The Order of the Ballot.

On August 12th, the Secretary of State conducted a random alphabetic drawing for the order of candidates
to be listed on the ballot of the November General Election.  The Last names are alphabetized in order of
the draw.

Here are those letters in the order they were selected.

 1.    J        

 2.    M

 3.    Z

 4.    R

 5.    N

 6.    L

 7.    P

 8.    Q

 9.    O

10.   H

11.   I        

12.   G

13.   X

14.   D

15.   F

16.   K

17.   E

18.   S

19.   C

20.   W

21.   T

22.   U

23.   A

24.   B

25.   V

26.   Y

Here is the Order of the Oxnard Municipal Ballot as you will see it when you vote.


Tom Holden
D. Frank
Bob Sumpter
Bill Winter


Saul Medina
John C. Zaragoza
Dr. Irene Pinkard
Al Duff
Timothy Flynn
Dolly Villa

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