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Allan Espiritu was born 24 April 1977, He immigrated to the United States in March 1981 with his family. The eldest of three brothers, he grew up in Oxnard, California where his father Alvin Espiritu worked as an accountant for the City of Oxnard.

e graduated from Channel Islands High School in 1995. Allan then enrolled at Oxnard College and was interested in Marine Biology but thought about switching to Dentistry. However after attending the graduation of his younger brother Neil from Navy Recruit Training at NTC Great Lakes, Illinois. Allan changed his mind. He enlisted in the Navy a few months later in 1997.
Allan  married his High School sweetheart, Melissa Loyola in 1996. First daughter Alissa is now 9 years old, followed by Melanie, 7 years old. After Navy boot camp (recruit training), Allan followed his younger brother's choice and trained also to be a Hospital Corpsman. His first billet (assignment) was at Twenty Nine Palms, CA with the United States Marines Corps as a Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Corpsman. Here began to take care of "his" Marines.
When you get injured in the Marines, the Corpsman will take care of you. Also called "Doc" by their patients, the Navy provides Hospital Corpsmen to Marine Units. They become part of the Marine Platoon and do what they do and go where they go. Their job description is to treat Marines when they are injured and keep them alive till they can be evacuated to the rear medical facility.
Allan was one of those Corpsmen who did more than his job and learned the skills of his companions, according to the Marines. Later on his second tour of duty with the Marines, Allan volunteered to be with a Marine Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Platoon. Allan was among the first few Navy Corpsmen to undergo training and qualify as Marine Scout Snipers, earning the coveted Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 8541.
He also completed Mountain Warfare Training and qualified as a parachutist. On his first deployment to Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) he earned his gold jump wings on the second day of the invasion. His unit belonging to the Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines entered Iraq by doing a combat jump (Airborne entry) in an enemy held area.
In between his Sea Duty tours with the Marines, Allan was able to select Shore Duty at Naval Base Ventura County Medical Clinic, Port Hueneme near home at Oxnard. He applied his field skills by volunteering for the base Navy Auxiliary Security Force (NASF). These personnel assisted base security officers during times of emergency and threat alerts. At the clinic his fellow corpsmen said he worked hard, and played hard. He knew how to keep morale up at the clink. His practical jokes were so notorious that his co-workers could not tell them to an outsider.
HM2 (FMF) Jaimer Cadang was one of his fellow corpsmen. "I knew Allan way back from church here in Oxnard" I joined the Navy late 1996 a few months before Allan did in 1997. We got to work together at the clinic when he came to shore duty here at Oxnard.

HM2 (FMF) Jonathan Soto from Colusa, CA also worked with Allan at the Port Hueneme clinic. He also deployed with Allan and Jaimer on February 2003 to Kuwait assigned to 1st BN 7th Marines. "We have a picture of the three of us together that was taken in Najaf on August 2003.
It was at the Pt. Hueneme Clinic that Allan met Erika, a Navy Hospital Corpsman, who he later married. He treated Erika's daughter Alexy, now five years old, like his own. Allan's other life was for his family, particularly his "girls"!

After moving into their first home at Menefe CA, north-east of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton off the 215 freeway, Allan asked his three daughters how they wanted their rooms decorated. "He worked on the girls rooms when he got off work. Allan got it all done before he deployed again to Iraq for the second time" his father Alvin said while showing the pictures of Allan with his family.
"I think Allan's adventurer's spirit runs in our family. His great-grandfather was mayor of our home town of Taytay, Rizal in WW2 and his grandfather's brother was the town's Chief of Police in the 60s'." Alvin explained. "One of Allan's' uncles also became a Mayor of Taytay, another a Police officer and another uncle graduated from the Philippine Military Academy (Normando Dacanay Naval from La Union)." "Allan was thinking of becoming a police officer, before he enlisted for a second time with the Navy." Alvin said.

