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Your Oxnard City Council - This Tuesday Will Propose:
Items Q - 1 & Q - 2

Public Works Department
Ordinance Restricting the Parking of Oversized Vehicles on City streets.
RECOMMENDATION:  That City Council consider adoption of an ordinance prohibiting the parking of oversized vehicles
higher than 8 feet ) from parking in residential or business areas and provide direction to staff.
DISCUSSION:    Oversized vehicles parked on City streets can create dangerous conditions. The vehicles obstruct sight visibility of oncoming vehicular and pedestrians traffic. To mitigate this potentially dangerous condition the City Council may prohibit vehicles higher than 8 feet from parking on City streets.
FINANCIAL IMPACT:     The cost to establish and administer this program is estimated at $6,000. Fines will generate some revenues, however, this will be based on resident participation and will vary from month to month.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ & --------

SUBJECT:    Residential Permit Parking Areas
RECOMMENDATION:   That City Council consider adoption of an ordinance designating certain residential areas of the City as permit parking areas and provide direction to staff.
DISCUSSION:    The City Council has conducted study sessions concerning congested parking in residential areas. The Staff suggests that City Council implement permit parking and determine its effectiveness. Should a pilot program area be successful, the City can consider implementing such a program in other residential areas.
Staff recommends that the pilot permit parking area be the residential frontage bounded by Magnolia Avenue to the north, H Street to the east, Second Street (but not including) to the south and the frontage road off Ventura Road to the west.
FINANCIAL IMPACT:    The cost to establish and administer this program is estimated at $60,000. Fines will generate some revenues, however, this will be based on resident participation and will vary from month to month.


At 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon [March 5] most Oxnard families were home relaxing or having a small BBQ.
Instead, many chose to jump in their cars and head towards Saviers and Hueneme Road to see where the giant
billowing smoke was coming from.  The large parade of cars made it difficult for several units from the Oxnard
Fire Department to get to the scene, while Police from both Oxnard and Port Hueneme PDs were immediately
posting at the major intersections along Hueneme Road to attend to the traffic.

Many people knew that the color of the smoke indicated that oil (Class B) was a component of the fire triangle.
Speculation was that the fire was consuming cars parked at the Pacific Vehicle Processing facility.

Kids from all over the South Side came on bikes, foot, and skateboards to see the action up close.

Oxnard Fire Department quickly doused the flames as local residents watched.

(( Photos by Frank Lopez - Exclusive for the Oxnard Journal )) -- Lopez writes for the Filipino newspaper Kapitbahay
and was a photo-journalist who covered the People Power overthrow of the Marcos Presidency in the Philippines
in the mid-80's.  Lopez has been published and is recognized as a talented photographer and writer.  The Oxnard
Journal is pleased to display his imagery from this important local event......


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City Council Meets

The Oxnard City Council meets
this Tuesday.

Council Meetings are televised
CABLE Channel 10 or 17
Lights, camera, action!…



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With the County’s pristine beaches, rural landscapes, historic architecture, railways, ports and diverse businesses, more than ever commercial, television, and film companies are looking to Ventura County as the perfect locale, easily accessible at Los Angeles’ doorstep. “We field at least 100 calls a month,” says EDCO’s Vice President Elizabeth Callahan, “Requests are as widespread as the opportunities themselves, from seeking mansions and quaint cottages, to quirky cars, retro storefronts, ethnic marketplaces, and agriculture.”

To get listed as a potential candidate for film use, log on to  <http://www.edco.us/>  and download a form or call the EDCO offices direct at (805) 385-7444 to request information. You will need to provide a brief description, along with a non-returnable photo image. A privacy policy protects your information. Animals and people are not among those included in the listings.

It was a banner year in 2004 for film request permits. The box office has also been showcasing the Tri-Counties in such recent releases as Academy Award nominated “Sideways,” “Meet The Fockers,” and Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator.” The growing trend toward Ventura County filming also included a music video shoot from the residence of Oxnard’s Mayor Thomas Holden. And, according to Callahan, “Filming is predominately for commercial use, so the additional income is often generated from a short time commitment.”

