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This page you are now viewing was the Oxnard-Journal Online from late October 2000 till mid-March 2001.

It took a while to recover from a hard drive crash and other infirmities...such as not winning a seat as Oxnard City Clerk. Ho-Hum, 2002 will be a run for the Council

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Bill Winter - Editor....

OCTOBER - - 22 -- in the Year 2000 .

With elections coming....the Oxnard Journal will have personal interviews with as many candidates for Oxnard Office as we can - We must forego the Port Hueneme Elections and just say that you should vote out the incumbents and vote for new blood on the P.H. coucil //// Reason being Simply the Beach Wall - Your current Council allowed that.... The Wall sucks and should be removed. Murray Rosenbluth and Toni Young were responsible regardless of what blather they spew in contradiction to that. They built the WALL - they should pay at the ballot box. To see Personal Views of the editor on the election (((Clicketh Here ))) otherwise: Here's the latest....

  1. The Elections are Coming:

  2. Airport Issue Looms in Glide path to election.

  3. Downtown Movie Theater still in Matinee session.

  4. VOTE "" N O ! ! ! """ on Measure "O".

  5. The General Ballot Propositions (( Over-View )).

  6. Auto Sign War.

    And Now, the News.


    With Mayor Manuel Lopez runing unopposed, the Council and two 4-year elected offices are the Hot Seats. The two council seats of Incumbents, John C. Zaragoza (1st term) and Bedford Pinkard (2 term) are fighting for their seats. Both Incumbents have the largest signs out on the landscrape of Oxnard, while other candidates put up smaller signs in a feverous attempt to gain a foothold on the electorate's attention. This year, with the Presidential race being the big draw, there is expected to be a rather large turnout of voters who either seek change or continuation of the Status Quo.

    Challengers to the Incumbent Council members are: In our Editorial order of effectiveness..... Joe Avelar, Martin Jones, Saul Medina, and Alex Escobel. Joe Avelar is a former city employee, and like John Zaragoza who was former head of the City Refuse program, has an intimate knowledge of the City from the base, from the streets. Joe would really make a good Council member as his is personable and approachable and is not taken up with his own self importance. Martin Jones is also a very viable candidate, he has a background in Real Estate having worked with some of the most major R.E. firms in the country. Martin knows a lot, but he has to get out the vote by burning shoe leather. Also, his recent split with his campaign manager revealed some chinks in the armor. Saul Medina is a young man on a mission to improve Oxnard. He is approachable and eager to learn. He has yet to get a firmer grasp on the issues that face Oxnard and how to handle delicate issues such as the Airport. He is promising and would be a refreshing face to see seated on the Council. Alex Escobel has some pretty road signs; hand-painted, in colorful lettering. Being a teacher, he would be restricted in his effectiveness to serve unencumbered as his priority would keeping class in session. He has good ideas, and may show a good turn out in the poles with people who place school bumper stickers on their cars, but otherwise, the Contenders are the two incumbents, Zaragoza and Pinkhard - with Avelar, Jones, and Medina nipping at their heels.

    In the City Treasurer's Race, Incumbent Dale Belcher is facing her hardest challenge in Christopher AREVALO. Arevalo is a cool-headed experienced business administrator who has the best chance at draining votes from the ever popular, conservative Dale BELCHER. Dale has been our Treasurer for 12 years and is ready to continue being our Treasurer. A set back loss of over 800-thousand Oxnard dollars is the biggest set-back to Dale's sailing clear into a third term. More time and more debates will need to make the line finer between the two candidates. Enrique Petris, having good intentions is also running for Treasurer.