Allan went on his second deployment to Iraq in the end of July 2005. Because of the shortage of Corpsmen for the Marine units, many shore duty billets like those at Pt. Hueneme Clinic were cut short to fill the need for Iraq. Allan could have selected to be in a medical support unit, but he volunteered again to be at the front. This time with an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Platoon, of the 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 1st. Service Support Group, based out of Camp Pendleton, California.
There are two Corpsman billets in the platoon. They have to volunteer and have to had prior Special Operations background experience. EOD requires patience and cool nerves especially under fire, to work with explosive devices that have to be neutralized. In Iraq this was a daily occurrence with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Allan was a member of an EOD team responsible for a sector in Ar Ramadi City. They were on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to take care of any IEDs that were discovered. Allan's 4 man team rode in a Humvee, he was the Corpsman in case anything happened. The other three were EOD technicians, one of them is the EOD Team Leader a Marine Senior Non Commissioned Officer (NCO). This happened to be Jose C. Soto. This past October the team was moving on the ground on foot, when they were hit by enemy fire. Soto was one of the first to get hit, collapsing his right lung and immobilizing his right arm. Allan their team "doc" was there and treated Soto on the spot and got him evacuated.

Ten days later. While responding to a call-out, Allan's' team parked their Humvee to approach an IED that had been discovered. As two of the Marine EOD techs. stepped out the back doors of the Humvee, a second hidden IED under where they had parked was detonated. It blew the Humvee in the air, killing the driver and Allan who had been seated in the front passenger seat. This was reported to have occurred on Tuesday, 1 November 2005, All Souls Day.

A week later, Allan was brought back to Oxnard. At his wake I saw many from the Filipino community in Ventura County pay their respects to his family. These were the kids who were his classmates from High School, church members from the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the congregation of the Baptist Church that his father Alvin was the pastor of. Retired Filipino Navy veterans also came to offer their condolences. Allan's mother Evelyn Cundangan was a co-worker of my wife in the electronics assembly field. I even met a distant nephew who I had not seen in a while.

Allan was laid to rest with full military honors at the Ivy Lawn Cemetery in Ventura on 10 November. It had been raining for the past days, the sky cleared later in the morning while we waited for his casket to arrive. The sun warmed our faces as Allan's flag draped casket was carried to the gravesite. His Navy pallbearers all bore the Hospital Corpsman insignia on their Chevrons. They were his friends, and fellow "doc's". During his duty at the Port Hueneme Clinic, Allan would volunteer to organize a funeral detail when he knew a Navy Corpsman was to be buried. He would recruit his fellow medics at the clinic to be part of the detail." Allan said this was how we take care of our own," according to his friend Jaimer Cadang who blew "TAPS" on the bugle at the grave side. They now were taking care of Allan.

The Navy Chaplain presided over the ceremony. The most senior Naval medical officer on the West Coast, presented the flag of the United States to Allan's widow Erika, and to his mother Evelyn and father Alvin with the words, "on behalf of a grateful nation..." A state of California Flag that was flown over the State Capitol in Sacramento was then presented to the widow by a California Highway Patrol Officer.

The Navy Base Commanding Officer and Medical Staff of the clinic paid their respects. Oxnard Mayor Holden and the Assistant Chief of Police followed. The Marines were represented by Lt. Colonel and a First Sergeant in their dress blue uniforms. At the side also in their dress blue's were almost squad of Marines who all wore EOD Bage. They to had come to pay their respects. Allan's team leader Jose Soto was also there, his arm slung in a cast under his civilian suit. He told Erika what Allan did for him, and what had happened on the day Allan died.
It seemed appropriate, to be buried on the day of the Marine Corps Birthday, the brothers-in-arms he gone to off to battle with. There is an empty table set aside at the Mess ( dinning room), as a memorial for those that are not longer with us. It is a fixture at the Marine Birthday Ball. The significance of the upturned wine glass, a saucer with a sprinkling of salt and a slice of lemon. Now that table is set for Allan.
"We go into harms way that our children will sleep safely tonight."
                                                                                                    .Story by Franz Tinio-Lopez -   16 November 2005

PHOTO GALLERY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


AAllan with Melanie and Alissa in their car..

