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  Oxnard Downtown Theatre opens
 ............and People wonder if they should go see.

For Oxnard, the past twenty years has been a business coma as vital organizations and businesses beat feet to leave an ever increasingly desolate area know as "Downtown".

The Oxnard City Council, in all its iterations has now officially opened its showcase for the new age of revitalization, the downtown movie theatre.

A strobe light lit the sky on Friday night and was absent from the remaining weekend's afterglow and eventide.
What was to be our first shinning glory for making the big turn in Oxnard's downtown future has now, within two days turned into another turn-key for entrepreneurs eager to find a new and untapped market.  The market was tapped until the moment the City Council voted in an ordinance banning all other movie theatres from operating within the corporate city limits of Oxnard.  Ugh!!!! 
...................thusly - there went the Channel Islands Movie Theatre at the waning Carriage Square shopping center.

So - with all the enemy theatres laid asunder and no other competition in this Mecca of 200-thousand souls, the developers of the movie theatre have done what they promised - regardless of any court opinions brought on by City Watchdog Martin Jones.  Jones has an interesting take on the current status of the theatre.

According to Jones, the City is into a deal worse than a timeshare, the City is beholden to the developers to the tune of One-Point-Six-Million dollars per year - and all this of city taxpayer money if the theatre doesn't breach the business model profit margin as contrived by someone who saw the dollars on the horizon.

A series of articles by Oxnard City Hall reporter Charles Levin, writing in the Star has indeed alerted the general populace to the fact that a movie theatre is now open in Oxnard's mysterious Downtown.  To date, 115 comments on the Star's online version blog-trak have become a sounding board for people to 'dis Oxnard in general or wonder if the popcorn can be discounted.....so the debate has just begun.

Time will tell how the theater works. City Hall watchers and gadflies will surely predict that a massive session of creative bookkeeping will prevent the public from knowing exactly how this massive publicly funded commercial venture fairs.




( Oxnard, Calif - 8-19-2005 )
, where does one begin?
The trail has been long (10 years) and sometimes lonely.
Maybe I should start with the Pacific Suns. You remember them don't you?
You know the guys that left owing money to a large number of people and eventually filed for protection under the bankruptcy law.

Who was on the Oxnard Council then? Oh, yes a fellow named Holden. Dr. of Optometry Holden.
Oh well so much for a trip down memory lane.

In yesterdays Oxnard edition of the Star my name, Martin Jones, appeared.
I was quoted accurately but not at length.
I did tell the reporter of the corporations that were trying to eliminate the "window" between the showing of a movie on the big screen (theater) and the small screen, i.e. TV in your home. But as fate would have it I could not remember who was pushing it.

ortuitously the Los Angeles Times in today's edition spelled it out quite clearly. Read it for yourself.
......................................................................................LA TIMES ARTICLE (registration required)
(( CALIFORNIA )) - Theater Owners Fired Up Over [Disney's] Iger's Comments - By Claudia Eller, Times Staff Writer
{Lead}- Already faced with dwindling summer ticket sales, the nation's theater owners took a swipe at Walt Disney Co.'s incoming chief executive Thursday for suggesting that the health of the film industry may require the simultaneous release of movies in theaters and on DVDs.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- end / LAtimes. ------------

Jones Continues............ But for a moment lets review the facts.
The millions of dollars subsidy for the golf course when our city fathers said it was profitable.
Perhaps for them. Three grand jury reports have borne out what I had been saying.
Ah yes, it was lonely indeed. And now comes the theater.
First we tax payers had to build a multi million dollar three story parking lot garage to provide parking to accommodate the over flowing throngs of theater goers flooding into the new theater. Right.
And then we have the theater it self. Fourteen screens.
And some forms of business that will hurt those businesses already established near the theater.

If the theater were to be a success. If not the garage is simply another waste of your money.
The city's own hired and paid consultant Economic Research Associates in Los Angeles in three separate documents indicated strongly the theater would fail. And how many millions has the theater cost the taxpayers? It isn't the city fathers money. Its' yours.
Unbeknown to most taxpayers in Oxnard the developer is guaranteed a floor, a minimum of 1.6 million dollars annually for 25 years. Or is it thirty? There are so many sweetheart deals arrived at behind closed doors it is hard to keep track. That was my reason for filing an action against the city using the Brown Act to bring to the bar of justice those public officials, elected and appointed, into the light of day. In the event I won in court but the theater went forward . Keep in mind the consultants three, at least three documents indicating the failure of the theater to meet the guarantee.
One more word on that.

The director of the Community Development Commission told the reporter of yesterdays story that is was not a guarantee but a loan. I have a copy in my hand of the contract between the city and the developer. It is not a loan it is a guarantee. There is not a cap on the guarantee. It could be more. A lot more.

For those of you on my email list that do not live in Oxnard count that as one of your blessings. Because we do thing differently in Oxnard,. "The City That Cares".
Martin Jones



Oxnard City Manager, Edmund F. Sotelo, announced today the appointment of Oxnard's new Finance Director.

Maricela R. Medina, C.P.A. will be assuming her responsibilities as Director of the Finance Department on Wednesday, September 7, 2005. After an extensive search, "The City is fortunate to have found a quality and highly sought after director that is not only a CPA, but also has extensive experience as a public sector Finance Director and has proven leadership abilities," said Mr. Sotelo.