    The City Clerk Race has the best chance of unseating an incumbent. Running against Incumbent Daniel Martinez are Jackie Rogers, a former Deputy Clerk for the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors, and Bill Winter, a Federal Clerk with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Daniel has been in office for two terms and has not actually endeared himself to the City. He has had no other political aspirations than to be in the Clerk's Office. Of the three Candidates, only Winter has higher aspirations to serve Oxnard and has been vocal on that aspect. Jackie Rogers ran against Martinez in 1996 and she garnered 8-thousand plus votes, but Daniel drew 12-thousand and won in '96. But in 1997 and 1998, the Ventura County Grand Jury, in it's investigation of certain city practices, noted that the City Clerk's Office was un-cooperative and unresponsive to Grand Jury inquests. This is not the direction the City Clerk's Offics should be going in and there appears to be the greatest opportunity for change in this highly visible public office.


    City Manager Ed Sotelo Announced at the 10/10/00 Council Meeting, next week's City Council Meeting will be postponed due to a full schedule of meetings of the Council with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) re: Joint Use of Military Airfields. With the push to make El Toro Marine Corps Air Station a Civilian air facility, the FAA is having previous experience to rest upon. We wish the Council the best as they have shown the foresight to be involved with these meetings.

    Citizens who reside in the flight path, and residents who want the Airport relocated so more schools can be built in the center of Oxnard are all Against the continued existence of the Oxnard Airport. The airport is currently a feeder field for United Express flights to LAX and for light plane and corporate jet, Oxnard serves as a full-service field.

    The debate against keeping an operation airfield in the center of town is growing and gaining more attention. A move is underfoot to seek the Navy's help in setting aside one of their operational airstrips to serve as the new Ventura County Airport. The county itself has control of the airport operations as they do at Camarillo. A plan for Joint-Use of the Mugu airfield is a vocal desire, but not official moves have been made or even discussed to initiate such a change. It is the Oxnard Journal's knowledge that Joint Use airports work well as with the Navy on the American Territory of Guam. The Airport at Agana is a Naval Air Facility and also the main airport of the civilian population of Guam. Joint-Use is not a far away option for Oxnard. The new Council should push for looking at such a plan and implementing the means to pursue joint use. It's best that Oxnard make the first move and assume the leadership in this pursuit.

Positions recommended...questions and/or suggestions?

November 2000 - Ballot Propositions

Proposition 32 - AB 2305 (Dutra) Veterans' Bond Act of 2000 (Bond) This measure would allow the state to issue $500 million in general obligation bonds to enable veterans to purchase homes. This bond measure, part of the Cal-Vet program, would enable the Department of Veterans' Affairs to purchase homes, farms and mobile homes to sell to veterans. This program is meant to be self-supporting; that is, the veteran pays all costs, including the bond debt and operating costs for the program. Throughout its history, the Cal-Vet program has been totally self-supporting. If, however, the veterans' payments fail to equal all costs, because the general obligation bonds are backed by the state, taxpayers would be obligated to pay the difference.

Recommendation: NO

As a matter of principle, we oppose all general obligation bonds because it is more expensive to payback both principal and interest than to simply pay as you go. There are better ways to recognize our Veterans than this government program that serves fewer Veterans than private sector programs. With a multi-billion dollar surplus, bonds are unnecessary.


Proposition 33 - ACA 12 (Papan) Legislature: Retirement

(Legislative Constitutional Amendment)

Currently, the retirement benefits for state legislators are limited to participation in Social Security. This initiative would also allow state legislators to participate in the state Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS). PERS provides retirement benefits for most state government employees. Legislators choosing to participate in PERS would pay almost five percent of their salaries into the system. The state is also required to contribute an amount - a percentage of the employee's salary -determined annually by PERS.

Recommendation: NO

In 1990 voters voted to pass Proposition 140, enacting term limits and reforms to reduce the influence and perks of career politicians. Prop 33 would overturn key portions of Prop 140. Legislators already make $125,000 annually and their per diem is tax-free. Proposition 33 will force taxpayers to spend over $1 million more a year to feather the retirement nest eggs of career politicians.


Proposition 34 - SB 1223 (Burton) Campaign Contributions and Expenditures

(Legislative Initiative Amendment)

This measure would replace the campaign contribution and voluntary spending limits set by Proposition 208 with higher amounts and enact new campaign disclosure rules. It would affect state elections - not federal. Currently, there are no limits on campaign donations in California, because Proposition 208 is hung up in court.