..HM2 (FMF) Jonathan Soto with Niel Espiritu and HM2 (FMF) Jaimer Cadang.....

Pastor Alvin Espiritu's three sons; Allan, Jeremy and Neil

Erika and Allan

HM2 (FMF) Jaimer Cadang blows "Taps" on the bugle.


Allan's youngest brother Jeremy beside Alissa, Allan holding Kaela, his brother Neil's daughter.
Alexy in the back and Melanie in the front.


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Author of Debbie's Dirty Little Secrets (2000-2002) send greetings from the East Coast...

Wish there were enough hours to write each of you a note. But I thought rather than not sending a note - that this would serve though poorly.  Each of you are special to me!  I include you all in my prayers at night.  God knows how I thank him that each of you has come into my life when I needed a friend or love one to share joys and pains with.  For that I will be thankful this year. 

I wish blessing for you and your families.

Your friend  ---- Debbie

Open Letter to the Neighborhoods

As we enter this Holiday Season we take extra time to remember our families, pay attention to our homes with grand dinners and decorations, and we need to take time to review our past year, what we accomplished, and more important, what more needs to be done in 2006.
It has been a stellar year for the INCF.  In 2005, we had a quorum for each meeting, we re-activated some neighborhood councils that were dormant, and we all had a big part in this success.
I'd like all of you to think about 2006.  We face, as neighborhoods, big challenges.  These challenges come in the form of proposals for sports parks, for new developments, for traffic, schools, parks, and the list goes on and on.   The new INCF Board will have to find that golden sector where citizens, participants, and neighborhood council representatives can operate effectively with the City management, the City Council, Planning officials, developers and property owners and most importantly, the residents of Oxnard.  
This past year, the 2005 INCF developed a true working relationship with these parties and earned some needed respect from City officials who indeed keep a sharp eye on how we conduct ourselves in the Councils and Forum.   We have built a structure of trust that should continue with the new Board and future Boards.   On numerous occasions, I have received direct feedback from respected leaders in the City that we really did well in our conduct with the City.  Perhaps many of you wonder, what did we do?  That's the trick - to work quietly, behind the scenes and get results and action.  Every thing we do does not have to be 'grand-standed' or openly displayed and no matter who gets the credit, as long as the work gets done, that's all that matters.
As I prepare to transition after 20 months at the helm of the INCF, I will do all I can to assist in the transition.  I want to thank all who served on the By-Laws Review Committee because getting a new set of by-Laws was a long time effort of mine.  Ever since being Third Vice Chair, I fought on the INCF to have the By-laws brought to committee for review and revision.  We are seeing the fruits of our labors as they get their final check by the City Attorney and soon in early 2006 you will all get your chance to review and suggest any improvements to these important documents.
I want to thank Donna and Sharon of  Neighborhood Services for their the constant efforts and support.  They've done a 'Yeoman's" job to keep records, keep appointments, set appointments and help each one of us in doing our work the for our neighborhoods.  We have a great program and we've made progress.  Let's keep the momentum going!

Please plan to attend our January 4th meeting.  We need as many people as possible to start the New Year, the new Board, and the new spirit of cooperation and work that will fill our plates in 2006.

Bill Winter
Chair Oxnard INCF

Bruce Willis Offers Bounty on Terrorists' Heads

Bruce Willis is apparently offering a $1 million bounty on the heads of A-list terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, Aymen Al-Zawahiri and Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. We read this from WENN:

"Willis announced his reward on U.S. TV show 'Rita Cosby: Live & Direct,' where he also slammed biased media coverage of the Iraq war. He said, 'I am baffled to understand why the things that I saw happening in Iraq, really good things happening in Iraq, are not being reported on.'"

As far as we're aware, this is the first instance of a Hollywood celebrity offering a bounty on anything other than Mike Ovitz's head ...

