As of January 31,2005
Number Name Manager Description
1193-01-CA The Redhawk Company Inc. Alan Holeberb Engineering service consultants
1047-01-CA LEA Associates Alan Holmberg Appraisal work
1166-01-CA Henry Kauffman Alan Holmberg Research and investigation services.
1298-01-CA R.J. Tunney Alan Holmberg Settlement agreement R.J. Tunney V.City of Oxnard
1641-02-CA Dorothy M. Jessie Alan Holmberg Compromise agreement and release
2003-03-HS Richards Watson & Grishman Alan Holmberg Legal services.
2049-03-CA Catherine Humphry Alan Holmberg Settlement agreement pertaining to her residence 427 Juanita Avenue
3095-04-HS Kane Balmer, Berkman Alan Holmberg Legal services.
3198-04-CA Fidelity and Deposit Co. of Maryland international Envit Alan Holmberg Tolling Agreement
3128-04-PD Children’s Activity Center Andrew Salinas Weed & Seed Project
3131-04-PD parent project Andrew Salinas Weed & Seed Project
3132-04-PD PAL Andrew Salinas Weed & Seed Project
3134-04-PD BOys Scouts of America Andrew Salinas Weed & Seed Project
3135-04-PD Ventura County Probation Andrew Salinas Weed & Seed Project
3136-04-PD City Corps Andrew Salinas Weed & Seed Project
3137-04-PD GirIs, Inc. Andrew Salinas Weed & Seed Project
1965-03-PD Advance Electronics Annette Allen  Radio duplex project.
0985-00-PD David Keith Art Lopez Consulting services for community affairs
1435-02-PD Oxnard Airport Art Lopez Supplement to Letter agreement for Oxnard Airport
1869-03-PD U.S. Health Works Art Lopez Medical exam for respiratory systems.
3317-04-PD Edwards Mobile Filtration Art Lopez Test and clean diesel fuel
3086-04-PD Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Arthur Lopez Alcohol prevention program.
1389-02-HS Ventura County Community College Arthuro Casillas provide educational services for Teen Parents
1452-02-HA Oxnard Police Arthuro Casillas Addition Police Services
1453-02-HA Hueneme Elementary School Arthuro Casillas Video production
1798-03-HS Nellie Garcia Arturo Casiflas Security service at Althea Court
1601-02-HA Jacqueline Ek Arturo CasiHas After hours security @ PV Village
0945-00-HS Ventura County Community College District Arturo Casillas Teen Parent Program by Oxnard Community Co
1050-01-HA Oxnard College Arturo Casillas Teen Parent agreement © Oxnard College
1583-02-HA Maria Palomar Arturo Casillas Security services @ Fashion Park
1584-02-HA Rodolfo Soto Arturo Casillas Security services @ Hill Street
1687-03-HS US Dept of Housing &Urban Dev Arturo Casillas Resident services delivery models program
1688-03-HS HUD Arturo Casillas Neighborhood networks-ROSS grant awards
1693-03-HS Martha Diosdado Arturo Casillas After hours security Fremont Housing Complex 1330-1356 Fremont Way.
1700-03-HA Ramona Guzman Arturo Casillas Security Cuesta Del Mar Housing Site
1800-03-HS Lucia Mendoza Arturo Casillas Security service at Hill Street
1801-03-HS Alread M. Reyes Arturo Casillas Security service at Palm Vista
1863-03-HS Ocean View School District Arturo Casillas Lease of space for child care at 5191 & 52olSquires
1947-03-HS Oxnard School District Arturo Casillas Neighborrhoods for Learning PreSchool Readiness, Barrio Productions
2058-03-HS Ventura Community College District Arturo Casillas Teen parenting classes exp. 12/31/2004
3107-04-HS Qolonia Village Tenant’s Association Arturo Casillas Use of Colonia Senior Center, 126-B Amelia Court
3325-04-HS Oxnard School District Arturo Casillas Program for children
1974-03-HS Calvary Chapel of Oxnard Barbara Anderson Conduct feeding on City Property
1975-03-HS Channel Islands Vineyard Church Barbara Anderson  Conduct feeding on City Property
1976-03-HS Massiah Foursquare Church Barbara Anderson  Conduct feeding on City Property
0958-00-LB Gale Group Barbara Murray establish an online full text Spanish lang
1406-02-LB K & M ENTERPRISES Barbara Murray Grant writing services
1419-02-LB Earth systems Barbara Murray Geotechnical engineering report
1848-03-LB Oxnard Friends of the Library Barbara Murray Operate gift shop 251 South A Street
1887-03-LB K & M ENTERPRISES Barbara Murray Grant writing services for Colonia Branch library project.
1904-03-LB Anshen + Allen Los Angeles Barbara Murray Architectural services for Colonia Branch Library grant
1908-03-LB Bing Yen & Associates, Inc Barbara Murray Geographic info systems (GIS) services for Colonia Branch Library Project>
1992-03-LB Mergent Barbara Murray  subscribe to online services
3248-04-LB VCI Telecom, Inc. Barbara Murray Permission to store equipment & tools at a City site.
3278-04-LB ProQuest Information & Learning Barbara Murray business & ethnic news data bases
1200-01-HA Romona Guzman Bern Cam service provider agreement
1145-01-HS Gracie Arce Bernard Cam service provider agreement
1156-01-HA Living Opportunities Management Company Bernard Cam Section 8 project base assistance
1157-01-HA Nellie Garcia Bernard Cam Security service, Aithea Court
1163-01-HA Nan McKay Bernard Cam Staff training on Section 8 Program
1164-01-HA Nan Mckay Bernard Cam Pat M to call w/description
1182-01-HS MOU w/AREA Housing Authority Bernard Cam Regarding Mira Loma apartments
1241-01-HA Cecilia MagaIlanes Bernard Cam Service provider Fremont
1425-02-HS Colonia Village Tenant Association Bernard Cam Use of 123 Carmelita Road
1469-02-HA John Luckie Bernard Cam Palm Vista grounds management
1470-02-HA Ruth Urango Bernard Cam Palm Vista grounds maintenance
1471-02-HA Frank Ortiz Bernard Cam Plaza Vista grounds maintenance
1472-02-HA Caroline Murillo Bernard Cam Plaza Vista grounds maintenance
1547-02-H S Maria H. Ruiz Bernard Cam Service provider agreement (security)
1548-02-HS Jose Arias Bernard Cam Service provider agreement (security)
1549-02-HS Marcos Navarro Bernard Cam Service provider agreement (security).
3192-04-FN Advanced Risk Management Tech. Inc. Beth Vo Preparing reports & estimate value lossess from claims
3321-04-FD Terra Firma Enterprises Bill Gallaher Six 4-hour training sessions and one 4-hour table-top exercise
0974-00-PD Bill Lewis Bill Lewis Narcotic detection dogs
0977-00-PD Rodney Spicer, Gold Coast Canine Bill Lewis Police canine training
1186-01-PW George 0. Jones Bill William Birch Opacity testing on city vehicles
1125-01-PD Property Bureau Inc. Bob Cox On-line auction for police property room.
1215-01-PD Jenny Enterprises Bob Cox lease for police store front
1219-01-PD Martin V. and Martha K. Smith 1990 Family Trust Bob Cox Lease for storage space
1280-01-PD Martin V. Smith, Trust of Martin V. Smith and Martha K. Smith, 1990 Family Trust Bob Cox lease for Carriage Square Store Front
1713-03-PD Don Mulville Bob Cox Professional analysis, domestic violence, homocide,
1082-01-HA Dyer Sheehan Group Bob Zomalt Identify comparable properties (Casa San Juan)
1110-01-HA Advanced Office Automation Bob Zomalt Copy machines
1116-01-HA Humanonics, Inc. Bob Zomalt Consulting Services
1118-01-HA Larrilynne Moraga Bob Zomalt Vendor
1229-01-PW Central coast Heritage Group Bow Bowman OTC property management
1891-03-PW Pavement Engineering. Inc. Brad Starr Consulting engineering services
1892-03-PW M&S Engineers Brad Starr Consulting engineering services
1893-03-PW Sweet Engineering Brad Starr Consulting engineering services
0992-00-FD Ventura A/C Company Brad Windsor fixing of air conditioning at fire trainin
1600-02-FD Performance Therapy Center Bradley Windsor Medical exams
1608-02-FD Oxnard College Fire Academy Bradley Windsor Candidate physical agility tests
1662-02-FD US Health Works Inc. Bradley Windsor Medical exams
1008-00-PD George Arglen Brian MacDonald Use of boat for Code Enforcement.