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  COMMUNITY Workshop

On Monday, February 28, 2005 four  developments were presented to Standing-Room only group of Oxnard residents in the
City of Oxnard Community Room located at
300 West Third Street, First Floor.

The first issue brought out local neighborhood reps, business leaders, and average residents to speak against the proposal ::::::::
PZ 04-500-3 (Special Use Permit) for the construction of 12 three-story townhomes at the northwest comer of 7th and A Streets.

All the dozen people who spoke against the project mentioned the Parking Issue and how Garcia Mortuary, Heritage Park, and even nearby businesses required the overflow parking provided by the the lot which has remained empty at the corner of A & 7th Streets.

The applicant: Henry Wang of the Olson Company was joined by Ashley Jackson, Acting Senior Planner in presenting the project.

This issue remains on the front burner and stand by for more.......

Oxnard Journal's Star Photog

       James Steven Houser


FROM THE Ox  Jo to Residents concerned
about the proposed new LOWEs at Carriage Square........

My first suggestion is to call as many people as you know about the meeting.
My second suggestion is to attend City Council meetings on Tuesday nite and use your 3 minutes at public comments to get your points out so more people will be aware --- you'd be surprized how many people do watch the city council meetings on TV.
The city has a new Traffic Planner - Jason Samonte -  he may already have some plans on the board for handling traffic -- I know you have suffered severely for the past few months with the mess at C Street - Gonzo Rd. and all the extra traffic on Citrus due to the re-routing.
FYI - the Post Office on C Street gained an extra fleet of postal vehicles when the Saviers Road Post Office discontinued their postal delivery from that station and moved all the delivery functions to C Street - so we now have had an overflow of postal trucks since the first of the year and doubled the number of postal vehicles leaving and entering the C Street PO.
These Community Meetings are primarily a way for the City to Cover it's ASSets - but attending them is good because the developer and the city planners are all in the same room and changes to plans have actually happened due to these meetings - so they are valuable at times.



       College Park Fiasco      
What Happened to the agreement,
findings, & recommendations
of the College Park Review Committee?
The City of Oxnard still has to account for it's agreement/contract with BigLeagueDreams - and where is the Mayor on this developing Issue ... ?


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"Good friends are like stars......You don't always see them, but you know they are always there."



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   Tuesday March 15, 2005
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PHIL ROCKWELL is the stalwart group leader of Oxnard Screenwriters,
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Group meets every FIRST & THIRD Tuesday at Borders Books in the Esplanade.  Be on time for 7 o'clock start. -- bring a sample of your writing....


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Gang Signs - OSJ
13-Year-old's Cry
The 04-04-04 OxJo
Leo Medina
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Beautiful Wilson Historic
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Tomás Cafe Hosts PPV Fight Nite

Oxnard Economic Outlook  

Is Oxnard's Living Wage
Policy A Joke?

FRYs Electronix Coming to OX

Patel Family Horror - Oxnard - the
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  Writer asks what is there to do in Oxnard................

What is Really UP in Oxnard ???????
Oxnard, Calif., March 1, 2005 – Oxnard is a well-known family oriented city. It’s ideal to come out here when you’re just starting out your family and watch your kids grow up in a nice environment. However, when one is a single adult, there’s really not much to do. One is often driven to cities like Santa Barbara or Los Angeles for entertainment purposes. Our beaches are fine, but even then, I personally would still go to Malibu because there would be so much more to do. As a 23 year old girl, I constantly go to the Valley or Hollywood to check out the latest hot spots. Whenever I have guests over, they always ask, “What’s there to do here?” I don’t have much of a choice, but to say, “NOTHING.” And after that, we end up going to State Street or “The Valley”. I find it hard sometimes because when I go out, I tend to have a few drinks and then I’m faced with the ultimate dilemma of whether to drive home or stay at a hotel or friend’s house. If the entertainment was here in Oxnard, there wouldn’t be so much of a commute and plus I could just take a cab, if worse came to worst. I feel that one shouldn’t have to drive an hour just to have a good time with their friends.

