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The Oxnard Journal January 2006 -- ..................................................... 
2006 Brings Hope and Promise for those who leave the baggage of past years in the Past and grasp the unseen gifts of tomorrow....................Happy New Year

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 -----  2006 Predictions for Oxnard -----
Dean Maulhardt will be offered a Special Appointment by Governor Schwarzenegger.
Mayor Tom Holden will be tapped to run for Congress.
Andres Herrera wants to run for Mayor, but another higher office opening is more tempting.
John Zaragoza wins the Lottery and starts a scholarship fund for Oxnard's disadvantaged kids.
Former Mayor Lopez announces his bid Harbor Commissioner.
John Flynn receives top national Democratic recognition.
Tim Flynn proposes sweeping proposal to put a moratorium on building and development in Oxnard.
City Council proposes citizen advisory board on development and residents protest due to fact the Council appoints the members to this group.
Six Chinese Helicopters land at Oxnard Airport, creating a national incident.
Labor dispute interrupts Oxnard Pipeline Trunk project on Ventura Road.
Downtown movie theatre announces mostly Spanish Film Repertoire for plaza movie house.
John McCain arrives in Oxnard via Amtrak.
College Park debate goes south when Field of Screams takes additional money from the City and cuts and runs - no error.
Centex Homes project at Ventura and Vineyard sold to strip mall developer so he can put in a nail salon, fast sandwich shop and a loan company.
Sports Park debate over land at Gonzales and Oxnard Blvd. heats up - citizens fill City Hall until they get answers.
757 Jet makes safely executed emergency landing at Oxnard Airport.
Major Christian Broadcasting Company makes bid to build studio in Oxnard Industrial Park.
Extraordinary cool ocean breezes make Oxnard the envy during a very warm summer.
Oxnard Fire Department miraculously receives special gift of over 5 million dollars.  Department plans upgrade and new station.
Oxnard PD is featured on special Crime TV show.
Shaq is rumored to come back to Oxnard PD.
Dallas Cowboys announce move to UCSB Campus, City Counter offers with land deal that is sweeter than the strawberries.
Truckers block 101 Freeway on the Santa Clara River Bridge - traffic tie-up lasts 8 hours.
 First US Amnesty Program Office opens in Oxnard on a trial basis - second slated for Santa Ana.

El Rio seeks to incorporate into its own city.

Major stunning new project is proposed for the old Oxnard High School.

Billion-Dollar Spanish multi-media corporation attempts to buy Oxnard Plaza Cinema in order to run all Spanish language movies - City Council blocks proposal - "Imagine the mayhem and outcry from locals....."

Mugu Rock appears on a US Postage Stamp.

City Council proposes sweeping new occupancy and parking regulations creating ire among homeowners who rent rooms to multiple families in order to survive in difficult housing market.  Proposals are challenged in Court.

Unknown benefactor donates millions to preserve Ormond Beach.

Strange sea creature washes ashore at Hollywood-by-the-Sea and creates national attention.

Phil Molina wins large settlement in case against the City.

INCF faces additional challenge when Council again tries to monkey with Neighborhood Council Program.

Strawberry Festival organizers and City Clash over secondary re-location proposal in light of threat of losing College Park due to Big League Dreams.

Washington, D.C. based law firm takes active interest in Oxnard's past Brown-Act citations by County Grand Jury.

 Fed-Ex and Navy agree on joint-use of Point Mugu for major air hub for Freight distribution on the West Coast.

State of California looks at proposing State Prison camp on one of the Channel Islands.

Committee of well-meaning, but mis-guided citizens form to re-name Oxnard.

Chumash historical site is unearthed at new development site halting construction.

Casino proposal re-appears - seeking different results from new City Council.

Exotic animal zoo is proposed and is nixed by residents who see design as not favoring animal's freedom.

................... Have a great and Prosperous New Year ................. You can send in Your Predictions to add to this list

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Now - How we do on Last Year's Predictions ~~~~~~~~~~~

   -----  2005 Predictions for Oxnard -----    
      These Predictions appeared in the January 2005 Ox Jo  

Oxnard Little League will win Nat'l championship.  [0.5]
This prediction came close - and with Big League Dreams on the Horizon - who knows....

An Oxnard School will be forced to close. [0.5]
The proposed River Park school in El Rio faced issues on natural gas wells being in close proximity to the school site and to date, the school has remained closed.

Fed-ex lands rights to use Point Mugu airstrip for cargo flight drops.  [  -1 ]
BRAC kept our bases open - so Fed-ex will have to look elsewhere.

Botanical Garden and Marine Sanctuary locations in Oxnard are proposed.  [0.5]
Ormond Beach make similarly significant progress towards this goal.....

Secret tunnels under Oxnard Blvd. are Unearthed.  [ -1 ]
Still waiting for this to become true....