0997-00-CDC Quizno’s Brian Pendleton business retention program
1088-01-CDC Mustange Marketing & Advertising Brian Pendleton Retail attraction brochure and advertisement.
0953-00-CM Production & Compliance Bruce Dandy Drug & alcohol testing
1245-01-FN Toshiba Bruce Dandy Lease of copiers
1272-01-FN Wolco Business Systems, Inc. Bruce Dandy Maintenance of City-wide copiers
3237-04-PW Mariann’s Restaurant Bruce Dandy Ninth Annual Multicultural Festival
1172-01-PW JNH Engineering General Contractors Inc. Bryan Doyle PW-01 -15
1669-03-PD Care-VC Bryan MacDonald Alcohol prevention.
1697-03-CM West Side Crew Bryan Macdonald Entertainment for Centennial Gala
1882-03-PD Gates, Hafen Cochrane Architects, P.C. Bryan MacDonald Feasibility study for animal shelter.
1945-03-PD Lexis Nexis Bryan MacDonald Info service subscription Exp. 9/30/2004
3290-04-PD Applied Facts Bryan MacDonald time motion study for an investigative unit
1572-02-HS Society Of St. Vincent De Paul Carlos Jimenez Winter Shelter Program
1650-02-HS Society of St. Vincent de Paul Carlos Jimenez EHAP Grant
1590-02-HS Calvary Chapel Carlos Jimenez License to conduct Feeding at park
1591-02-HS Channel Island Vineyard Carlos Jimenez License to conduct feeding at park
1593-02-HS South Coast Fellowship Carlos Jimenez License to conduct feeding at park
1677-03-HS HUD Carlos Jimenez One Stop Enhance Service Center CHC Continuum of CareProject #CA16B1 11004
3110-04-HS Polls Consulting Group Inc Carlos Jimenez Continuum of Care grant writing 2005
1838-03-HA Central Career Incorporated Carrie Sabatini Courier service.
3030-04-H S Conrad and Associates Carrie Sabatini consulting services for auditing of housing
3035-04-HS Tolman & Wiker, Inc. Carrie Sabatini Workers Comp.
3088-04-HS Docuproducts Carrie Sabatini copy machine providers
3093-04-HS Homeless Assistance Program Carrie Sabatini Lease of furniture
3097-04-HS CSG Advisors Carrie Sabatini Consulting services for The Courts 31-1
3261-04-HS Central Courier Carrie Sabatini Rent collection deliveries
0991-00-CM The Plant Lady Cathy Kinney Plant service for 300 West Third Street an
1780-03-CM Ventura County Museum of Art Cathy Kinney Ventura Conty Historal Society Quarter
1723-03-FD Pat McCarthy Construction, Inc. Chris Donabedian Concrete work at Station No. 3
1725-03-FD Madison Appliance and Heating Chris Donabedian air conditioning Station No. 2
3075-04-FD Robert’s Painting Chris Donabedian Painting at Fire Station No. 2
1696-03-CM RJA Management Services, Inc. Christina Aerenlund Facilitator for City Council Retreat.
3335-05-CM Inside the Residence Inn By Marriott Christina Aerenlund Food services during Strategic Plan workshop in January 2005
1237-01-HA Service Master Chuck Ritsema Custodial contract for H.A. office buildings
2013-03-HS Hill’s Automotive Chuck Ritsema Services on Housing vehicles
2014-03-HS (Custodial Services) Chuck Ritsema Custodial services (will call when awarded) X8135
2081-04-HS Oxnard Housing Authority Chuck Ritsema Maintenance of 1810 Wooley Road
0889-00-FD Birdwell Roofing Company Clarence Slayton Fire Station No. 5
1154-01-FD Schumate’s Sandblasting and Painting Clarence Slayton Painting of exterior building at Fire Station #3
1155-0I-FD Robert Painting Clarence Slayton Re-Paint Fire Station nting of exterior building o
1415-02-FD Anacapa Heating and Air Conditioning Clarence Slayton Installation of HVAC at Fire Station 1.
1418-02-FD Pat McCarthy Construction, Inc. Clarence Slayton Concrete slab at Station No. 3.
1432-02-FD MB Painting Clarence Slayton Painting of Fire Station No. 1
1598-02-PD Forensic Alcohol Clifford Waer investigation
1319-01-PD Dr. Debra Beckel Cmdr. Hookstra Psychologist for police officers
1607-02-CDC Metropolitan Water District and HALACO Curtis Cannon License to permit encroachment agreement.
1810-03-CDC Granite Construction Company Curtis Cannon lot 7th & A Street
2072-03-CDC KL Associates/Heritage Group Curtis Cannon Office lease, 721 South A Street
2073-03-CDC Economic Development Corp Curtis Cannon Office lease, 721 South A Street
2074-03-CDC Elite Theatre Company Curtis Cannon Office lease, 730 South B Street (heritage Square)
2075-03-CDC David J. and Mary P. Augustine Curtis Cannon Office lease, 545 South A Street
2075-03-CDC David J. and Mary P. Augustine Curtis Cannon Office lease, 555 South A Street, Suite 265
2076-03-CDC David J. and Mary P. Augustine Curtis Cannon Office lease, 555 South A Street, Suite 200
3012-04-CDC Lawyer’s Title Curtis Cannon Indemnity Agreement
3126-04-CDC Secore International, Inc. Curtis Cannon Ormond Beach Project, Entry Permit
3147-04-CDC Aspen Environmental Group Curtis Cannon Entry Permit for on-site testing.
1839-03-PD Girls Inc Cyndi Izquierdo new services to city
1901-03-FN PRM public resource management Cyndi lzquierdo SB9O (future references)
0956-00-PW ASL Consulting Engineers Cynthia Daniels Engineering and design for parking lot on
1046-01-PW Mainstreet Architects & Planning Cynthia Daniels Re-roofing of Oxnard Transportation Center.
1048-01-PW Curtis P. Stiles Cynthia Daniels Landscape for Highway 101 at Del Norte Blvd.
1106-01-PW Hamner & Jewell & Associates Cynthia Daniels Real estate acquisition.
1107-01-PW Kimley-Horn & Associates Cynthia Daniels Bicycle and pedestrian master plan.
1271-01-PW Hamner, Jewell & Associates Cynthia Daniels Right of way real estate services and Ease Fifth Street parking phase 2
1327-01-PW Mainstreet Planners and Architects, Inc. Cynthia Daniels Handicapped parking study for Oxnard Transportation Center.
1376-02-PW CPS Landscape Architecture Cynthia Daniels Consulting for landscape design for Highway 101 at Del Norte Blvd.
1416-02-PW Washington Infrastructure Services Cynthia Daniels Construction services for Oxnard Blvd interchange improvements on Highway 101.
1417-02-PW Washington Infrastructure Services Cynthia Daniels Design services for Rice Avenue interchange.
1438-02-PW Cutler & Associates, Incorporated Cynthia Daniels Real estate acquisition for Rice/lOl interchange improvements.
1525-02-PW Ch2HiII Constructors, Inc. Cynthia Daniels Demolition estimate for Rice/Highway 101.
