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Please come to the Oxnard Public Library
-- Tuesday -- December 7th -- 6:45 p.m
 welcome in-coming Mayor Tom Holden, and Council-members John C. Zaragoza and our New member... Timothy B. Flynn.

There will be a special ceremony to honor Mayor Lopez as he concludes 26 years of constant and dedicated public service.  Councilman Bedford Pinkard will receive recognition of his 12 years on Council.



      Patterson Road

    - Between 5th Street to Hemlock Street -

Oxnard begins its Public Works Capital Improvement Project, PW04-01 construction work on Patterson in an effort to complete as soon as Centex (Developer) set the road surface height at the end of the development just south of Dunkirk Drive. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a cold snap that has delayed the project because the temperature of the asphalt would not hold while placing the road surface. This is why the leveling course was not placed this week. We apologize for the any inconvenience this difficulty may have caused residents.

We are diligently trying to complete this project in a timely manner, however the quality of the roadway cannot be sacrificed in the process. We intend to resume work on the milled area of Patterson Rd. and have scheduled capping the road surface beginning on Monday December 6th. After the leveling course is placed and accepted, the fabric overlay will be constructed giving the final road surface. Patterson Road is scheduled to be completed by the 15th of December.
It is our expectation that the current cold weather will end soon and prevent any further delays. In the meantime,


If you have any questions or concerns, please call Brad Starr at 385-8051.

Brad Starr, P.E.

Construction Project Manager Streets and Waterways Division Public Works Department City of Oxnard

                             OXNARD COMMENDING

                   Dr. Manuel M. LOPEZ

WHEREAS, Dr. Manuel M. Lopez was born in 1927 in Oxnard, California to Manuel C. and Isabel Martinez Lopez; and
WHEREAS, Dr. Lopez was educated locally where he attended Ventura Community College, the University of California (Berkeley) and the University of California (Berkeley) School of Optometry and began is optometry practice in Oxnard in 1962; and
WHEREAS, Dr. Lopez married Irma Luna and together they raised two children, Marisa, husband Fred Messecar and granddaughter Oceana, and daughter Tiffany; and his other family members include brothers Joe, Gilbert and sister Ruth; and
WHEREAS, Dr. Lopez has been involved in many professional organizations over the years including the
      Tri-County Optometric Society (President, 1973-74 and
                   Optometrist of the Year for 1975);
      California Tri-County, and American Optometric Societies;
                   Peer Review Chairman (COCF),
       Cal-O-Pac Chair; and University of California (Berkeley)
              School of Optometry Alumni Life Member; and
WHEREAS, Dr. Lopez has been a lifelong supporter and participant in local civic and non-profit organizations including:

• Oxnard Chamber of Commerce, 1963 to present;
• Hispanic Chamber of Commerce;
• BPOE #1443, 1973 to present;
• Oxnard Optimist Club, 1967 to 1993 (President, 1967-68);
• Trade Club;
• Oxnard/Ocotlan Mexico Sister City Committee,
• Founding Member;
• Oxnard/Mexicali Sister City Committee 1985;
• United Way Board 1974-78;
• Oxnard Boys and Girls Club Board;
• Oxnard Girls Club Board;
• Founder/Chair Veterans' Memorial Committee;
• California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) Foundation,
• Founding Member; Destine 2000, Founding Member;
• Women's Legacy Fund,
• Founding Member;
• Ventura County Community Foundation, to name just a few; and
WHEREAS, Dr. Lopez began his government service in 1965 as a member of the Oxnard Community Relations Commission, then the Oxnard Planning Commission, Oxnard Housing Authority, and Oxnard Redevelopment Agency; and then he was elected to the Oxnard City Council in 1978 and designated Mayor Pro Tern from 1980-82 and 1984-86; and then in 1992 he successfully was elected Mayor, an office he held until 2004;
WHEREAS, Dr. Lopez served on many boards and commission during his tenure on the City Council including:
Big Independent Cities Excess Pool Joint Powers Authority; Economic Development Corporation of Oxnard;
RiverPark Reclamation & Recharge Authority;
South Coast Area Transit; Ventura Council of Governments;
Ventura County Air Pollution Control District; and the
Water Task Force;
WHEREAS, Dr. Lopez has been recognized for his lifelong dedication to the Oxnard community by being named
Oxnard's 1991 Distinguished Citizen of the Year, and
awarded the 1992 Patrick Henry Award; and in 1992
Oxnard College named its clock tower after Dr. Lopez.
NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Oxnard does hereby resolve to commend Dr. Manuel M. Lopez for over twenty-six years of outstanding, dedicated and committed service to the residents of the City of Oxnard and to extend our sincere best wishes to him for success in all his future endeavors.
this 7th day of December, 2004

The Oxnard Journal strives to inform the reader
while maintaining a 'certain' point-of-view which you the reader,  may or may not agree with - but you, the reader should at least give an ear to the opinion and viewpoints you see registered on the
Ox Jo.


