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Anthony Ramirez holds his completed Voter Registration Form
Tony, a recording studio artist, is registering before the October 18th Deadline
for the November 2nd Voting Day

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"Bob" Sumpter's Race for Mayor -

Bob Sumpter reports that his race for Mayor is really taking hold.  He told an audience of 80 attendees at the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum Breakfast, that he is the only Mayoral Candidate running without ANY contributions from developers and is beholden only to the people of Oxnard.

Sumpter filed a special form with the Oxnard City Clerk indicating that he would raise less than a Thousand Dollars in his pursuit of the Mayor's seat.  All three other candidates for the race have accepted money to fund their campaigns.

IN RETRACTION OF A SEPTEMBER 2004 news story on Bob Sumpter, the Oxnard Journal INCORRECTLY reported that Bob was out of the race.  The Oxnard Journal editor, Bill Winter was told, in front of witnesses, by Tony Grey, Filipino Community Activist, that Bob Sumpter had indeed dropped out.  Grey later denied he said that, but Winter ran with the story and incorrectly portrayed Sumpter's campaign as over.

Bob and Mary Sumpter informed Winter of the error and the Oxnard Journal and Bill Winter apologizes for creating this inaccurate report.  Sumpter categorized the Oxnard Journal as "Propaganda" at a recent Candidate's Forum.  Sumpter supplied the Ox Jo with the following definition of Propaganda:  The spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person. Ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also: a public action having such an effect. (source - Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary) Sumpter went on to tell Winter, "You did me an injustice. For this incorrect reporting, the Oxnard Journal is sorry and is running this retraction to correct the record.  The news item about Sumpter being out of the race was pulled from the September issue, when the veracity of the news came into question. 

Sumpter also asked Winter to drop out of the race for Mayor, to which Winter replied:

Well, my apology to you on the closing comments of the debate --- and the reactions I heard from viewers watching the debate and re-runs have indicated that I did the right thing.
People get hurt in politics and when you run for office, you are exposed to things an average citizen will never experience.
We are both in this race to the end.....let's stay focused on the issues and run the best campaigns we can.

Stay tuned to the Ox Jo for more news on the Election.

  Dolly Villa in the Race:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Please Consider Dolly Villa as your Second Vote.....she is an active candidate for the Oxnard City Council

Saul Medina, a popular Oxnard City Council candidate has landed head-first into a political bee-hive.

Medina recently associated his name with the campaign of Republican Assembly candidate Bob Pohl.

Normally, a City Council candidate may endorse any candidate but for Medina his endorsement has crossed party lines to the opposite political party. -- Invisible links in the political party-line usually defines which higher or lower office endorsements the candidate is willing to align with.

What makes this tough for Saul Medina is his office in the Oxnard (Democratic) G.O.O.D. Club and his allegiance
with the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee.   The Central Committee all but disbarred Medina today
(Tues/10-07) when the Central Committee leadership dispatched a scathing flaming e-blast about Medina's turn-coat attitude towards the Democrats and his party membership.  According to Martin Jones, a fellow-democrat:  "Saul Medina resigned from the GOOD Club today, October 5". 

Medina's endorsement of Pohl was based on Medina's assessment of Democrat Pedro Nava's work in Oxnard. 
Medina said "Bob Pohl is more for Oxnard than Nava is."   Medina reserved the right to endorse anyone whom he felt the better candidate.  

How and Why partisan politics should matter is an ethical issue which may be put to the test in this upcoming election.
How Saul proves his stand on endorsing Bob Pohl may not be needed as the publicity alone on an upcoming editorial
in the VC Star will get Saul a lot of attention at the polls.


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Saul Medina for City Council

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• The Last Iffue of the Ox Jo - (8/04)





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