1531-02-PW URS BRW Cynthia Daniels Master Plan for Oxnard Transportation Center
1610-02-PW Korve Engineering Inc Cynthia Daniels Oxnard Blvd bicycle and pedestrian facility design
1618-02-PW Hansons-Wilson, Inc. Cynthia Daniels Railroad crossing at former Enterprise Street.
1717-03-PW Country Squire Mobilehome Cynthia Daniels Standard rental agreement at 2631 East Ventura Boulevard, No.29
1812-03-PW Travis Agricultural Construction Cynthia Daniels Install water main and connection to garden acres
1872-03-PW Parison Brinkerson Construction Cynthia Daniels Construction inspection services for Oxnard Blvd.
1900-03-PW Garden Acres Mutual Water Company Cynthia Daniels Sale of water for irrigation at Del Norte/Highway 1
1984-03-PW Abbey Carpet Warehouse Cynthia Daniels  Installing carpet at OTC.
3027-04-PW Cars 4 Causes Cynthia Daniels sublease for property at 2535 E. Ventura Blvd.
3262-04-PW Komex H20 Science, Inc. Cynthia Daniels Hazardous waste cost estiamte for Ric/lOl interchange
1123-01-CT Bank of America Dale Belcher Banking services, 3 yrs.
1775-03-CT Bravo Productions Dale V. Belcer float design for centennial parade
1815-03-CT Costume Alley Inc. Dale V. Belcer Professional costume for centennial parade
1986-03-CT GLC Check Cashing Dale V. Belcher ~ Check cashing service
1473-02-PW Advanced Geotechnical Services, Inc. Dan Rydberg Soils test for Redwood sewer trunk line
1484-02-PW Pacific Materials Laboratory, Inc. Dan Rydberg Soils report for treatment plant headworks
1614-02-CM County of Ventura Dave Endelman GIS License agreement.
1856-03-CM Nobel Systems Dave Endelman Geographic info systems (GIS) services for sewer systems data conversion
2067-03-CM Channel islands Regional Geographic Information Dave Endelman Member of CIRGIS - share & cooperatively use geospatial data
1138-01-PW C. I. Paving, Inc. Dave Gorcey Spec PWO 1-09
1162-01-PW Taft Electric Company Dave Gorcey PWO1-12 Oxnard Boulevard Median Light Pole Replace
0886-00-PW Tmad Engineers, Inc. Dave Mesa Air Conditioning
0966-00-PW Art Joy Window Cleaning Dave Mesa Window cleaning, trade services
1475-02-PW Omni Concepts, Inc. Dave Mesa Removing ceiling grid.
1637-02-PW Abbey Carpet Warehouse Dave Mesa Installation in Commanders’ office
1686-03-PW MB Painting Dave Mesa Painting at various city offices.
2047-03-PW International Environmental Corp Dave Mesa Removal and disposal of asbestos.
3015-04-PW M B Painting Dave Mesa Painting various city offices
1558-02-CM County of Ventura David Endelman Aerial imagery acquisitions
1633-02-PW C. I. Paving, Inc. David Gorcey PWO3-02
1058-01-DS Raul L. Orozco David Hartsuck Deferred Fees for development of in-fill lots.
1379-02-RCS Boys & Girls Club of Oxnard Dean Moore After school program at Norman Brekke and Sierra Linda Elementary School.
1380-02-RCS Boys & Girls Club of Oxnard Dean Moore After school program at Driffill and Lemonwood Elementary School
1381-02-RCS Camp Fire Boys & Girls of Ventura Council Dean Moore After school program at Mckaulifee school
1382-02-RCS El Centritio De La Colonia Dean Moore After school program at Cesar Chavez
1383-02-RCS Children’s Activity Center Dean Moore After school program at Curren Elementary School
1070-01-PW West Coast Arborists Dean Yamamoto Tree trimming, tree rows
1071-01-PW West Coast Arborists Dean Yamamoto Tree trimming, sidewalks, curb, gutter
1509-02-PW West Coast Arbor Dean Yamamoto Tree trimming service.
3160-04-PW Ventura Pest Control Dean Yamamoto Pest control at northwest corner of Ventura & Vineyard
1266-01-PD CPI Network Solutions Debbie Rider network and technology consulting services
1516-02-PD Pacific Acoustics Debbie Rider Construction in telephone equipment room.
1624-02-HS Republic Elevator Company Deborah Jones Retrofit at Plaza Vista Senior Center.
1615-02-HS Lauterbach and Associates Deborah Jones Architectural engineer design services
1678-03-HS Hernandez Painting Deborah Jones 1310 and 1210 Colonia Road
1715-03-HA SSI, Inc. Deborah Jones Providing lease employees.
1781-03-HS Stone Mark Construction Mgmt Co Deborah Jones Mold Investigation
1849-03-HS Chapala Iron & Manufacturing Deborah Jones Fabricate at rod iron fence.
1903-03-HS McPherson Plastering Deborah Jones Stucco work at Colonia 31-3
1967-03-HS Johnson & Associates Deborah Jones  Resident training.
1981-03-HS All American Roofing Deborah Jones  Re-roofing 1070 Colonia Road.
2048-03-HS Hernandez Painting Deborah Jones Painting at 1070 Colonia Road.
3038-04-HS Well Done Painting Deborah Jones Painting at 31-3 Colonia Village
3069-04-HS AllAmerican Roofing, Inc. Deborah Jones Roofing services
3080-04-HS McPherson Plastering Deborah Jones Struct work at Colonia Village
3212-04-HS McPhearson Plastering Deborah Jones Plastering at Colonia Village
1537-02-HS Golden State Roofing Debra Jones Re-roof CAL 31-7 scattered housing sites
1150-01-CA Matrix Impact Products Delaina Finch Imaging services.
1261-00-CA Altman, Shoemaker & Hambleton Delaina Finch Special counsel represent City’s interest in employer-employee relations matter
1909-03-CA Matrix Imaging Products, LLC Delaina Finch Document imaging
1542-02-CM Utilities Cost Management Dennis Scala Review of electrical usage for Waste Water Treatment Facility
3090-04-CM ASTRUM Utility Services, LLC Dennis Scala study re provision of muff electric service in developmts.
2038-03-RCS Judy Suzuki Diane LaDouceur Instructor under recreation guide
2039-03-RCS Franco Dilorenzo Diane LaDouceur Instructor under recreation guide
2040-03-RCS  Duane Wilkholm Diane LaDouceur Instructor under recreation guide
2041-03-RCS Bev Kerwein Diane LaDouceur Instructor under recreation guide
3041-04-RCS Pam Cohen Diane LaDouceur BALLET
3042-04-RCS Edward Gafford Diane LaDouceur Ballroom dance
3043-04-RCS Haley Harwood Diane LaDouceur Belly Dancing
3044-04-RCS Bev Kerwein Diane LaDouceur CAKE DECORATING
3048-04-RCS Ann Boardman Diane LaDouceur Dog obedience class
3052-04-RCS Carlos Gonzales Diane LaDouceur GUITAR
3053-04-RCS Susan Farrell Diane LaDouceur AEROBICS
3054-04-RCS Linda Yen Diane LaDouceur Jazzercise
3055-04-RCS ALDO COLOMBINI Diane LaDouceur MAGIC
3056-04-RCS Jeff King Diane LaDouceur PRE-SCHOOL MUSIC
3057-04-RCS Connie Yanez Diane LaDouceur SOCIAL ETIQUETTE
3058-04-RCS Franco DiLorenzo Diane LaDouceur TOT T-BALL/ BASKETBALL
3059-04-RCS Duane Wilkholm Diane LaDouceur SPANISH
3060-04-RCS Corine Reeber Diane LaDouceur TAI CHI
3064-04-RCS BOB DAVIS Diane LaDouceur FINANCE
3176-04-RCS Belia Soto Diane LaDouceur Spanish and cooking classes
1066-01-PW Mäinstreet Architects Doug Bungert Design & engineering services (Eastwood Park Conce
1943-03-PW Mainstreet Architects and Planners Doug Bungert Design and engineer a replacement of Building
1077-01-PD Ventura College Doug Wiley Keyboard instruction
0883-00-PD Lotogatasi Polynesian Institute Ed Sotelo Institute of learning
0917-00-PD Oxnard Union High School District Edmund Sotelo Improvements to library
0897-00-HS Rincon Consultants, Inc. Ernie Whitaker HUD Requirements
0915-00-HS CSG Advisors, Inc. Ernie Whitaker Renovation of Colonia Village 31-1
1390-02-HS Cabrillo Economic Dev Corp Ernie Whitaker housing counseling
1405-02-HA The Home Corporation Ernie Whitaker Home ownership education program proposal.