Ormond Beach becomes Big League Dreams II [0.0]
Thank goodness this hasn't come true......YET ! ! !.

Oxnard College Park becomes site of protest by local residents of area who DO NOT want a commercial stadium in their backyard. [0.0]

The opponents to College Park commercialization are firmly ready to fulfill this predicdtion.

Oxnard College nixes Commercial use of College Park Property. [ -1 ]
Unofortunately, the College has remained reticent on this very crucial issue, if not based on proximity alone.

Fly-over bridge for Oxnard Blvd. @ Gonzo is designed and community support propels the project to ease traffic. [- 0.5]
NO...but the Sports Park promised by the City for the past 15 years is more than enough focus of 2005 & 2006 and so this intersection will carry over into 2006.

City Council is again cited for Violation of the Brown Act regarding Downtown Property Sale and Arrangement. [ 1 ]
YES - in a grand jury report (the third one issued against Oxnard) - but with no enforcement agency to come bearing sharp teeth and large sticks, nothing came of the ruling.

Ghost of Roy Lockwood appears mysteriously on Oxnard City Council video replay.
The ghost of Roy Lockwood left in December 2005 when his sister Marie Whatley sold her little home on C Street and booked from jolly old Oxnard. [ B O O ]

Kobe Byrant is pulled over by VC Sheriffs and ticketed for speeding on Rice Avenue. [scored on 01-01-06 ]
2005 ends officially at 11:59:59 and add the extra second for leap year adjustment.

Section of Downtown Parking Garage is closed due to structural weakness in concrete. [-1 ]
2006 is next year.

Larry Stein wins the Lotto and creates a Scholarship fund for city employees to attend college and study accounting. [- 1 ]
Stein instead lost a favored tree and was unable to convince the Council or the citizenry to take a closer look at the City Budget...In 2006 Stein needs to play some new numbers.

LA Police Chief Bratton makes surprize career move - Oxnard Police Chief Lopez is again tagged for LAPD's top slot. [0.5]
Lopez retired and Bratton didn't call.

Old Saint John's Hospital becomes operational Senior Housing Village as first tenants move in by Christmas 2005. [ -1 ]
The Wilson Neighborhood is still waiting for this prediction to come true. .....

Foreign Investor attracts interest of City Council by proposing to pay for the construction of an Oxnard Pier off Ormond.  [ - 1 ]
NOPE ! ! !

LNG incident involving tanker off the Australian shoreline puts more teeth in argument against bringing LNG into and thru Oxnard. [ 1 ]
This actually did happen in November - but only the Aussie Press covered the news.

Christian Evangelist announces crusade in Oxnard. [ 0.5 ]
2006 is the year of the AZUSA Revival - Be On The Watch for the Spirit to Move in the OX.  On December 10th, Juantia Bynum did make a pronouncement over LA and the radius of 100 miles.  Long Beach, where Bynum preached that day is 82 miles away from Oxnard thereby allowing this Prophetess to make Oxnard part of the Crusade

Gentrification becomes a Hot issue in Oxnard city Planning. [ 1 ]
Gentrification is already underway - a multi-million dollar movie theater that runs only full-length English Language films in a City that is 75% Hispanic goes against demographic reality and into the gentrification-factor.

Newly elected Councilmember Tim Flynn proposes the formation of a Citizen review of the 2020 Plan. [- 0.5]
He may yet do this.

City contracts to build a desalinization plant. [0.0]
On the Horizon

Three-hour traffic tie-up on Gonzales Road prompts citizen out-cry against future housing and compacting of people into Oxnard.  [ 1 ]
Citizens are already pouring into Council voicing their concerns on this sore topic.

Oxnard newspaper is started with the primary purpose to cover news the Ventura County Star does not. [ 1]
The Sugar Beat Press was started in August 2005 by Neil Hartstein, a former Press-Courier reporter.  The purpose of the newspaper was to foster good feelings in Oxnard

A 757 makes safe emergency landing at Oxnard Airport. [ -1 ]
Carried over into 2006

Walmart announces a second Superstore location to be developed. [0.5]
NO - but Walgreen opened a second shop at Rose and C-I Blvd. Perhaps the prediction was focusing on the "WAL"

Previously Lost - Historical Document in California History is discovered in a La Colonia Home. [ -1 ]
Hmmmm...wonder if this predix is coming about in '06.

Frye's Electronics Store opens to huge success. [ 1 ]
YES - This Happened............

Series of accidents and near misses on "serpentine" Patterson Road between 5th & Wooley forces Council to look at straightening the road again, like it was before. [- 0.5]
NO - But we had a dramatic crash of a turnip truck and Amtrak train at Rose Ave Crossing.

Irene Pinkhard holds several fund-raisers to support second try for Council. [0.5]
PINK in '06 will be the rally cry.....

