Where Was TOM ???????. . . . .

Trying to Find Tom Holden over the Mexican Fiestas Patrias Weekend and week was a hard chore because he was nowhere to be found.

The Mexican Independence Fiestas Patrias Dinner, held at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 11th was a well attended affair with dignitaries such as the Consul General of Mexico, Fernando Gamboa and his Deputy Eduardo Giles in attendance.  Mexican-American business leaders such as Robert Garcia of Garcia Mortuary joined local leaders in the community to attend.   Don Regan, Republican candidate for Congress and Bob Pohl, Republican candidate for the Assembly were in the 'House' for the festivities.  Bill Winter, represented the entire Oxnard City Council at Mesa #49.

It was reported that Councilman John Zaragoza bought a ticket, but did not attend.  Winter was the only person in Oxnard to sit at the Oxnard City Council table, but as the crowds came in Winter was soon joined by Eduardo Giles, Deputy Consul of Mexico and Alejandro Rey Rivera, a close relative of the Robert Garcia family.  When looking around at all the people who attended......

Tom Holden was nowhere to be found.


On Sunday, September 12th,  the Fiestas Patrias 2004 Parade entertained an audience of ten-thousand. 

As for the candidates for political office - the following entrants participated: Al Duff for Oxnard City Council was in the parade followed by Eve Acosta, Candidate for Rio School District.  Deidre Frank was seen as Candidate for Mayor of Oxnard, she rode the parade route in her BMW convertible. 


Bill Winter “Invierno para Alcalde” was entry number 46 among 50 entrants who lined up on A Street near Ninth for the parade route.  Alex Rivera drove the “Ox Jo”, Winter’s black truck which was colorfully decorated for the parade with Red, White, Green and Blue streamers.  Winter chose not to ride in the truck, but rather walk the parade route and meet the people in the streets.  Amanda and Crystal  stayed in the truck and waved at the crowds.  Al Razo, and Felix Fuentes assisted Winter in passing out Winter Club Cards to the crowd.


“I’m falling in love with the Mexican culture.” Winter said, “the more I attend these events and learn about the colorful and brave history of Mexico, the more I am impressed with how we in Oxnard keep these traditions and this history alive today.”


Getting the word out that a local Oxnard resident is running for Mayor and that this person wants to change the political landscape of Oxnard is Winter’s message.   When looking around at all the people who attended......


Tom Holden was nowhere to be found.


On Monday, September 13th, The Oxnard Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation of Oxnard hosted their first annual Economic Outlook for Oxnard Breakfast at the Courtyard Marriott in Oxnard's financial plaza.  The top business and political leaders attended as did Bill Winter. 


The two hour breakfast and conference was enlightening and educational about the future of Oxnard.  Winter covered the event in a well-received story.  Oxnard Economic Outlook When looking around at all the people who attended......


Tom Holden was nowhere to be found.


On Tuesday, September 14th, The Oxnard City Council came back from a six-week hiatus (Dark Period) and was greeted by 50 residents who wanted their three-minute public comment.  Bill Winter addressed the Council, welcomed them back and commended them for their timing.  Right before they left on their vacation, they raised their

pay by 133%, and raised the citizens of Oxnard's water and sewer bills.  Winter remarked that with six weeks passing, the Council was surely hoping the residents would forget about the bill-hike and they could resume Council business unchallenged.  Many residents came and addressed the Council.  People who cared about what the Council did and how they felt the City of Oxnard could be a better place came and addressed the Council and the packed council chamber. 

When looking around at all the people who attended......There was one noticeable person missing. 


Tom Holden was nowhere to be found.


On Thursday, September 16th, three Neighborhoods, the Sierra Linda, South Bank, and Windsor North met at the Sierra Linda School to hold a joint meeting to discuss and hear about plans by the Casden Group regarding a planned development of the corner of Ventura Road and Vineyard.  Mayor candidates Deirdre Frank, Robert Sumpter, and Bill Winter were in attendance with the large crowd.  When looking around at all the people who attended......


Tom Holden was nowhere to be found.


If Tom Holden wants to be Mayor - He has to act like he wants to be Mayor.  If Tom Holden really cares about Oxnard and the people of Oxnard - he has to get out in the trenches and join the rest of the candidates who want to see Oxnard a better place.


The only conclusion one can draw from Tom's frequent and prolific absences is that he figures he's got it made, most voters are stupid and don't look at ALL the candidates, and that he is the heir apparent through default voting.


Think again -- because word is getting out that when it comes to important issues.......


Tom Holden is nowhere to be found.


...and the veil of the temple was rent.



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