1454-02-HA Palmer and Mutsuko Anderson~ Ernie Whitaker Amending restated agreement.
1494-02-H S Affordable Housing Program Ernie Whitaker Office lease, 435 South D Street
1830-03-HD  Home Corporation Ernie Whitaker Review of 2nd & 3rd trust deeds for afford. Hsg. Units
1855-03-HS The Home Corporation Ernie Whitaker Consulting Service - training
1941-03-Hs Keyser-Marston Associates, Inc Ernie Whitaker Review current rent & ownership of HA
1950-03-HS Cabrillo Economic Development Corp. Ernie Whitaker housing counseling services
1988-03-HS Mercy Housing CA XVI Ernie Whitaker  Housing assistance payment contract
2027-03-HS HOME Corporation Ernie Whitaker Compliance Monitoring report Ext. 3/15/04
2046-03-HS John & Becky Contreras Ernie Whitaker Compromise & Release Agreement
2080-04-HS Housing Department Ernie Whitaker cost sharing for home ownership education
3103-04-CDC Dennis A. Waldman Ernie Whitaker Rehabilitation agreement
3319-04-CA WL Oxnard Farms Associates Ernie Whitaker Affordable housing covenant
0867-00-DS Impact Sciences Gary Gillig River Park Specification Plan
0875-0Q-EN Consulting Services Gary Gillig Empire Economics
1028-01-CA HUNT, ORTMANN, BLASCO, PALFFY AND ROSSEL Gary Gillig Attorney services agreement
1040-01-CA Libert. Cassidy, Whitmore Gary Gillig Attorney services
1041-01-CA HATCH & PARENT Gary Gillig Legal Services
1044-01-CA Price, Postel & Parma Gary Gillig Attorney services
1054-01-CA DUVAL & BUCKINGHAM Gary Gillig Legal Services
1084-01-CA PhilisburyWinthropllp’ Gary Gillig Legal services
1117-01-CA Neufeld, Jaffe, Levin & Colantuono Gary Gillig Legal services.
1147-01-CA Fox & Sodhi Gary Gillig Providing legal service.
1187-01-CA Alien Wisotsky Services Gary Gillig Attorney Sendees
1240-01-CA Liebert, Cassidy Whitmore Gary Gillig attorney services
1303-01-CA Berk Williams and Sorensen Gary Gillig legal services
1317-01-CA Pollack, Vida and Fisher Gary Gillig Attorney services
1422-02-Ca Collantuno Levin & Rozell Gary Gillig Legal service
1534-02-CA Robbins, Russell, et al. Gary Gillig Attorney services
1554-02-CA City of San Buenaventura Gary Gillig Traffic study RiverPark Development, LLC
1659-02-CA hatch & Parent Gary Gillig Legal services.
1660-02-CA kane Ballmer & Berkman Gary Gillig Legal services.
1661-02-CA Ferguson, Praet & Sherman Gary Gillig Legal services.
1673-03-CA Jones, Day Revis and Pogoe Gary Gillig Legal services
1680-03-CA Liberty Cassidy Whitmore Gary Gillig Legal services
1721-03-CA Harkins and Cunningham Gary Gillig Legal services
1982-03-CA Mayer, Brown, Rowe, and Maw Gary Gillig  Legal services.
0871-00-DS Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Gary Sugano Impact study
0923-00-DS Impact Sciences Gary Sugano Lyons SEIR
0923-00-DS Impact Sciences Gary Sugano Lyons SEIR
0995-00-OS Willliam Lyon Homes Gary Sugano formation of an assessment district
1274-01-DS PKS Consulting Gary Sugano Marketing feasibility study/courtyard hotel.
1286-01-DS Kaiser Marston & Associates Gary Sugano River Park Specific Plan Affordable Housing.
1328-01-DS Civic Solutions, Inc. Gary Sugano Planning services
1338-02-DS EIP Associates Gary Sugano general plan update
1392-02-DS EIP Associates Gary Sugano Sakio Farms Specific Plan EIR.
1341-02-CM Verizon Gayle Library enterin
1029-01-CM Verizon California Gayle Elkins Centranet services.
1325-01-CM Verizon Gayle Elkins Voice mail service
1326-01-CM Verizon CA, Inc. Gayle Elkins Master telecommunications systems agreement.
1670-03-CM Verizon California Gayle Elkins Centra-netlintra-lata
1859-03-CM Verizon Network lntergration Network Gayle Elkins Dedicated inter-net access.
0962-00-DS Moen Development George Roberts PZP-97-5-37
1022-00-DS Oxnard Shores Company George Roberts PZ 97-5-1 Development Agreement
1824-03-DS Adelphia Communicatiosn George Roberts NP-03-04
1971-03-HS Hueneme School District Gil Guevara Services for the Hueneme School District
0930-00-RCS Mark McCampbell Gil Ramirez Tennis Services
0930-00-RCS Mark McCampbell Gil Ramirez Tennis Services
1055-01-RCS Meyer & Associates Gil Ramirez Park planning design services.
1225-01-RCS Oxnard Union High School District Gil Ramirez Use of football equipment.
1782-03-RCS Boross-Higgins Gil Ramirez Design devices for 1913 reeanactment game
0890-00-CM Novacoast International, Inc. Glee Lewis File servers
0994-00-CM U.S. Data Management Glee Lewis Upgrades to visual basic programs
1559-02-CM Ruth Bernstein Ballin Grace Hoffman Centennial celebration support
1619-02-CM Ballin Marketing & Events Grace Hoffman NONE GIVEN
1711-03-CM At Your Service Catering Grace Hoffman Centennial Dinner celebration
1714-03-CM Annie Dizon-Tettit McDonald Selznick Grace Hoffman Dance of the decade centennial gala
1718-03-CM Gary Blum Grace Hoffman Design and construction of Oxnard Centennial skyline
1740-03-CM Westend Productions (George Sandoval) Grace Hoffman centennial video
1871-03-CM  Downtown Oxnard Merchants Assn Grace Hoffman centennial concert and lazer job
1190-01-PW Victor’s Plumbing Grant Dunn install and provide wash-down hoses
1197-01-PW Gibbs International Grant Dunn maintenance and repair services for tractor traile
1198-01-PW Daniel’s Tires Grant Dunn tire repair and maintenance on tractors
0944-00-PW California Wood Recycling Grant Dunne deliver materials & process for reuse
0952-00-PW Moreland & Associates, Inc. Grant Dunne Audit Services
0954-00-PW Delta Pacific Builders, Inc. Grant Dunne Trade Services Del Norte Facility Floor Re
0959-00-PW Shoreline Organics Grant Dunne to deliver wood materials and process for
0967-00-PW Constance Hornig Grant Dunne Solid Waste consulting services in conjunc
1001-00-PW Municipal Solid Waste Consultants Grant Dunne Solid Waste rate analysis
1476-02-PW Paradise Recycling, Inc. Grant Dunne Debt repayment and material delivery.