It would be much safer for teenagers as well because they wouldn’t have to go to a friend’s house party to have a good time. At a house party, who knows what happens or doesn’t happen. If we made a few local hot spots for “all ages”, at least parents would be aware that they’re teens are out seeing a band play or are out to a dance. There are more opportunities to drink and do drugs at a friend’s home, than it is at a venue. I know this because I grew up here.

Now I noticed Oxnard is making a movie theater in the downtown district. However, tourists are not going to drive over here just to go see a movie. It’s fine for us locals since we hate driving to Camarillo or Ventura. But we need café’s, lounges, bars, and shops if we want to get more money accumulating in our city. We need to keep our business and gain outside business as well.

All we really have is great weather. If I got married, that is really the only reason I would stay here. I’m sure I’m not the first to bring this issue up. I just don’t think people care, since hardly anything has been done to resolve this issue. I’m not badmouthing Oxnard. I’m from here and would definitely love to bring up my future children in Oxnard. But I would hate to see my children move away just because there really isn’t much to do.

{editors note:  Mary D. spoke out for her neighborhood at the workshop and her voice represented many who could not attend the meeting.}

Oxnard City of Oxnard
March 1, 2005

I invite each and every one of you to my home anytime to see the mess you have caused all of Las Brisas homeowners.

Tonight I came home from work and could not get into my complex. I had no notice that the street, Citrus and C Street were going to be closed. Traffic is tied up through the post office as everyone has to turn around there to get out of the road closure because there is no way to go. It is unbelievable!!! If I need medical care while this is going on and call an ambulance or fire truck and they cannot get to me because of your road closures the City will be sued. If my trash is not empty from the containers I will call OSHA, the City, the Governor if I have to.

The city has no idea what a wreck it is in this area and safety hazard for all on Gonzales, Citrus and C Street and I as a taxpayer will not put up with this any longer. You have me really scared because I won't be able to get emergency personnel to me if I need them. Please open up the road to exit my complex and make it wide enough for emergency trucks to enter and leave immediately!!!!! I am a victim here and maybe the District Attorney's office should be notified. My next email will be the LA Times, The Ventura County Star and anyone else who will listen. This is totally uncalled for to do this to our neighborhood.

Mary D.
Blackberry Circle

Ms.. Jean Joneson, Chair WINDSOR NORTH NC
Mr. Bill Winter, Publisher - www.oxnard-journal.com
Susan and Bert Perillo, Residents Mr. Martin Jones, College Park Mayor Tom Holden
Councilman Timothy Flynn
Ray Komar, Residents Councilman
John C. Zaragoza
Councilman Andres Herrera
Alice Maynez and Family Residents
Councilman Dean Maulhardt

Mr. Chris Williamson, City Planning Mr, Richard Luna,Managing Raul Hernandez, Staff Reporter / STAR

SUBJECT.....Great turnout! Great Evening! Great Teamwork!

With Appreciation to all who attended in the late evening the
CITY COUNCIL STUDY SESSION tonight (Tues. 3/1) to voice our SERIOUS concerns about the VINEYARD/VENTURA ROAD project.

We are encouraged by the comments of City Council, and feel that the residents of these fine neighboring communities have sent BEVERLY HILLS packing for now.....hopefully they will got the "NO" message. If not WE all can get LOUDER, and LOUDER,and...if the City thinks they received a lot of EMAILS this past week, ..as the saying goes, .....Gentlemen, "you have definitely seen NOTHING yet."

As a note of caution;  We have "won" round one only. They will be back..They didn't understand the word NO. So let's spend more of their spec money, until they understand NO, MEANS NO.

As a note of optimism; With Councilman Dean Maulhardt and Councilman John Zaragoza themselves residing in our neighborhoods,
this will lend itself an awareness from them unlike other development projects in the past.
They don't want the traffic, or the pressure on the infrastructures, not to mention losing Bill Parcell's and the COWBOYS.

And..If CASDEN PROPERTIES was smart..... they would look at this as a losing proposition and make their first loss their last in Oxnard.

.... As you know, any open space in this over-built community should be treated as "endangered land".

Once again,appreciation to all. I hope we can refrain from flooding the City Council and City officials with EMAILS until Casden tries to pull a fast one again. That will be more effective and more courteous.