Recommendation: NO

This is not real reform. Individual citizens should have the right to exercise their free speech rights and participate in the political process without regulation by the government. Proposition 34 increases the power of incumbent politician and news media. .


Proposition 35 - Public Works Projects: Use of Private Contractors for Engineering and Architectural Services (Initiative Statute)

This initiative would change the state Constitution to allow state and local governments to contract with private firms - not just use civil service work forces - for architectural and engineering services on public works projects. It requires competitive awarding of contracts and mandates compliance with regulations concerning conflicts of interest, political contributions and unlawful activities. The contracts are subject to standard accounting practices with audits when necessary

Recommendation: YES

Proposition 35 is a case of private enterprise versus government union control. By allowing government entities like schools and cities to "contract out" allows government work to be completed in the most cost-effective manner.


Proposition 36 -- Drug Treatment Diversion Program (Initiative Statute)

This initiative requires drug treatment programs and probation for certain non-violent drug possession offenses and parole violations. It permits the court to mandate additional probation conditions -- but not imprisonment.

Addicts who complete treatment would have their records erased; otherwise they would face jail time. Drug testing is not required.

Recommendation: NO

This is a step towards decriminalizing hard drug usage. According to one expert, "As a policy experiment, if you consider medical marijuana to be a one on the Richter scale, this is a 10." It would tie the hands of judges and take away any incentive for drug users to reform. Successfully, treated addicts confirm that drug testing is an important part of the rehabilitation process.


Proposition 37 -- Fees, Taxes: New Definitions, Vote Requirements

(Initiative Constitutional Amendment)

Government imposes taxes and fees on its citizens. Typically, taxes, which have more stringent requirements for their adoption, are used to pay for general public services such as education and crime prevention. Fees usually pay for specific services or programs such as garbage collection and car licensing and are paid by those benefiting from the service. There are two basic types of fees - user fees, such as garbage fees, and regulatory fees such as health inspections or smog check fees.

Prop 37 would overturn a Supreme Court decision by redefining as taxes any compulsory fees enacted after 7/1/ 99. Such fees, would then require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature or local electorate.

Recommendation: YES

A fee is a fee and a tax is a tax. It is important to protect citizens and business from the over-reaching arm of government expanding taxes by calling them fees. A two-thirds vote gives some measure of protection.


Proposition 38 -- School Vouchers: State-Funded Private and Religious Education.

Public School Funding (Initiative Constitutional Amendment)

This measure would require the state to set up a voucher system to be phased in over four years. Each voucher would be worth $4,000 or half the amount of the state or national per-pupil averages - whichever is higher.

Additionally, this initiative would permit - but not require - the Legislature to replace current constitutional funding priority and Proposition 98 public school guarantees with new minimum funding requirements - not less than the national average. The private schools receiving the grants would be restricted from state regulations, but would be subject to academic testing.

Recommendation: Yes

Capitol Resource Institute supports Proposition 38. Parental choice is a valuable tool for parents to use in the education of their children. The problems with public education policy are many and we believe that Prop 38 is a step in the right direction.


Proposition 39 - School Facilities: 55% Local Vote. Bonds, Taxes.

Accountability Requirements. (Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute)

This initiative would lower the approval threshold for local bond taxes for school construction and school facilities from a two-thirds vote to 55 percent. It would require annual performance and financial audits on the use of bond monies.

Recommendation: NO

The voters weighed this issue last March and decided to retain the 120-year-old rule requiring a two-thirds vote to approve local school bond measures. School bonds are a tax increase that can never be revoked.

Proposition 39 endangers all property owners with the threat of excessive taxation. With a budget surplus in the tens of billions, certainly there are other ways to build schools.