Al Duff looks at keeping his hopes alive for another shot at a Council Seat. [0.5]
Duff has expressed that he will not run again, but he does have a solid following and the Ox Jo strongly endorses his running in '06.

Dean Maulhardt announces he will not seek another term on the Council - but does not indicate he may run for Mayor. [0.0]
Dean will probably drop off Council to pursue more leisurely pursuits such as his vast family trust and holdings.

Saul Medina looks at Republican Congressional Run in 06. [ - 0.5]
Saul better become a Republican after his jump into the Bob Pohl camp.

Deirdre Frank keeps her campaign registration current and maintains she will seek office again. [- 0.5 ]
We may this lady again.....her numbers were high.....

Bill Winter will serve on the INCF and will bring as much news to Oxnard & the world on the Ox Jo as he can.  [ 1 ]
TRUE..... Mission Accomplished on the INCF - the Ox Jo will continue to serve Oxnard and the World with News.

Dolly Villa is tapped by Congresswoman Lois Capps to assist her with Oxnard issues. [ - 0.5]
Dolly Villa faded away - she is somewhere in provincial Borneo.

A freak Snow storm hits Oxnard in late June. [ - 1 ]
NO - but December 2005 was unusually cold.

President Bush again visits Oxnard. [0.5]
In His Dreams ............................

BRAC 2005 allows NAVBASE Ventura County to remain functional.  [ 1 ]
TRUE - this came true - thankfully.

Benefactor purchases new building for the permanent housing of the Mexican Consulate in Oxnard. [0.5]
The Mexican Consulate moved to a new facility by the Oxnard Airport.

Score:     [ -1]  - 10 -  [- 0.5 ]   - 6 - [0.0]  - 4 - [ 0.5 ] - 10 -  [ 1 ] 9  =  [ - 2 ]  /////  Overall 14 correct // 16 did not come true.

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Ventura County Homeless Program, Anna Chavez, 987-6712.  Regardless of legal status, program assists persons build a life towards self-sufficiency, on an on going process. According to recent statistics 60% of the homeless are women and children, in Ventura County. Affiliated with RAIN Project in Camarillo.

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Parenting classes are held at the Rose Park Center, Tuesdays 6:30, by Norma Perez-Sanford. Childcare is provided. Contact Officer Macarthur.
Jocelyn Buckner 382-82-8228, Workforce Investment network Program @ Boys &Girls, (Oxnard) Club, assists youth 16 to 21 years of age to complete high school deficiencies, gain employment, training, career success, path determination and follow up. NFTE classes start on the 24th.  NFTE are classes to youth entrepreneurship.
Mo Mosley, Avie Guerra, Rosemary Brisceno, Elvira Zavala
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 Ventura County District Attorney’s Office- SAFE HARBOR Project helps children, who are victims of abuse. Offers Forensic interviews examinations and has an advocacy center for children and adults who have been sexually assaulted or physically abused.-- POC: Susan Becker, 339-2507
Field /Day Labor project-ONC members distribute to these workers information on health agencies, social service agencies, citizenship/resident status, workers rights to name a few, if your agency has materials or resources to contribute contact Susan or leave info at the Police Storefront in Colonia on Cooper and Grant streets.

HELP- we need information for distribution to the farm workers and day laborers call Susan Becker at 339-2507 or leave at the Store Front at the new Senior Housing project on Camino Del Sol. We need whatever public service information obtainable, for distribution, approximately 200 flyers. Thank you ahead of time.
You do not have to get up at 4:30 am; committee will distribute the materials.
Pat Mages, 428-4623, 485-6114, Victim Advocate for both the Port Hueneme and Ventura Police Departments. She is also a counselor/trainer/domestic violence victims advocate for:  Interface; and is a trainer for the  Ventura County Partnership for Safe Families and Communities.
Pilar Santamaria: PROTOYPES 382-6296. This is a recovery and treatment programs for women and their children. Women are referred to other program by their families, other social service agencies, and by the courts. Women may also refer themselves. Prototypes was founded in 1986. In Ventura County the center has operated since 1992. Client fees are determined on a sliding scale. Thursdays Ms. Santamaria is accompanying the Ventura County Mobile unit to screen for HIV’s at La Gloria Market in Oxnard. 
MEXICO TOUR- 8 to 11 days touring Mexico City and the Yucatan. Tour is led by Ana Chavez, Ms - Spanish. The cost is $1500.00 you can pay in payments. $95 to enroll. Departure date June 26 for 10 days (with extension) You will need lots of energy Fee includes: Round trip/Air fare, Meals and sleeping accommodations 7 overnights with private bathrooms. Five organized tours by licensed guides. Six visits to special attractions. Bilingual Tour Director. Email Avie Guerra for more information. mavieg2002@yahoo.com


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