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The Oxnard Journal 7 / 15 / 2005  --  Oxnard, Calif. --      
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Puts Oxnard
on the Map.

World wide popularity and an audience from shore to the shore in the USA was not going to deter Hillsong's Reuben Morgan and his crew of Christian musicians from coming to Oxnard to bless several hundred Christians from all over SoCal who came to Oxnard's New Life Community Chruch at North "C" Street across from the post office.

The building, which was at one time the EDD office, now held worshipers and lovers of the ultimate in Christian contemporary music.

Please pray for this group of young men who have dedicated their lives to showing their love for God in music that touches lives.


Hear Our Praises
One Way
For All You've Done
All the Heavens
All I am.
I Exalt Thee
What the Lord has Done
Salvation is Here
Blessing and Honor
More than Life
Give You my Heart
Awesome God

Pastor Steve led 15 to the Lord with his invitation to accept God's Free Gift and for those who needed to return to the Lord.

A good worship and fellowship for area Christians.

My fellow Residents,
The following message is from Luciano Ortiz, the former chair of the West Village neighborhood. Luciano is spearheading the effort to stop the development of the lot at Gonzales Rd. and Oxnard Blvd. The city council will consider a pre-application for a property development proposal at this location. Those of you that live in the Carriage Square neighborhood know how we need a sports park to help ease the impact of over 2000 little leaguers at our small neighborhood park every season. Try and plan to show up at the council meeting and voice your opinion, whatever it is, about this proposal specifically and the dismal parks situation in Oxnard in general.
We need some thoughtful, rational people to present their position on development and parks. A few points you might consider: 1) How a sports park, with (2) little league diamonds, "T" ball areas and an open space for field events could help relieve some use pressure on our small neighborhood park and surrounding neighborhood. 2) Oxnard residents need and deserve a full (Olympic) sized city pool and we shouldn't have to accept more development or have it used as a wedge issue between residents to get it 3) How ascetically pleasing it would be to have a sports park at this northern entrance to our city. and finally 4) What can we do, as concerned citizens and residents, to help the city develop and maintain the parks we all seem to want?
Again, please try and attend, bring along some neighbors and speak your mind about this important issue.
Bill DuFrain
Carriage Square Chairman

(Watch on TV, Adelphia) ( Channel 10 or 17 )


Thursday July 14 - Oxnard tonight -
Hillsong's Rueben Morgan came to Oxnard to worship in music
at the New Live Community Church - Oxnard, CA (805-983-1890). 
Of all California venues Oxnard was put on the spiritual map today. 

hedule of Rueben Morgan's American Appearances ======================

July -
5 August 2005
United States of America Cities across the USA USA - Worship Tour Jan Wallace
+61 2 9875 4500
July 2005
USA NewLife Community Church
Oxnard, CA
Worship in Oxnard Larry Wolf
July 2005
United States of America
The Gathering
Liberty Christian School
2200 Williams Blvd.
Richland, WA 99354

USA - Worship at Liberty Christian School, WA Alice Christenson
July 2005
Canada Victory Family Centre,
VanCouver, Canada
USA - Worship in Van Couver  
July 2005
USA Cornerstone Church
3471/2 3rd avenue
Chulavista, CA

Worship in San Diego  
July 2005
United States of America Ressurection Church ,
Loveland, Colarado
Worship in Loveland Pastor Tom Ewing
23 - 24
July 2005
United States of America The Healing Place,
Baton Rouge,
Worship in Baton Rouge Ps Mark Cleary
July 2005
United States of America Victory CC
7700 S. Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK
Worship in Tulsa (918) 491-7700.
July 2005
United States of America The Worship Center
9522 Veterans Memorial
Houston, TX 77038

Worship in Houston Ben Rush
(281)999-5683 x117
July 2005
United States of America Eagles Nest Church
14015 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio
Worship in San Antonio www.encfsa.com
August 2005
United States of America Shoreline Christian Centre


Please accept our apology for this event being cancelled however due to circumstances outside our control we will not be playing at shoreline on this tour this year - for further details please contact the church directly
CANCELLED - Worship In Austin, Texas www.shoreline.com
6 - 9
September 2005
Australia Hillsong Church -city and hills Relationship Seminar Belinda Dewhurst
+61 2 8853 5251
27 September -
20 October 2005
Canada Cities across Canada - tbc Canada Worship Tour Jan Wallace
+61 2 9875 4500
1 - 18
November 2005
Europe Various cities around Europe Europe - Worship Events Jan Wallace
+61 2 9875 4500

Please Note: The above dates are all subject to change and Five Lines Inc. takes no responsibility for any inconvenience that this may cause. Please check back regularly for the latest information.


Ventura County Grand Jury -
3rd Strike against the City of Oxnard's Management of River Ridge Golf Course .

   Read the Grand Jury Report (14-page .pdf file)

Martin Jones, Oxnard resident, member of the College Park Neighborhood Council and concerned citizen provided boxes of documents to the Ventura County Grand Jury in the Jury's request for information the City of Oxnard was not forthright in coming forward with.    Jones provided his take on the Grand Jury Report which you can read in the column to the right. 

Jones has been active in keeping an eye on the Council and City management and reminiscent of the spirit which Roy Lockwood possessed, we are fortunate to have people like Martin and our former Roy who look after the things that most people would never even know about, let alone pay attention too.

Another resident, Larry Stein is a City Watchdog when it comes to all things accountable.  A bean-counting accountant, Stein will look at a spreadsheet and find that the columns and rows don't match up or make sense.  He will frequently go to the City Council to ask about reports and financial statements that need further review.