1519-02-PW Santa Maria Tire, Inc. Grant Dunne Tire maintenance and repair for tractor trailer fleet
1557-02-PW Enterprise Company Grant Dunne Bailer equipment repairs services
1575-02-PW Maximus Grant Dunne Consulting Services for Solid Waste facility planning
1626-02-PW Orcon Pest Control Grant Dunne Pest control at administrative office.
1732-03-PW Tony’s Tires Grant Dunne Tire removal and hauling
1867-03-PW Maximus, Incorporated Grant Dunne Solid waste facilities planning.
1875-03-PW BLT Enterprises Inc Grant Dunne Solid waste hauling services
1876-03-PW Parkhouse Tire Grant Dunne Tire maintenance and repair for tractor trailer fleet
1883-03-PW Gibbs International, Inc. Grant Dunne Maintenance and repair service of tractor! trailer fleet at Del Norte facility
1932-03-PW Big T’s Freight Liner of Ventura Cty Grant Dunne mechanical inspection of tractor trailor fleet@ Del Norte Facility
1938-03-PW Shoreline Organics Grant Dunne Deliver materials and green waste.
3101-04-PW Williams Scotsman, Inc. Grant Dunne Rent office trailer at Del Norte Facility
3178-04-PW Brown and CaIdwell Grant Dunne solid waste consulting services
3189-04-PW WEYERHAEUSER Inc Grant Dunne Solid waste hauling services
3194-04-PW Brown and Caldwell Grant Dunne solid waste consulting services
3207-04-PW Wende Schallman Grant Dunne Customer service and implementation program
3222-04-PW Gary Bufkin Grant Dunne Computer Software Program
3319-04-PW Santa Maria Tire, Inc. Grant Dunne New front tire replacement
3322-04-PW Hilton & Hobson, LLC Grant Dunne Financial consulting
1996-03-PW Level Three Communications, LLC. Granville Bowman License to encroach on City property.
1378-02-PW MB Painting Harry Heverley providing minor drywall patch work for all city buildings
3022-04-FD Ventura Air Communication, Vaccu Haywood Merricks Removing 2 existing furnances at Station No. 4
3199-04-FD Anacapa Heating & Air Haywood Merricks Install air conditioning at existing system
3203-04-FD J.Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. Haywood Merricks Water project - storage facility.
3312-05-FD Robert’s Painting Haywood Merricks Paint interior of Fire Station No. 5
1042-01-PW Curtis P. Stiles & Assoc. Hung Le Rose Avenue Median
1112-01-PW Sprint Hung le design protection of telephone line on RR right of
1391-02-PW Padre Associates, Inc. Hung le PV Road widening imp from Olds to Butler
1627-02-PW National Plant Service, Inc. Hung Le Storm drain cleaning and inspection
1654-02-PW Hamner Jewell & Assoc. Hung Le PV Road Widening; Bard & Hwy. 1, PWO3-1 1
3185-04-DS Marlin Oxnard Properties Hung Le DIA, PZO3-200-1
3186-04-DS Cinmark Company, LP Hung Le DIA, PZO3-200-2
3209-04-DS Ventura County Fire Protection District Hung Le PZO3-550-8 DIA
3239-04-DS Rose Channel LLC Hung Le PZO3-500-1 0
3277-04-PW Southern California Gas Company Hung Le Reimbursement agreement for piepline relocation
1062-01-PW Rinco Consulting HungLe Ground water discharge permit
3267-04-PD Tank Team Inc. Jack Kujawa Designated operator for the underground fuel tank
3174-04-PD Boyd & Associates Jason Benites Uniform security services for Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
1785-03-FD K R Nida Corporation Jason Samonte evaluation of communications systems
1789-03-PW Taft Electric Jason Samonte signal modification at Cl & Wooley on Ventura
1791-03-PW Macadee Electrical Jason Samonte Emergency vehicle
1886-03-PW Parsons Transportation Group Inc. Jason Samonte Rose Avenue/Highway Pedestrain Facilities
2062-03-PW Taft Electric Jason Samonte Installation of emergency vehicle pre
2063-03-PW Macadee Electrical Jason Samonte Installation of emergency vehicle pre
0924-00-PW Stan Whisenhunt Jay Duncan Newsletter for Solid Waste
0924-00-PW Stan Whisenhunt Jay Duncan Newsletter for Solid Waste
1787-03-PW Desiree Ventura Jay Duncan Earth day Festival activites
1949-03-PW Gold Coast Broadcasting Jay Duncan Broadcast at Solid Waste Facility
2089-04-PW E Recycling of CA Jay Duncan hauling of electronic
1309-01-CM Westend Productions (George Sandoval) Jeanette Villanueva-Walker City image commercials.
1273-01-CM National Research Center, Jeanette V-W City survey.
1511-02-FN Copy Club Jenny Coggeshall Copy of CC agenda and PC agenda
1518-02-FN Kelley Cleaning and Supplies. Jenny Coggeshall Cleaning and supplies for water, library and Wilson center.
2057-03-FN Textron Financial Jenny Coggeshall lease of parks equipment
2070-03-DS Manuel Martin Jessica Halseth Deferred of Fees for Development of In-Fill Lot 108 South Harrison
1354-02-PW Tony’s Tires Jim Navas Tire removal
0955-00-PD Seaside Emergency Associates Jim Seitz Medical Legal Exams
3181-04-PD Foothill Weed Abatement Jim Stallings weed abatement & lot clearing services on property whithin the c
1183-01-PD Royalty Management Corp. Jim Willis Lease: storage space for police at 580 E. 3rd St.
1297-01-PD PRC Public Section Inc. Jim Willis Maintenance for computers, softwares.
1329-02-PD PRC Public Center, Inc. Jim Willis Data base maintenance
1330-02-PD PRC Public Center, Inc. Jim Willis Special programming for court citations
1351-02-PD Schema Systems, Inc. Jim Willis Mobile date computer project
1491-02-PD Marcos Adams Industrial Investments Jim Willis Leasing of storage space at 580 (D) East Third Street.
1602-02-PD CARE-VC Jim Willis Consulting services.
1668-03-PD Tank Team Inc. Jim Willis Repairing fuel lines at Police Department
1983-03-PD James B. Garvey Jim Willis Technology consulting services for mobile data computer project.
2012-03-PD VisionAir, Inc. Jim Willis Mobile data soft, hardware & services
2025-03-PD VisionAir, Inc. Jim Willis Software license agreement.
2026-03-PD VisionAir, Inc. Jim Willis Hardware and software maintenance.
2068-03-PD Computer Deductions, Inc. Jim Willis Warehouse and data installation.
3003-04-PD Northrop Grumna Public Safety Inc. Jim Willis CAT RMS upgrade
3068-04-PD Tank Team Inc. Jim Willis Annual certification leak detection system for underground fuel s
3158-04-PD Programmers Inc. Jim Willis Implementing interface b/t mobile software & County’s message
3226-04-PD Mahalo Nui Loa, LLP (Net Concept, Inc.) Jim Willis computer consulting services
3272-04-PD CTI Network Solutions Jim Willis computer network and systems
3316-04-PD Todey Chevrolet, Inc. Jim Willis Loan cars to City
0873-00-DS MK Centennial Engineering, Inc. Joe Genovese Traffic Improvement
1091-01-FD Emergencies Services Consulting Group Joe Milligan Perform study on new fire station.
1208-01-PD Aztec Service Joe Munoz Security service at Residence Inn.
1289-01-PD Peter Roeper Joe Munoz Planning Grant.
0862-00-PW John Kanecko Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance
0863-00-PW Custom Lawns Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance
0864-00-PW Commercial grounds Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance District
0970-00-PW Shiloh Construction Joel Galaviz Installation of a 1 water line at Ventura
1133-01-PW Commercial Grounds Joel Galaviz Services landscape maintenance district
1134-01-PW Kaneko Landscaping Inc Joel Galaviz Landscape maintenance district
1135-01-PW Custom Lawn Service Inc Joel Galaviz Landscape maintenance district
1426-02-PW Kaneko Landscaping Joel Galaviz Landscaping maintenance for Via Carmel and Via Santa Cruz.
