henderson said it would cost the City of Oxnard 700 hundred thousand dollars a year to operate College Park. That’s a lot to pay for grass seed and water.

But the cost of operating the park was taken into consideration when you voted to make College Park a low impact park with ball fields to be used by the public when not used for league play. To offset costs you voted that the community center would house City Corps and a police substation. Three months ago this commission proposed a fire station at the park which would provide a 24/7 presence. You voted to make College Park OUR park, not a park for everyone who could be induced to come here.

What I find most distasteful about the Big League Dreams issue is how quickly this Commission has reneged on its promises. It is very disturbing to hear Commission members promote BLG as if they were being paid. The Parks and Recreation Commission was established to provide for the recreation needs of the citizens of Oxnard. It is not your job to bring big business to Oxnard. If you cannot work toward the betterment of recreational opportunities for Oxnard citizens, than I wish you would resign.

Lois Jones

Note:  The Parks Com. conducted the College Park Advisory Committee meetings.  The attached is what I said to the Parks Com. at their last meeting.  I have the Feb. and March 2002 minutes for the Parks Com. if anyone doubts that many promises were made and are now being tossed aside.

The City Council Agenda Item I-6 -- Regarding Big League Dreams
 -----PDF File -----





             THE SEASON of GIVING                

Tithing in the 21st Century.


The Bible instructs the people of God to Tithe.


Tithing is the giving of Ten-Percent of your income to the work of your church, your mission, or your reasonable service  of  giving  because  God  says  so .... You Should be tithing to a ministry that promotes tithing…or more accepted is to give to the ministry that feeds you --- Your Home Church.


The recent incident of Target Corporation reneging on its long-time support of the Salvation Army @  X-Mas time has created a reminder to all of us –

- of how important it is to give. 


When Jesus spoke of the abundant life, he wasn't referring to a cupboard full of tomatoes.

God's plan is to prosper and multiply the blessings of physical, material, and monetary manifestations in your personal every-day life.  


To Rebuke the Devourer and when the Devourer strikes with his Top Ten Hits – You Remain TEFLON and strong and able to handle it…….because God has blessed you and put a hedge of protection around about you…. (Job 1:10) 


Tithing, in the Bible is spoken of as the source for many blessings & the duty of all who claim to follow God  THAT is the real way God creates room in your finances for more to come in.


If you keep $100% of each and all your earnings - how can God add any more to a cup that is already full. 

Tithing makes some room in your money so you can, by blessing God's work - have a little more room in your wallet for God to do something with.


Don't keep it all  ---- give liberally......and hilariously......and with the purpose of giving back to God, that Ten Percent - that Tithe  (and even more blessing with the OFFERING,,,,,,,,,,,  When you give – it’s your way of saying I have

read His word and understand it and want to obey.

How do we maintain our covenant in giving....?


Deut. 8 / 18 –

 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. .


Prov. 3/9.

Honor the LORD with your wealth,
with the first fruits of all your crops;


Deut . 14/28

At the end of every three years, bring all the tithes of that year's produce and store it in your towns, 29 so that the Levites (who have no allotment or inheritance of their own) and the aliens, the fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.



Just thinking of all the LNG Gas as it floats across our channel.............

Just thinking about this off-shore platform accepting explosive-compressed natural gas...........

Just thinking about how close these off-shore platforms are and why does imported gas have to arrive in the US here
in our channel when towns and communities on the east and gulf coasts have successfully rejected
LNG being inserted into their Neighborhood.

The Channel is Better Without any LNG facility or intrusion.......

        Life is so much better without any LNG off-shore - for us, and the rest of Coastal California   
             YOU ELECTED PEDRO NAVA --- GET HIS HELP for LNG with the GOVERNOR   


Oxnard has enough trouble with garbage -- why does it need LNG ????


The Ox Jo Editor Busy getting Ready for Christmas..........

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Thank you for viewing the Ox Jo


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