The Grand Jury report can be read over the internet. 
By all means read it.  - It is bizarre to the point of disbelief.  Keeping in mind there is literally millions of dollars unaccounted for since 1993.
RESPONSE OF MARTIN JONES................................
I did indeed file the original complaint with the Grand Jury for the simple reason that statements to the public were misleading or a complete fabrication that the municipal golf course, River Ridge, was profitable.

In well established fact River Ridge golf course has lost money every year since 1993. The golf course as an enterprise fund was supposed to make money and deposit the money, all money, in the city treasury. The statements by the staff to the Grand Jury and Councilman Herreras' statements to the Star are so bizarre that one must consider that staff and Mr. Herreras' statements can only indicate that they have taken up residence with Alice in wonder land.

Since 1993 the taxpayers have subsidized the municipal, taxpayer owned River Ridge golf course, approximately ten million dollars. The Grand Jury report must be read in its entirety and ponder why further action of a criminal nature to bring those responsible to the bar of justice.

Millions of dollars of revenue have not been accounted for, commingling, conversion and the appointed overseers duty in accordance with state law and the duties of the appointing authority the Oxnard City Treasurer have not been complied with. In my view this matter should have been investigated by District Attorney Totten for further action.

Martin Jones


.RiverPark..----------------------This advertisement on behalf of Shea Homes
 ...A Home In The Heart Of It All..................................

Turn back the clock to a simpler time and you'll find yourself at the highly acclaimed master planned community of RiverPark ............ Nestled in the small town of Oxnard, RiverPark is everything that a community should be.
It is neighbors you know. A Town Center you stroll to. Parks you relax and dream in. And 15 charming new home neighborhoods built around family and friends.At RiverPark, home is a special place in the heart of it all. And that place is like no other. For more information on our new home neighborhoods and to receive an invitation to our Welcome Center Grand Opening this summer, join the Interest Registry today!

Life is good at RiverPark! 

Shea Homes
602 Valencia
Brea, CA 92822












Big League Dreams has Big Deal Plans for Oxnard-Owned - "Public Property" aka College Park
The City of Oxnard wants to put a commercial alcohol facility at our public park..............................

City of Mansfield Texas (( View Here ))

The Whole Skinny on Topix.Net

Judicial Watch v. the City of Mansfield
)) View Legal Cause Document Here ((
)) View the Entire BLD Index ((
)) Kingdom Baptist - Anti-BLD Blast ((

BIBLE GATEWAY ::::: topic - Worship .
Ox - Jo Feedback:  Bill: --- Good job!

I especially like the embedded maps/aerial photos.  Great layout ...I concur with virtually all of the salient points in your editorial regarding traffic issues - oh yes, the Rice yield sign!

Take care,   W. Smith
A Shopper's Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners
has written this guide to help you understand long-term
care and the insurance options that can help you pay for
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Visit:  LTC Shopper Guide (.pdf file)

Oxnard is mostly registered Democrat with four of its five council-members being registered Democrat.
An actual estimated population exists within city limits of upwards toward 200-thousand souls.
Oxnard is mostly recognized for it's strawberry harvest and Mediterranean climate.

Democrats have a Congressional Representative who serves us in the House of Representatives -
- The Honorable Lois Capps .......
An Afternoon by the Sea", and opportunity to meet and hear Congresswoman Lois Capps - on Saturday, August 6, 2005 from 2 - 5:00 PM @ a location, adjacent to Channel Islands Harbor at the very end of South Victoria Avenue, Oxnard

1. The price is $25 in advance: and $30 at the door on the date of event. Please make checks payable to "GOOD Club Event" and send to GOOD Club, P.O. Box 5673, Oxnard, CA 93031

Thanks for your help. Please contact me if any questions ...  An Afternoon by the Sea


All Democrats and their family, friends and neighbors are invited to enjoy a special summer day at a beach party to be held at Silver Strand Beach, next to Channel Islands Harbor, at the very end of South Victoria Avenue , Oxnard where the Pacific Ocean meets the sand.
Come join all of us at "An Afternoon by the Sea with Congresswoman Lois Capps" on Saturday, August 6 from 2 - 5 PM sponsored by the Greater Oxnard Order of Democrats
                                 ( GOOD Club ).
This is our  Democrat "kick-off the campaign" fundraiser and tickets are required to properly plan for refreshments crowd control. We anticipate a large gathering of exited and energetic  Democrats who like to party. Ticket price TBA.
This party site is right on the beach with a spectacular view of the surf, islands, sailboats and wildlife. The harbor entrance is only a short walk on the sand; and hats and sunscreen are recommended. This promises to be a memorable event for Ventura County Democrats.
Signs will point out the party location at the big, beautiful house at the far end of Silver Strand Beach on Ocean Blvd. Parking is permitted on the nearby streets.



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The Oxnard City Council meets
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Council Meetings are televised
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  Colonia Car-Wash 

Count Down

Gang Signs - OSJ
13-Year-old's Cry
The 04-04-04 OxJo
Leo Medina
Javier Ambriz, 23 years, of Oxnard


Beautiful Wilson Historic
Neighborhood Views.

Tomás Cafe Hosts PPV Fight Nite

Oxnard Economic Outlook  

Is Oxnard's Living Wage
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FRYs Electronix Coming to OX

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Your child in Grade 1 ~thru~ 8
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Free Supplemental Education / Tutoring in our Center or at your home

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Coming Events:

The First & Third Tuesday 2005
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      Borders Bookstore Cafe
      7-9 PM

PHIL ROCKWELL is the stalwart group leader of Oxnard Screenwriters,
he can be reached via e-mail for more info on .

Group meets every FIRST & THIRD Tuesday at Borders Books in the Esplanade.  Be on time for 7 o'clock start. -- bring a sample of your writing....

Ox Jo

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Dona Rosa
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