1427-02-PW Kaneko Landscaping Joel Galaviz Landscaping maintenance for Rancho de Ia Rosa, RiverRidge and Aldea del Mar.
1428-02-PW Commercial Grounds Maint. Joel Galaviz Landscaping maint. for California Cove
1429-02-PW Commercial Grounds Maint. Joel Galaviz Landscaping maint. for Harborside & Haas Automation
1430-02-PW Custom Lawn Service Joel Galaviz Landscaping maint. for California Lighthouse and El Sueno/Promesa
1431-02-PW Custom Lawn Service Joel Galaviz Landscaping maint. for Mandalay Bay, Lenear Park, and Sunrise Point
1446-02-PW Coneco Landscaping Joel Galaviz Landscape maintenance Dist #32 40, 41, 42, 43
1490-02-PW Penfield & Smith Joel Galaviz Consulting services for assmt. districts
1550-02-PW Kaneko Landscaping Joel Galaviz Landscape maint. Airport Marina
1551-02-PW Custom Lawn Joel Galaviz Landscape maint. Haas, Harborside, California Cove
1655-02-PW Kaneko Landscaping, Inc. Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance District No. 33
1595-02-PW Kaneko Landscaping Joel Galaviz Maintenance for airport marina
1596-02-PW Custom Lawn Joel Galaviz Maintenance of California Cove, Harborside and Haas Automation
1850-03-PW Custom Lawn Service Joel Galaviz Landscape Assessment District No. 16, 34 & 39
1851-03-PW Kaneko Landscape Joel Galaviz Landscape Assessment District Nos. 3, 31, and 38
1852-03-PW Kaneko Landscape Joel Galaviz Landscape Assessment District Nos. 32, 40, 41, 42 & 43.
1860-03-PW Kankeo Landscaping Joel Galaviz Maintenance of 5 districts, 2, 14, 36, 37 & 44
1861-03-PW Stay Green Inc Joel Galaviz District 1, 35 & 45 maintenance
1862-03-PW H. E. Julien & Assoc. Joel Galaviz District 28, 30 & 43
1899-03-PW Custom Lawn Service Joel Galaviz Maintenance of Mandalay Bay 03-04
3011-04-PW Caneco Landscaping Joel Galaviz landscape maintenance dist. 41, 47, 48 & 49
3032-04-PW Kâneko Landscape Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance Dist. 43
3117-04-PW Kaneko Landscaping Joel Galaviz Landscape services for greenbelt for District 43
3118-04-PW Kaneko Landscaping, Inc. Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance District No. 42, 40, 33, & 32
3123-04-PW Kaneko Landscaping Joel Galaviz District Nos. 2, 14, 36,37, and 44
3124-04-PW Kaneko Landscaping Joel Galaviz District Nos. 47, 48, and 49
3141-04-PW H E Julien & Assoc. Joel Galaviz landscape maint. Services for Dist. Nos. 28 & 30
3145-04-PW Custom Lawn Service Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance for Mandalay Bay
3155-04-PW Kaneko Landscaping, Inc. Joel Galaviz Maintenance of District No. 41
3156-04-PW Kaneko Landscaping, Inc. Joel Galaviz Maintenance of District No. 3, 16, 31, 38, and 39
3157-04-PW H.E. Julian & Associates Joel Galaviz Landscape Maintenance for District No. 34
3179-04-PW Stay Green, Inc Joel Galaviz landscape services for No. 35 & 45
3195-04-PW Valley Crafts Landscape Maintenance Joel Galaviz Maintenance for westport & daily ranch
3289-04-PW Vallet Parking Service Joel Galaviz Use portin of beach parking lot adjacent to embassy suites resoi
0941-00-PD Law Offices of Ferguson, Prate and Sherman John Crombach Operational manual
1063-01-PD Oxnard Center Company John Crombach Lease of space at Centerpoint Mall for police stor
1064-01-PD Fulgeclo & Consuelo Cambaros John Crombach Lease of space on property for police storefront.
1260-01-PD Greg Hebert John Crombach Use of horse by the police department.
1443-02-PD Boys Scout of America John Crombach Police Explorer Post #1996
1445-02-PD Parent Project John Crombach Parenting classes (Weed & Seed Program).
3037-04-PD Tucker Industries Group John Crombach Storefront location.
3129-04-PD Oxnard Elementary School District John Crombach Weed & Seed Project
3130-04-PD Palmer Drug Abuse Program John Crombach Weed & Seed Project
3133-04-PD Boys & Girls Club of Oxnard John Crombach Weed & Seed Project
1442-02-PD Natalia Chronister John Crombach  Clerical support for mid town weed & seed project
3017-04-RCS Pro Line Gymnasium Floors John Godina repairs to Colonia Gymnasium
0893-00-PW Cooper Backflow Devices Juan Moreno Backflow devices
1121-01-PW DV Associates, Inc. Juan Moreno Spec.PWOI-Ol(R)
1689-03-CDC TKC Enterprises, Inc. Karen Burnham consulting services
2061-03-CM Big League Dreams USA Karen Burnham site assessment for potential sports park
0910-00-HS Empirical Research Group, UCLA Karl Lawson Fair housing
1 092-01-HS Fair housing Council of San Gabriel Valley Karl Lawson Fair housing consulting services
1481-02-HS Housing Rights Center Karl Lawson Fair housing consulting
1489-02-HS Mobile home rent Stabilization Karl Lawson Lease of office space at 435 South D St,
1496-02-H S Mobile Home Rent Stabilization Program Karl Lawson Office lease, 435 South D Street
3175-04-HS Housing Rights Center Karl Lawson provision of Fair Housing services
3240-04-HS Soares, Sandall, Bernacchi & Petrovich Karl Lawson examination of rent increase application in mobile home rent sta
0993-00-DS Impact Sciences Kathleen Mallory major modifications to U-1423 (Tower Ill)
1412-02-DS Impact Sciences Kathleen Mallory EIR for Fifth and Patterson Road.
0885-00-PW Tmad Engineers, Inc. Keith Boyd Heating and ventilation
0918-00-PW Martinez and Amador Keith Boyd Assessment survey for equipment yard maste
0918-00-PW Martinez and Amador Keith Boyd Assessment survey for equipment yard maste
0939-00-PW Abbey Carpet Warehouse Keith Boyd Installation of carpet at 1060 Pacific Ave
0940-00-PW Abbey Carpet Warehouse Keith Boyd Installation of carpet at South Oxnard Cen
0978-00-PW A to Z Plumbing Keith Boyd replace 500 gallon water storage tank & wa
0979-00-PW International Environmental Corporation Keith Boyd Containment and abatement of asbestos and
1076-01-PW Abbey Carpet Warehouse Keith Boyd Yearly contract for small projects, not to exceed
1124-0I-PW Martinez & Amador Keith Boyd Design of corporate yard improvements.
1394-02-PW Omni Concepts Keith Boyd Repair and replacement of walls at South Oxnard Center.
0868-00-PW Richard C. Slade & Associates Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 3
0878-00-PW Richard C. Slade & Associates Ken Ortega Water wells
0900-00-PW Aquatic Bioassay & Consulting Ken Ortega Wastewater treatment
0913-00-PW CH2MILL Ken Ortega Evaluate at Blending Station No. 1
0920-00-PW Kennedy/Jenks Consulting Ken Ortega Consulting Service for Water Master Plan
0925-00-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants, Inc. Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 3
0920-00-PW Kennedy/Jenks Consulting Ken Ortega Consulting Service for Water Master Plan
0925-00-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants, Inc. Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 3
0933-00-PW PROUSYS Control Systems engineering Ken Ortega SCADA Integration blending station 3
0946-00-PW Unitech Ken Ortega Building Maintenance
0961-00-PW Greg Savard Ken Ortega trade services for different projects, sur
0976-00-PW Mainstreet Architects Planners, Inc. Ken Ortega feasibility analysis for multi-purpose fac
1012-00-PW Michael S. Emerson Productions Ken Ortega Video presentation on Water Department fut
1049-01-PW Mainstreet Architects Ken Ortega Design and install a multi-purpose facility.