Seriously, though, Mr. Willis is to be applauded for his proactive approach to celebrity activism! And this is certainly preferable to what we usually get from liberal Hollywood celebrities like Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, et al. After all, what else are all those 7-to 8- figure actor salaries useful for anyhow?

Kudos, too, to Mr. Willis for holding the media responsible for its distorted Iraq coverage. And Willis has actually been to Iraq, unlike most Hollywood celebrities who bloviate on the subject.

Willis is also said to have some interest in adapting 'The Deuce Four,' the story of Iraq soldiers whose heroic exploits have been chronicled by embedded blogger Michael Yon.  We certainly hope Willis gets around to doing this, because it would be refreshingly original to actually have a supportive film made about the accomplishments of our brave soldiers serving in Iraq ...

God Bless you and yours.
God Save America.
Reverend Bhagavan Friend



 To protect the writer
 name will not be used........


While editor Bill Winter was at City Council fighting for a project in his neighborhood (Wilson), a reader of the Ox-Jo was composing a letter to show his appreciation for this online news-journal. 
Winter was basically lambasted by the Council for speaking in defense of the developer who was trying to get through the maze of City procedures as they continually popped up along the way.  While Winter was getting beat-up for voicing his opinion, an Ox-Jo reader was busy writing an e-mail to express support for this online newspaper. 

The Oxnard Journal has been a platform for free and unrestricted speech in the City of Oxnard for a decade and will continue its mission of informing the public and the world of events in this seaside community.

Here is the letter - draw your own conclusions and decide what more can we do to make Oxnard a better place to live.

To Whom It May Concern:

            I am a manager for a business located in the downtown area of Oxnard and wanted to thank you for the valuable insight your website has provided for me. Over the past year I have had my fair share of problems in dealing with the city, who have only caused problems. Within the past 6 months as well we have had [a dozen ] instances of crimes form robberies and batteries occur. Still after notifying the Oxnard Police department these crimes still continue. I am very glad a local website such as yours continues to question the governing politicians as well as its employees to better the city of Oxnard.


Sincerely Yours,


[Editor's note:  Several business owners in the Downtown have expressed similar concerns and have had to retain legal assistance to fight for their rights.]

Thank you and please feel free to write the Ox Jo and contribute your ideas


        AVIE'S NEWEST INFO.........................   

November 2005

MEETS WEEKLY Tuesday, 8:30AM @ Carrows on Oxnard Blvd. (next to McDonald's) open meetings. Who is ONC? A resource/ exchange-collaborative group of 25 to 30 social service, public/private agencies, representatives and business individuals from the private sector dedicated to community service since1997. Our GOAL IS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN OUR COMMUNITY. 

Ventura County Homeless Program, Anna Chavez, 987-6712.  Regardless of legal status, program assists persons build a life towards self-sufficiency, on an on going process. According to recent statistics 60% of the homeless are women and children, in Ventura County. Affiliated with RAIN Project in Camarillo.

Ventura County Human Services 385-8669 Edwin Sabio, from the 1400 Vanguard Road Office (south Oxnard near corner of Rose Avenue & Wooley Road) reported on going programs, public assistance for food, medi-cal Programs, and other services.

Ventura County Partnership for Safe Families and Communites Meets first Wednesday of month Contact is Lori Steinhauer 805 677-5403 or email: lori@mossbeachhomes.com


Luis Mc Arthur, 207-4762

Oxnard Police Department, Colonia /Rose Park Storefronts: 485-1325 or 485-1302.

In order to finance future projects for  our Senior Program, we will get financial credit if we refer persons to : CAMINO DEL SOL  APARTMENTS, Active Senior Apartment Community located at 1910 Camino Del Sol  Road, Oxnard

Examples of Rates:  50%

1 Bedroom      1 person $28,000

                                     $707.              2 persons $32,250


                                    2 Bedrooms



                                    60%                       Maximum Income:

                                    1 Bedroom                  1 person $33,840

                                     $858.                          2 people $38,700

Contact Officer Luis MacArthur or Laura Andrade at 278-7744

Thank you ahead of time. ONC committee.