Maricela "Marcie" Medina has 17 years of finance experience in both the public and private sectors.
Ms Medina comes to Oxnard from the City of Pico Rivera in Los Angeles County where she served as the Director of Finance/City Treasurer since 2003. Prior to Pico Rivera, Ms Medina was a Finance Division Manager for the City of Pasadena, a full service municipality, where she was responsible for the accounting and analysis division.

Medina's work in various capacities in the Finance Department of the City of Azusa culminated in her appointment as Director of Finance after five years. In her three years as Finance Director, she implemented new municipal financial software and restructured the finance department to improve efficiency and employee job satisfaction.

Marcie grew up in the City of Brentwood in Northern California. She is one of nine children consisting of three brothers and six sisters. In her freshman year of High School, her family moved to the Los Angeles area where she attended Baldwin Park High School. Ms Medina continued her education at Cerritos College where she earned an AS in Business Administration, and it was at the University of Southern California where she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.

Ms Medina, her husband and two children are excited to move to Oxnard and become members of this dynamic community. "I welcome the challenge and am looking forward to working in the City of Oxnard with such diversity and growth potential. In addition, I am thrilled to be a part of a department with so many capable and talented accounting professionals," she said.

Contact: Christina Aerenlund, Public Information Officer
300 West Third Street, Fourth Floor O Oxnard, California 93030
(805} 385-7593


Date: August 23, 2005
Rachel Shaw, Director Human Resources Dept. (805) 385-7590


  Neither Snow - nor sleight, nor Rain, nor Dark of Night, nor being Shot, will keep Santa Paula Postman and Southbank Neighborhood Council Chair, Bert Perello from his appointed rounds.

An e-mail describing what happened and especially the disposition of the ten-year old boy who shot Bert while he was delivering Rural Free Delivery mail.

The following appears on the Santa Paula Times - and describes what happened to Bert:

10-year-old arrested for Aliso Canyon pellet gun shooting of postman

By Peggy Kelly
Santa Paula News
Published: August 10, 2005

A 10-year-old Santa Paula boy who lives in a nearby canyon was arrested for shooting a rural postman with a pellet gun, according to a Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

VCSD Fillmore Police Det. Taurino Almazan said that the incident occurred on Saturday, July 30 at about 2 p.m. on the 2700 block of Aliso Canyon Road in the unincorporated area west of Santa Paula city limits.

Postman Bert Perello, a resident of Oxnard, was delivering mail to the sparsely populated canyon when suddenly he was “Struck once in the right forearm with a pellet,” as he reached out of the truck to place mail in the box.

Read the entire article:  Santa Paula Times
Cited:  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------




In 2006

"Roadmap to Washington"

Congressional Candidate Dr. Don Regan came to Oxnard to say
"Let's Get Ready" in what was a shot across the bow for anyone who is thinking about a congressional run. 

Although the meeting with local Republican supporters at the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club was not an official announcement, it could be surmised by the preparation and planning that another run for the 23rd Congo District by Regan is surely on the horizon.  Nothing could be more pleasing to stalwart GOP faithful. 
Citing Beth Roger's run in 2002, Regan told the crowd that he saw the numbers for both him and Beth and said that a Republican victory in the oddly shaped Congo District No. 23 is possible.  Using a Power-point® to show the election results from 2000-2002-2004 with federal, state and supervisorial elections, Regan painted a picture of encouragement for folks who feel strongly for a change in representatives.
The Oxnard Journal will watch this race closely and report on it as we enter another hot election year in 2006.


Regan is worth a look as a viable candidate.
Be Sure you are Registered to VOTE


With deepest Gratitude and Friendship


Dr. Don Regan


Regan for Congress | 1516 West Branch | (805) 481-3277 | Arroyo Grande | CA | 93420




  Oxnard College Swapmeet.

Meeting at the Administration Building of Oxnard College, Monday evening 18 July 2005. with regard to the Swapmeet. -- Time of the event was vague 5pm to 7pm it was printed on a flyer that was passed out on Sunday the day before.

We got there early at 5:30. No notice, no people. We enquired at the Admissions counter where the Oxnard College Foundation meeting was going to be held. Just down the corridor at the conference room beside the College Presidents Office.

This was quite a small room for the meeting for the number of people/ vendors I was thinking would attend.
Looks like nothing happening yet. What time the Foundation usually meet? About 6, at six-thirty PM.
Ok we will wait it out at the library. At 6pm we get back to the corridor of the Admissions counter and find it filled with people.
They are not applying for matriculation but for the swapmeet meeting it turns out.
Speaker among the crowd. Activity organizers?

Some two hundred people completely filled the hall way outside the OC Admin counter late Monday July 18, 2005 at about 6pm. However it turned out that they were not filling for matriculation or other academic requirements. These people had come to attend the OC Foundation Meeting that they were told about would decide on the status of the OC Swapmeet.

Many of these people were vendors and their families who had heard that the Swapmeet was going to be closed. Some had pointed out that the Special Use Permit issued by the City of Oxnard on display at the swapmeet booth was expired.

A largely hispanic crowd there seemed to be several persons who were addressing them of the situation in the hall way.
Soon the College Police had arrived to look into the situation. More would follow later.

The OC Foundation had a scheduled meeting that late afternoon. These were composed of the executive board, that included the College President. Item B. on the posted agenda on the notice board outside the conference room described the matters concerning the Community Market (Swapmeet) issue.


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