Until the next round everyone,

Cal Gal


Darren Embry
Community Relations Manager
Office: (310) 385-5078
Cell: (310) 871-1168
Fax: (310) 550-3795

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

-Greek proverb






Oxnard City Council Chambers
7 p.m.

Public Comments:
of Free Speech
to tell the Council how you
feel and stand on local issues.


Ashley Jackson ---Acting Senior Planner

City of Oxnard -- Planning & Environmental Services Division


Re:  PZ 04-500-3 (Special Use Permit)


H A N D   D E L I V E R E D


28 February 2005


This letter is being submitted in opposition to the residential use proposed for the former City property at 7th and A Streets.


This property was not properly offered to alternate buyers. 
The City acted as it’s own agent and completed an inside deal between the City and the Developer.  Thus, the City of Oxnard prevented Robert Garcia, a long time business owner and community supporter, who owns property surrounding this lot, from being notified or allowed an opportunity to even submit a bid for this formerly city-owned land.


Robert Garcia, had no notice that the City proposed to sell off this piece of land and by the time the announcement of the deal went through, it was apparently too late for Mr. Garcia to even approach the City regarding his interest, even though certain city officials were well aware of Mr. Garcia’s wish to obtain this property.


The City will provide otherwise, in it’s convoluted way, that it gave proper notice and they will reference past city council or planning commission documents to undermine Mr. Garcia’s initial right as a tax-paying citizen to be allowed to participate in his city’s “open government”.


The simple fact is neither Mr. Garcia, nor any other Oxnard resident was offered or provided  proper notice of the City’s desire to sell. By the time all knew, the land deal was sealed with Developer and the Council rubber-stamped it’s approval on it…thereby washing their hands of their obligation to Mr. Garcia.


The proposed project of 12 three story townhomes is a good one and needed in Oxnard and especially in the downtown area, however, locating these wonderful new homes directly abutting an active funeral parlor may be a detrimental fact to consider in approving these plans to put residential property on this lot.


It would behoove this workshop to consider another course of action for this property and allow a use which is properly brought to the neighborhood affected.


Please do not allow this project to continue as planned and proposed.


Bill Winter

Chairman – Wilson Neighborhood Council

Member – Oxnard Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum

If you are against the Uninted States armed forces presently engaged in armed combat in Afghanistan and Iraq at the present time and possibly conflict with Iran in the future this message is for you.
If You are grandparents or parents of future draft age relatives this message is for you.
Martin Jones

WHO: La Placita Anti-War Committee

CONTACT: info@committeeonrazarights.org   


WHAT: A Call to Action on the 2nd  Anniversary of the War in Iraq: Rally, March, and Forum: “The Cost of War at Home and Abroad”the first in a series of anti-war events, March 12 – 20


Their Tuesday 02 Mars Meet

To those neighbors that did not have a chance to go to the meeting or watch it on TV, here are a few remarks about the meeting. Read the bottom e-mail especially.

OK, This will be my last e-mail sent out on this subject for now. But let me say this. I am retired and I love to sit here at my computer typing letters. I don't have much else to do to keep me busy. I will still do that and I will save all my remarks in a folder called CASDAN! And when they (Casdan) come back with some more lies and innuendos, I will start e-mailing all my notes to all who will listen.

Another thing. I was really impressed with the city council.(The guy that kept telling everyone not to clap got a little grouchy) but I liked the fact that they are all willing to come out here and look at Ventura Rd flooding and closures, the unbelievable traffic right now on Vineyard, the fact that they (the council members) really do care about the crowding of our schools, they actually knew about wagon wheel being blighted just as the shopping center on Gonzales and Oxnard blvd and a few others. These council member actually listened to everyone even though the hour was late.

I really liked that lady at the end (Patricia Einstein) that came up and told everyone how she was impressed with our togetherness and our neighborliness. We are so lucky. I don't think she lived in our area but she was impressed with us.

And to all those of you who had the courage to stand up there in front of those cameras and city council members, I want to tell you all that I was yelling and applauding as loud as I could right here in my own living room. You guys did so good and you told it all so good. I even applauded the council member when they made their final remarks. Thanks so much for all your efforts.

Alice Maynez


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