32- NO

33- NO

34- NO

35- YES

36- NO

37- YES

38- YES

39- NO

* This Section Courtesy of San Luis Obispo County Repubicans

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Welcome to the personal views of the Editor who has been up with all the latest of the candidates..... Here's how it's gonna shake out:::::

Presidential: Bushy --- America is ready for change and wants to shift gears from the power to the poor to power to those who have have made money in the last eight years and want to keep it. Buchannan and Nadder have to earn at least 5% of the popular vote to keep their Federal Matching Funds ---- they either comes in under 5% - guess what - they return the money.

Stentorian Senate: Finklestein, Lady Di ---- Campbell will get the (R) vote, but majority of voters feel comfortable with lady Di-Fi.

23rd Congressional Seat :::: Gallegly - who has no college degree and has a hatred to immigrants needs to go away. Case is a good man who has the interest of the people, but Giggely will win as his signs are bigger and more of Thousand Oaks and Simi votes in the east county than do the surfers and farm-hands of the west county. Soon, someday a challenger worth the fight will step up ---- Elton will retain his seat.

ASSembly: Hanna Beth will win her northern seat as Robin Sullivan has only a few signs and no presence - she has had an uneventful term in Santa Paula Council and will continue being uneventful. Hanna Beth has a solid base and the former Brooks Firestone republicans have already gone to Mexico or Maine for the winter.

Anthony (R) Strict-land will get the vote as he has bigger signs and Roz McGrath was finished as a candidate two elections ago, she just seems to keep coming back for the same results. Her signs say "Kids First" but as all parents know, kids don't vote and kids are noisy rug ratz who should be seen and not heard....Roz's message is lost in rhetoric which no voter has time to decipher. Tony will continue to fight the gas tax and will retain Nao Takasugi's former Assembly seat.

Stupervisor --- who cares - it's bennett and monahan and John Flynn still is our Supervisor and does a Superior Job....

Mayor - Dr. Manuel Lopez is running unopposed ---- Lucky Break.

Council - Zaragoza deserves another term --- Pinkard is running scarred and is speaking of enjoying "having" served on the council - like he knows he's on his way out ---- if so - who shall fill his seat....

The Oxnard Journal endorses SAUL MEDINA - he is a young man who has good signs, well placed and has a grip on the real needs of the city....he is forward thinking and willing to learn.

The competition in order of Threat Potential to Pink-hard as rated by the Oxnard Journal is: (scale 1 ~ 10):

Martini Jones ----- (7)]

Joe Avelar ---------(6.)

Saul Medina --------(5.7)

Alex EscoBELL -----(4.2)

Saul MEDINA is our choice, but Martini has a firm grip on the issues - but is opinionated and pretty set in his confirmation - plus he told our editor, that if he lost this race, he was going to move to Mexico, which by saying such statement - indicates that he is NOT 100% Committed to the city of Oxnard. SAUL MEDINA is and will do well to serve the city and work with the other Council members and Mayor.

City Treasurer ---- BELCHER ---- no Other Choice......

CITY Clerk - this is where there is the Greatest Chance for Change in Local City Government. The truth is No body likes our current clerk who is in office because he is the nephew or cousin, or some sort of relative to Mayor Lopez, Lopez got him in office. Danny Martinez's only qualification to be city clerk was that he worked for the post office before assuming office. Winter is a Federal Clerk, has a grasp on environmental documents and all governmental processes and Rogers who either quit her job or was released, in order to be a candidate ---- Rogers - our advice to you is "Don't Quit Your Day Job"! Winter did not quit his job and knows the reality of running for political office as he has been on the ballot for council in '92 - '94 ' and '98. Politics is for the ready and knowledge-centered candidates.

Oxnard Journal Endorces WINTER - although Rogers is a good candidate, but Winter brings more to the plate.....more experience and more connected to the community..........

.......................................................................................Vta. Comm College ----

 only one choice :________::: K A L A N I J O S E


Ox.Union School Board ------ Stocks and Rexford


Be Sure To Vote ---- via absentee or by going to the polling place on Tuesday Nov. 7th.


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