Parenting classes are held at the Rose Park Center, Tuesdays 6:30, by Norma Perez-Sanford. Childcare is provided. Contact Officer MacArthur.


Jocelyn Buckner 382-8228, Workforce Investment network Program @ Boys &Girls, (Oxnard) Club, assists youth 16 to 21 years of age to complete high school deficiencies, gain employment, training, career success, path determination and follow up. NFTE classes start on the 24th.  NFTE are classes to youth entrepreneurship.


Mo Mosley, 382-6877, Job Corps, Admissions Counselor is recruiting for this federally funded program.----- Job Corp. invests $25,000 a year in each trainee. JC maintains close ties with the business community and with the Unions to find the fields that have the best paying jobs, the most opportunities and the greatest chance for advancement. Transportation is also free. Eligibility: 16 to 24 years of age (the upper age is waived for individuals with disabilities), qualify as low income, have no major behavior problems (formal probation/parole) and make a commitment to remain drug and alcohol free.


Sandra Avila, 654-3622 Victims Services and Jan Lamborn,/Joy Swingler, Elder Abuse of the Ventura County District Attorneys Office. Announced on going workshops on HOW TO FILE a restraining orders. Wednesday 8am to 11:30, Spanish or on Tuesdays and Thursday s 8 am to 11, in English.

Susan Becker, 339-2507 Ventura County District Attorney¡¯s Office- SAFE HARBOR Project helps children, who are victims of abuse. Offers Forensic interviews examinations and has an advocacy center for children and adults who have been sexually assaulted or physically abused.

Field /Day Labor project-ONC members distribute to these workers information on health agencies, social service agencies, citizenship/resident status, workers rights to name a few, if your agency has materials or resources to contribute contact Susan or leave info at the Police Storefront in Colonia on Cooper and Grant streets.

HELP- we need information for distribution to the farm workers and day laborers, call Susan Becker at 339-2507 or leave at the Colonia Store Front. We need whatever public service information obtainable, for distribution, approximately 200 flyers. Thank you ahead of time. You do not have to get up at 4:30 am; committee will distribute the materials.

Pat Mages, 428-4623, 485-6114, DRT/Port Hueneme and Ventura Police Departments. Domestic Violence: counselor/trainer/ victims advocate. Domestic Violence, Interface and Ventura County Partnership for Safe Families and Communites.

Oct 28th is the annual march against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in COLONIA


RSVP/City of Oxnard. Bill Gasparovic 385-8023 Oxnard Senior Services. www.ci.oxnard.ca.us. Oxnard RSVP is to enrich the lives of people age55 and over by building a bridge to meaningful volunteer opportunities that use their time and talents in a significant service to the community.

Pilar Santamaria: PROTOYPES 382-6296. This is a recovery and treatment programs for women and their children. Women are referred to other program by their families, other social service agencies, and by the courts. Women may also refer themselves. Prototypes was founded in 1986. In Ventura County the center has operated since 1992. Client fees are determined on a sliding scale. Thursdays Ms. Santamaria is accompanying the Ventura County Mobile unit to screen for HIV¡¯s at La Gloria Market in Oxnard. 

MEXICO TOUR- 8 to 11 days touring Mexico City and the Yucatan. Tour is led by Ana Chavez, Ms - Spanish. The cost is $1500.00 you can pay in payments. $95 to enroll. Departure date June 26 for 10 days (with extension) You will need lots of energy Fee includes: Round trip/Air fare, Meals and sleeping accommodations 7 overnights with private bathrooms. Five organized tours by licensed guides. Six visits to special attractions. Bilingual Tour Director. Email Avie Guerra for more information.