                        OXNARD COMMENDING

                BEDFORD PINKARD


, Bedford Pinkard was born in Jacksonville, Texas on October 9, 1931 to Dee and Adela Pinkard and joined a family including his brothers Daniel and Forrest and sisters Tempest and LaVern; and
WHEREAS, Bedford Pinkard moved to Oxnard with his family in 1940 and has been an Oxnard resident since that time; and
WHEREAS, Bedford Pinkard attended elementary and junior high schools in Oxnard and graduated from Oxnard High School in 1950 where he played football, basketball and ran track; and then he attended Cal Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Junior College and while there he received his draft notice and was recruited into the United States Army and received his training at Ford Ord, California and Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri; and after two years of service was honorably discharged; and
WHEREAS, Bedford Pinkard returned to Oxnard and attended Los Angeles City College and California State University (Los Angeles); and
WHEREAS Bedford Pinkard began his employment with the Oxnard in 1961 in the Parks and Recreation Department rising to the position of Recreation Supervisor, the position he held when he retired in 1991 after 30 years of dedicated service; and
WHEREAS, Bedford Pinkard has been a lifelong supporter and participant in local civic and non-profit organizations including: the Ventura County Grand Jury; Oxnard School District Personnel Commission; the Oxnard Union High School District Board of Trustees from 1973 to 1992; Founder of the Multi-Cultural Festival; Project Coordinator to reduce youth crime and gang-related violence in Oxnard; Member of the Citizen Advisory Committee of the California Youth Authority; California State University (Northridge) Ventura Campus Advisory Board; Ventura County Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee; Oxnard Noontime Lions; Oxnard Ambassadors; Member of Bethel A.M.E Church; Founder of the Oxnard Youth Employment Services; Member of the Black American Political Association of California; and Founder of the world renown La Colonia Youth Boxing Program; and
WHEREAS, Bedford Pinkard is married to Dr. Irene Pinkard and has two sons, Derek and Kevin and two grandsons, Dee and Conrad; and
WHEREAS, Bedford Pinkard was elected to the City Council in 1992 and has represented Oxnard on various committees and commissions including: the City Wide Enhancement Program; Joint Oxnard/Ventura Santa Clara Bridge Committee; Oxnard Airport
Authority; Performing Arts and Convention Center Corporation Board; South Coast Area Transit; Southern California Association of Governments; Ventura Council of Governments; Ventura County Animal Regulation Commission; and the Ventura Regional Sanitation District, to name just a few.
NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Oxnard does hereby resolve to commend Bedford Pinkard for twelve years of outstanding, dedicated and committed service to the residents of the City of Oxnard as a Councilman and to extend our sincere best wishes to him for success in all his future endeavors.
this 7 day of December, 2004


             THE SEASON of GIVING                

Tithing in the 21st Century.


The Bible instructs the people of God to Tithe.


Tithing is the giving of Ten-Percent of your income to the work of your church, your mission, or your reasonable service  of  giving  because  God  says  so .... You Should be tithing to a ministry that promotes tithing…or more accepted is to give to the ministry that feeds you --- Your Home Church.


The recent incident of Target Corporation reneging on its long-time support of the Salvation Army @  X-Mas time has created a reminder to all of us –

- of how important it is to give. 


When Jesus spoke of the abundant life, he wasn't referring to a cupboard full of tomatoes.

God's plan is to prosper and multiply the blessings of physical, material, and monetary manifestations in your personal every-day life.  


To Rebuke the Devourer and when the Devourer strikes with his Top Ten Hits – You Remain TEFLON and strong and able to handle it…….because God has blessed you and put a hedge of protection around about you…. (Job 1:10) 


Tithing, in the Bible is spoken of as the source for many blessings & the duty of all who claim to follow God  THAT is the real way God creates room in your finances for more to come in.


If you keep $100% of each and all your earnings - how can God add any more to a cup that is already full. 

Tithing makes some room in your money so you can, by blessing God's work - have a little more room in your wallet for God to do something with.


Don't keep it all  ---- give liberally......and hilariously......and with the purpose of giving back to God, that Ten Percent - that Tithe  (and even more blessing with the OFFERING,,,,,,,,,,,  When you give – it’s your way of saying I have

read His word and understand it and want to obey.

How do we maintain our covenant in giving....?


Deut. 8 / 18 –

 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. .


Prov. 3/9.

Honor the LORD with your wealth,
with the first fruits of all your crops;


Deut . 14/28

At the end of every three years, bring all the tithes of that year's produce and store it in your towns, 29 so that the Levites (who have no allotment or inheritance of their own) and the aliens, the fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.



Just thinking of all the LNG Gas as it floats across our channel.............

Just thinking about this off-shore platform accepting explosive-compressed natural gas...........

Just thinking about how close these off-shore platforms are and why does imported gas have to arrive in the US here
in our channel when towns and communities on the east and gulf coasts have successfully rejected
LNG being inserted into their Neighborhood.

The Channel is Better Without any LNG facility or intrusion.......

        Life is so much better without any LNG off-shore - for us, and the rest of Coastal California   
             YOU ELECTED PEDRO NAVA --- GET HIS HELP for LNG with the GOVERNOR   


Oxnard has enough trouble with garbage -- why does it need LNG ????


The Ox Jo Editor Busy getting Ready for Christmas..........


 BUY As  Many Bells
as you can -- preferably - bells with handles.......................................................

NEXT -  Go To your favorite TARGET  ฎ    Store.

Get a shopping cart ---------------------------

FILL IT with all your selections of clothes, toys -- etc.

When you fill the basket

Leave the bell on top of the basket

and leave the store.

Go back another day with another bell and repeat.

Let TARGET STORES know you are not happy with their

decision to remove the SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGERS      from the front of their stores.....

Maybe they will get the hint if enough of us leave our basketfuls of goods with a bell on top.

and Thank You to TARGETS
for pissing on the poor
and neglecting the mission
of the Salvation Army.


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Thank you for viewing the Ox Jo

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