1057-01-PW Layne Christensen Company Ken Ortega Rehabilitation of water well at Blending Sta. No.
1079-01-PW Michael S. Emerson Productions Ken Ortega Production of the G.R.E.A.T Program (video)
1127-01-PW MPI, Inc. Ken Ortega Development of water policies and procedures
1139-01 -PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Water Reclamation (#1) Contract returned 7/3/0 1
1158-OI-PW CH2M Hill Ken Ortega Consulting Services for inspection
1159-01-PW Steven Bachman Ken Ortega Consulting service developing profile pumping.
1202-01-PW Manatt, Phelps and Phillips Ken Ortega legal advice services
1203-01-PW Beyaz-Patel, Inc. Ken Ortega California Assessment Release Report.
1205-01-PW SECivis, LLC Ken Ortega on-line access to locate grants.
1209-01-PW Mainstreet Architects Ken Ortega Preliminary re-modeling of Water Dept.
1210-O1-PW ProUSys Ken Ortega SCAD service for Blending Sta. 1 (disinfection)
1211-O1-PW ProUSys Ken Ortega SCAD Service for Blending Station 1
1213-O1-PW Ch2M Hill Ken Ortega GREAT scope of work.
1222-01-PW Kerinedy-Jenks Ken Ortega Surveying the Department of Health Services revise
1227-01-PW Sage Consultants Ken Ortega Atlas Mapping
1242-01-PW Superior Copy, Inc. Ken Ortega Yearly maintenance on fax machine
1249-01-PW Pat McCarthy Construction Ken Ortega Modifying faculties at blending Station
1283-01-PW Kenney Jenks Ken Ortega West Ventura County Water Supply Reliability Study
1292-01-PW Voler Corporation Ken Ortega Preventive maintenance/ifice equipment.
1310-01-PW Lynn Christianson Ken Ortega Mechanical and chemical - Well No. 23
1323-01-PW Pro USYS Ken Ortega Well-pump motor drive maintenance
1324-01-PW Main Street Architects Ken Ortega Blending station No. I remodel admin. Bldg.
1368-02-PW Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Blending station
1371-02-PW ProUSYS Control Systems Engineering Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 1 Master Plan
1373-02-PW Pat McCarthy Construction Inc. Ken Ortega Install roof at Blending Station No. 1
1374-02-PW Pat McCarthy Construction Inc. ken Ortega Asphalt pavement at the water yard
1375-02-PW Pat McCarthy Construction Ken Ortega Administration Space Repair at Blending Station 1.
1396-02-PW Plow Landscape Inc. Ken Ortega Installation of demonstration garden.
1397-02-PW Main street Architects Plus Planners ken Ortega Blending Station No. 1
1398-02-PW CPS Landscape Architecture Ken Ortega Landscaping at City yard.
1399-02-PW Hopkins Groundwater Inc. Ken Ortega Assistance with on-going groundwater.
1401-02-PW G & R Concrete, inc. Ken Ortega Blending St. 1 curbs, gutters, & walkways
1411-02-PW Pro uSys Ken Ortega Blending station #1 Scada Master System project Phase III
1448-02-PW California Systems Integrators, Inc. Ken Ortega Installation of closed circuit TV
1456-02-PW PRO USES Ken Ortega City Well No. 22.
1457-02-PW PRO USES Ken Ortega City Well No. 20
1460-02-PW ProUSys Ken Ortega Phase IV of SCADA Master System Improvements
1461-02-PW Main Street Architects+Planners Ken Ortega Blending station 1 master space plan
1462-02-PW Bloise Construction Inc. Ken Ortega Repairing relining, 27” diameter supply lining
1463-02-PW Bloise Construction Inc. Ken Ortega Demolition, removing for Del Norte
1465-02-PW Layne Christenson Company Ken Ortega Routine well inspection for 20 & 22
1466-02-PW Kennedy-Jenks Ken Ortega Eng. Evaluation for proposed meter testing facility at 251 So. Hayes
1468-02-PW Plowboy Landscape, Inc. Ken Ortega Labor, equipmt., maerials, Phase II Xeriscape landscape, and demo garden @ 251 So. Hayes
1474-02-PW Beylik Drilling, Inc. Ken Ortega Destroying two portable water wells.
1515-02-PW Department of Transportation Ken Ortega Maintenance agreement for landscape irrigation on East Fifth St. for Oxnard Transportation Center parking lot.
1523-02-PW Michael S. Emerson Production Ken Ortega Filming.
1527-02-PW Kennedy - Jenks Consulting Ken Ortega Converting water treatment Pt. Hueneme
1528-02-PW Bt Electric Ken Ortega Remodel @ 251 South Hayes
1536-02-PW Wende Schaliman Ken Ortega Conducting on-site communication training.
1541-02-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Electrical design for Blending Station #1
1543-02-PW Malcoim-Pirnie Ken Ortega Vulnerability Study
1544-02-pw Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Hydraulic study at blending station #4
1562-02-PW Black & Vetech Corp. Ken Ortega Develop and implement cross-connection backflow prevention provision
1563-02-PW Ch2m hill Ken Ortega CEQUA & NEPA (GREAT program) Environmental review
1564-02-PW Mainstreet Architects and Planners Ken Ortega Design Admin building 251 South Hayes
1565-02-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Committee meeting on great program
1566-02-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Blending Sta. No. 1
1567-02-PW Lane Christianson Company Ken Ortega Maintenance and inspection of Well No. 23
1622-02-PW BC Rincon Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Pavement overlay at Water Yard.
1648-02-PW ProUSys Ken Ortega 6 master systems improvements programs
1649-02-PW BT Electric Ken Ortega Various electrical improvement blending station 1
1656-02-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Improvements to Blending Station No. 1.
1657-02-PW Malcolm-Pirnie Ken Ortega Mechanical and design for Blending Station No. 1
1658-02-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Developing pilot program for great program.
1578-02-PW Kennedy-Jenks Ken Ortega Water supply reliability study for P & G
1582-02-PW Blois Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Recoating and reline 14” water line.
1585-02-PW Michael S. Emerson Production Ken Ortega Video Production
1586-02-PW BC Rincon Construction Inc. Ken Ortega Remodeling office space
1603-02-PW BT Electric Ken Ortega Blending Station #1 electrical improvements
1604-02-PW Millennium Systems Technology Ken Ortega Website outreach improvement project
1605-02-PW Kénnedy/Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Water supply assessment for Seabridge development
1606-02-PW ProUSys Ken Ortega Phase V of SCADA
1664-02-PW Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Blending station 3 alternative site evaluation study
1685-03-PW B.C. Rincon Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Resurface asphalt at Water Yard.
1699-03-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Ken Ortega Removal of curb & gutter at Water Yard
1709-03-PW Plowboy Landscapes, Inc. Ken Ortega Phase III of garden demostration.
1710-03-PW Boyle Engineering Corporation Ken Ortega Designing materials storage facility.
1712-03-PW Wende Schaliman Ken Ortega Training program communications
1716-03-PW Ch2m Hill Ken Ortega Research Plan for Phase I - Pilot Wetland Project.