Oxnard farm worker housing meeting

The next meeting will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the monthfrom 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the community room at the Meta Street apartments


November 7 deadline

Nomination Form for the 2006 El Concilio Latino Leadership Awards

the wonderful individuals in Ventura County that help improve the lives of the Latino Community. The Nominee does not have to be Latino nor do they have to be an individual, they could be an organization that is helping improve the lives of the Latino Community in Our County. Contact Celina Zacarias celinalzacarias@hotmail.com   

Avie Guerra
purveyor of news for the
City of Oxnard


 MESSAGE FROM JEAN HARRIS..................

Hi Folks,

If they'd asked, these were the remarks I'd planned. I hope everyone knows how much your efforts led to the October 12th Celebration.



What a joy to be here today! Looking around, I see so many friends - and to make it really special, my daughter, one of my sons, and my cousin are here, too.

Bear with me and listen up! I'd like to try something. No matter who you are, from the highest elected official or staff member, down to a participating citizen - if you have ever taken any action toward the purchase we celebrate today - you may have gone to a meeting, talked to a friend, written a letter, voted "yes" - whatever you did - stand up and raise your hand! Yes! Yes!

Now, turn to the persons around you and share a high five -feel the spirit! Raise your hand! We did it together!

Because of all of you there will come a day when nine miles of healthy wetlands will stretch along our coastline from Mugu Rock to the Hueneme Pier!

I've been at it since the late 70's - and have always believed in two principles:

1. We need each other to bring about positive change.

2. If our goals serve the common good, we will achieve those goals, given time and persistence.

Three years ago, who could have conceived that we would take this giant step that we celebrate today? But we did it together. I thank you, Mother Nature thanks you, and future generations will thank you.

I've been working for this day for over 25 years, and for fifteen of those years, dear Roma Armbrust was my friend and partner. Without her, we would not be here. I want to tell you about my last visit with her a little more than a year ago. I'd seen her that morning, but in the evening, Hannah Beth Jackson whispered in my ear that the Conservancy was prepared to give this purchase a positive vote. So, that evening, I just had to go over and tell Roma. She was too weak to speak but she smiled her big, wonderful smile, and touched my hand. It was early the next morning that Bill called, saying she had died a few minutes earlier. But she knew, she knew.

Since that time, a wonderful group of South Oxnard folks -the Saviers Road Design Team has organized around the Ormond Wetlands issue. They are tireless workers toward its protective restoration. If you are on the design Team, please stand up and be recognized!

I would like to believe that Roma Joy is smiling down on us today - but she would also remind us that there is more work to be done - we need to restore the wetlands to its former glory, and we need a gateway park, observation towers, and boardwalks so that later generations can enjoy its beauty.

As Roma said, "Carry on, carry on!"

Jean Harris and Roma Armbrust were among the original crusaders to save Ormond Beach and their work goes on.  Roma is no longer with us, but her name will be forever memorialized at the Beach for her work, dedication, and love for Ormond.  Jean now carries the torch and is still active and vocal in support of what is Southern California's most pristine treasure.


This Thanksgiving we want to show you our appreciation for
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An interview with the winner , along with the loglines and contact
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RiverPark in Oxnard is pleased to announce that our first six neighborhoods are set to open their Sales Galleries this Fall and Winter. We would like to encourage members of the RiverPark Interest Registry to be among the first persons to visit our builder websites and join the neighborhood Interest Lists of their choice. Joining the Neighborhood Interest Lists is an important step towards receiving news and updates on impending Neighborhood Sales Events.

Currently, as a member of the RiverPark Interest Registry, you receive community-wide news and information on the future homes, schools, parks, shopping and restaurants planned for this Whole World In One Place. You can also learn more about each RiverPark neighborhood and view the first six neighborhood’s floor plans by viewing RiverParkLife.com today or by visiting the RiverPark Welcome Center and speaking with a Community Representative.

Thank you for your continued support of the RiverPark community and we are excited to share with you our first neighborhoods that will help to make RiverPark truly A Whole World In One Place.

