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Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2004 10:30 AM
Subject:  P O O R  C H O I C E

 Oooch! Owwwwwch!!!
 Dirty, very dirty. Please, post some more!
 But, if Mr. Holden pens some purple prose concerning you,
[Candidate Winter]
 will that get posted on the OxJo as well???
 Interested folks wanna know!

 --Editor's Note:
 Mr. Holden and all the other Council Candidates are encouraged
and welcomed to submit their views to the Ox Jo....
they will be printed as written as long as nothing libelous appears.
The Ox Jo is an Open & Available Forum

Gang injunction - What's Your Function.....

With Judge "Bish" basking in his judicial tidal pool of oceanic tomes of legal books and treatises, the city of Oxnard simmers under the heat of a self-imposed Gang Injunction.
FACT: Crime has gone down in Oxnard - word on the street is the action's moved to Port Hueneme. COX13 is waiting for the real McKoy Cowboys to get on their saddles and ride back to TX - life goes on but is there an end to all this heat?
FACT: Only 40-some-odd ID'd Chiques have been served....if the news is otherwise...
FACT: Oxnard's Gang Injunction has made national news...
FACT:  The Injunction is popular with the majority of the city and most especially with families of the victims.
FACT: Legitimate concerns about civil rights being tested.

So where does Oxnard go next? 

Have we created this injunction just to segregate 41, most likely Latino males who happened to grow up in the tough part of town - La Colonia?

We want Peace and Police.  We want people to feel good.  We want Oxnard to be a nice and safe place to live....for everybody - including all the young men of  La Colonia.

This whole thing really hit hard, when the Ox Jo was given a single page letter. 
The letter speaks for itself and will be scanned to prove it really exists...

The delivery courier informed this was written by a 13-year old male who lives in La Colonia -
His mother wanted the Ox Jo to print it. 
The author is dubbed anonymous for obvious reason. 

..................................................Read the Letter...........................................

.......................................See the NARDCORE LOWRIDERS.....................

Is Yellow Journalism Coming to Ventura County?

Update:  Two readers of the Ox Jo enlightened the editor to include a few more newspapers available in Oxnard.  Saul Medina, suggested adding Buenos Dias to the list.  The BD prints in full color and does run Oxnard news stories.  El Siglo 21 (the 21st Century), suggested by Pepe, is distributed in Oxnard and carries many stories of local interest all in Spanish.

With the proliferation of these new Spanish language newspapers into the readership market of Oxnard, the VIDA newspaper remains steadfast with its relentless and regular coverage of events strictly in Oxnard.  The VIDA also prints an English section with Ross Olney's column as  the big draw to attract English readers to the VIDA.  Other stories in Spanish are transliterated into English.   The Editor, Mr. Manuel Munoz, Lic. is a very dedicated and progressive news seeker and provider.  VIDA should be read, supported and if you can, subscribe to it.

Oxnard's other local newspaper is the Tri-County Sentinel.  This free publication comes out weekly in some dedicated locations like the Arco at Magnolia and Oxnard Blvd.  The TCS is dedicated mainly to the Black reader, but there are always interesting articles for all readers should one want to see. 

There is a Bi-Monthly folio that comes out in the South Oxnard Filipino community.  That is the Kapitbahay - which means 'neighbor' in Tagalog.   The 'Kapit' as the Ox-Jo calls it, is the child of editor Rudy Liporada.  Rudy was formerly on the Ventura County Star Advisory Board, and a very good planning commissioner.  Rudy covers news about Oxnard and news of note for the large Filipino community, which prefers on occasion "Fil-Am" for Filipino-American.

Aside from these real physical papers, the Oxnard Journal online has been a "news source" for Oxnard since 1995.  Archives for the "Ox Jo" as it is known by affectionate followers, go back to 2000 when main servers were changed.  Somewhere a disc holds the earlier versions and someday they may come back.   The Oxnard Journal has taken the place of the Press Courier as many readers online ask for news archival searches from years such as 1957, when the Press Courier WAS Oxnard's newspaper.

Oxnard may have have few news sources, but the ones listed above and the Ox Jo will always be here for you. 

Oh, in answer to the headline, is Yellow Journalism coming to Oxnard --- you, who know the sensationalism of the early 1900's will know for sure this answer --- for the rest of us !!!
Test what you see, hear and read and prove it true before you go to press...........


Note on Campaign Statements::::::

Be it a minder that these Campaign Statements cost the candidates $975.oo to file.
That means each word cost $4.88 each - so each a and the of cost five bux. 
There was a 200 word limit.

What you see and don't see in these statements should be revealing, also be aware that these are the actual submissions and may reveal more in the real document, than in what you read in the re-typeset voter brochure:






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Oxnard Needs New Leadership 

Not More of the Same.


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 -- A Sign You're In Oxnard --- Welcome to our Neighborhood -- by bill winter


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NO ON LNG the fart tube from Grace to Space - from Gilda to Hilda
T'is said the City is ready to roll over and allow the LNG Fart Tube to come thru town
How many millions do you want for this ?

                            Belgium - July 2004               

Here is a pix of the explosion in Belgium --- it was a small explosion in comparison

to what BHP would have in store for us.......for the argument about Modern LNG Technology being newer

than 1944's Ohio blast --- May I remind you Europe and especially German engineering is considered

the best in the, Alice Madrid reminded me that the Space Shuttle crashed.


To: Mr. Haynes - you have my pledge to bring the petition signing to the neighborhoods this Wednesday - August 4th
 and I know we have several neighborhoods already that are ready to do this --- I think the best work we can do
is back-work and set it up soon.



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