Models do not reflect ethnic preferences. All information is subject to change. The RiverPark community is a development of RiverPark Legacy LLC.

Click here if you no longer wish to receive updates from RiverPark

Unfortunately, some stringent anti-spam software incorporated by ISP's or individual users has been known to prohibit delivery of our mailings. If you have personal control of acceptable email address from which to receive correspondence, then please set your program to allow mailings from "riverparklife.com"

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICES / PRIVACY POLICY :: Shea Homes :: Centex Homes :: Standard Pacific Homes

RiverPark Welcome Center :: 701 Town Center Drive :: Oxnard, CA 93036




oX Jo is Watching Out for You......

In spite of Oxnard saying, the taxpayer is entitled to know financially what is going on financially from month to month. So why doesn't the City Attorney and City Manager insist on monthly financial statements being presented to the public?

Unique Aspects of the Governmental Environment

Public sector, governmental organizations are very different from their private sector counterparts in a number of ways despite current rhetoric to run government like a business. They also differ from not-for-profit organizations.

Generally, the unique aspects of governmental organizations are as follows:

  • They are public organizations.
  • They provide goods and services to the general public using funds typically secured from involuntary resource providers.
  • Decisions are made in a political environment.
  • Goods and services are generally provided without a profit motive.

Government in the Sunshine

The primary distinguishing characteristic of governmental organizations is that they are public organizations. Their very nature requires that business be conducted in view of the public. It is this very simple aspect on which the financial reporting objectives of governmental financial statements rest. Public governmental organizations differ fundamentally from publicly traded entities even though publicly traded companies are subjected to a high level of regulation and public scrutiny.

In some states, state and local governments are required to operate "in the sunshine" for all meetings in which decisions are to be made that do or may impact the public. This requirement to conduct business in a public forum is often a significant impediment to timely responses to sensitive issues. While billions of shares of Microsoft stock are traded annually, the Audit Committee is allowed to meet behind closed doors. In contrast, the city council of a town in Southern California and North Florida, serving as an audit committee, must meet in a public forum. Not only is the City Council of this California or Florida town required to meet in full view of the public but also to adequately and timely publish notice of such meeting and to provide minutes of the meeting to the public.

To fund the provision of public goods and services, governmental organizations are authorized to impose taxes at a number of levels and on a variety of items. This places individuals like you and businesses in the position of involuntary resource providers.

Financial Reporting Objectives

Concepts Statement No. 1, Objectives of Financial Reporting, of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) identifies the objectives of external financial reporting by state and local governments. These objectives include the following:

  • To fulfill the governments obligation to be publicly accountable and enable users to assess accountability in the following areas:
    • Sufficiency of current revenues to finance current year services;
    • Compliance with the legally adopted budget and other finance-related legal/contractual requirements; and,
    • Service efforts, costs, and accomplishments of the governmental organization.
  • To satisfy needs of financial statement users relying on governmental reports as important sources of information for decision making related to:
    • Evaluating operating results for the fiscal period and
    • Assessing level of services that can be provided by the government and its ability to meet obligations as they become due.

Financial Reporting Objectives

Public accountability presumes taxpayers are entitled to know what their governments are doing and how, what they have done and how well, and what they plan to do and why. Citizens as well as legislative and oversight bodies almost universally use financial reporting to assess accountability in their governmental organizations.

Financial reporting is the primary channel through which governmental organizations communicate financial information to external users of the financial reports. Therefore, financial reporting by governmental organizations considers the needs of these users and the decisions they make. In addition, financial reports of governmental organizations should be

  • Understandable.
  • Reliable.
  • Relevant.
  • Timely.
  • Consistent.
  • Comparable.

These are some of the basic reasons why California's Government Code and the Oxnard municipal code demand that monthly financial reports be presented to the City Clerk and the City Council and why the City must demand audits from High Tides & Green Grass, Plaza Cinemas, Big League Dreams and other entities with whom the City contracts for services.

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