1724-03-PW Pat McCarthy Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Demolition of above ground structure, 250 E. Third St
1729-03-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Ken Ortega Demolish 800 sq. ft at Blending Station #1
1737-03-PW Diener’s Electric Inc Ken Ortega Various electrical improvement blending station 1
1742-03-PW Ch2m Hill Ken Ortega Blending Station
1743-03-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Feasibility Study Water Quality - Rio School
1804-03-PW SCAT District Ken Ortega Use of 250 E. 3rd St. parking lot
1805-03-PW D. H. K Engineers mc, Ken Ortega Chemical Material procedures
1808-03-PW  JVW Communications Ken Ortega Redesigning of web-site
1821-03-PW McBryde Roofing Ken Ortega Re-roofing at 250 East Third Street
1825-03-PW Layne Christensen Company Ken Ortega Inspection and maintenance well #20
1826-03-PW Diener’s Electric, Inc. Ken Ortega Install various electrical improvements
1827-03-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Advanced study for GREAT Program.
1828-03-PW Mainstreet Architects and Planners Ken Ortega Blending Sta. No. 1 Master Plan
1829-03-PW Malcom Pirnie Ken Ortega Construction management for blending station #1
1833-03-PW Ch2M Hill Ken Ortega Phase II of pilot wetlands project
1834-04-PW CPS Landscape Architecture Ken Ortega Cont’d landscape architecture blending station 1, Ph 2
1835-03-PW M~lco(m Pirnie, Inc. Ken Ortega Emergency response plan
1836-03-PW Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Ken Ortega Phase II, Standard Operating Procedures.
1837-03-PW BC Rincon Construction, mc, Ken Ortega Resurfacing and sealing pavement at 250 E. Third St.
1865-03-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Blending Station #3 and Pumping Facility
1877-03-PW BC Rincon Construction, Inc Ken Ortega Resurfacting at 250 East Third Street
1878-03-PW Layne Christenson Company  Ken Ortega Inspection and maintenance well #22
1881-03-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Two scope of services LRP Funding
1897-03-PW Water Technology Training Programs Ken Ortega Water distribution training Expires 6/30/06
1906-03-PW GR Concrete Ken Ortega curbs and gutters at Blending Station No. 1
1907-03-PW BT Electric Ken Ortega Various electrical improvement blending station 1
1928-03-PW Layne Christensen Company Ken Ortega Well No. 22 assembly system
1929-03-PW ProUsys Ken Ortega Phase 7 of SCADA
1931-03-PW B.T. Electric and Pipeline Ken Ortega Remove and replace 6” backflow system.
1933-03-PW Steven Bachman Ken Ortega Designing model for the GREAT Program.
1934-03-PW B.T. Electric Ken Ortega Abandoning in place 30” BS #1 plumbing plant
1935-03-PW BT Electric & Pipeline Ken Ortega 24” watermain extension at 251 South hayes
1936-03-PW BT Electric & Pipeline Ken Ortega Install 60 linear feet at 251 South Hayes
1939-03-PW Black & Veatch, Corporation Ken Ortega Design desalter tank
1940-03-PW CH2M Hill Ken Ortega Chlorination facility at 251 South Hayes
1944-03-PW Kennedy-Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Phase II Great Program Pilot Study
1948-03-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Plans for relocating Del Norte feeder
1953-03-PW B. T. Electric & Pipeline Ken Ortega Electrical work between 251 South Hayes Avenue & 250 East Third Street.
1954-03-PW Layne Christensen Company Ken Ortega Removal of pump from Well #21
1955-03-PW Ch2M Hill Ken Ortega Phase 3 of the Pilot Wetlands Project
1956-03-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Provide technical support for GREAT Program
1958-03-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Ken Ortega Remove and replace curbs and gutter at BLS No. 1
1966-03-PW Mainstreet Architects and Planners Ken Ortega  Blending Sta. 1 power seismic retrofit
1969-03-PW Pat McCarthy Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega  PS #1 Remodel and Installation
1978-03-PW Diener’s Electric Inc. Ken Ortega  Improvements City Wells #20, 21 & 22
1980-03-PW Diener’s Electric, Inc. Ken Ortega  Route electrical power between Power Bid and Admin utility room
1998-03-PW Conseco/matcor engineering, Inc. Ken Ortega Cathodic protection study
1999-03-PW Earth Systems Southern California Ken Ortega Blending Sta. No. 1 geotechnical engineering & technical support services.
2000-03-PW BT Electric and Pipeline Ken Ortega Install storm drains and pipeline at 251 S Hayes Ave
2001-03-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Ken Ortega Install final Phase I concrete curb & gutters.
2004-03-PW Perennial Design Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 1
2018-03-PW BC Rincon Construction, mc, Ken Ortega Asphalt concrete paving - Blending Sta. 1 (Phase 4)
2019-03-PW BC Rincon Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Asphalt concrete paving - Blending Sta. 1- Phase 5
2023-03-PW Hopkins Groundwater Inc. Ken Ortega Hydrogeologic for Well No. 27
2054-03-PW BT Laboratories, Inc. Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 1 (inspection & services)
2055-03-PW ProUses Ken Ortega Phase 8 of SCADA master improvements exp. 7/1/2005
2064-03-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Continueing to provide technical support on GREAT
2065-03-PW Main Street Architects& Planners Ken Ortega Phase II, Blending Sta. 1 Master Space Plan
2069-03-PW ProUSys Ken Ortega Phase IX of SCADA Master Improvements
3004-04-PW Boyle Engineering Ken Ortega Provide bidding & construction management
3005-04-PW Layne Christensen Company Ken Ortega Furnish equipment and labor Well #27
3006-04-PW Malcoim-Pirnie Consultants Ken Ortega Internal project management for Phase Ill
3007-04-PW DHK Engineers Ken Ortega Cal-Accidental Release Program Implementation
3008-04-PW Maicolm-Pirnie Consultants Ken Ortega Emergency preparedness for Water Division
3009-04-PW Pat McCarthy Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Provide equipment, labor for 251 South Hayes
3014-04-PW Michael S. Emerson Productions Ken Ortega Final edit and review of spanish videos.
3021-04-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Ken Ortega Curbs and flower boxes at Water Division
3025-04-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Multi-Blending Station, preliminary design
3034-04-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Prepare flushing program
3036-04-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Preparing municipal & industrial recycled water
3039-04-PW Ch2M Hill Ken Ortega Master Plan Pipeline Implementation Work Plan
3065-04-PW Pro Usys Ken Ortega On-site operational and maint. Training for SCADA system
3072-04-PW Plcwboy Landscape, Inc. Ken Ortega Installation of Phase III
3078-04-PW Communication Technology Services Ken Ortega Integration & testing services for Blending Sta. I
3079-04-PW Kennedy Jenks Ken Ortega Engineering design for GREAT Program
3084-04-PW BC Rincon Construction, mc, Ken Ortega Labor for patching & reparing at various locations
3091-04-PW Michael S. Emerson Productions Ken Ortega public outreach
3094-04-PW California Woodworking, Inc. Ken Ortega custom cabinets at Water yard
3098-04-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Ken Ortega Saw currting asphalt & replacing
3105-04-PW ProUSys Ken Ortega SCADA Master System Improvements, Phase XI
3106-04-PW CH2M Hill Ken Ortega Testing & Reporting Phase 4 of the Pilot Wetlands
3120-04-PW Plowboy Landscapes, Inc. Ken Ortega Install Phase IV of Xeriscape demo garden BS #1
3143-04-PW Pat McCarthy Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega soft demo of admin building
3151-04-PW Black & Veatch Corporation Ken Ortega Scope of Services Rate Model Study
3163-04-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 1 Well Field No. 2
3164-04-PW Kennedy Jenks Consultants Ken Ortega 2004 Public Health Goals Exceedance Report
3168-04-PW TetraTech Ken Ortega Cypress Mutual Water Company Evaluation
3169-04-PW Z-Pipeline Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Water System Facilities & Master Plan Improvements
3170-04-PW Ch2M Hill Ken Ortega GREAT Program Recycled Water System Development, Phase
3190-04-PW Z Pipeline Construction Ken Ortega repair and upgrade multiple water services & hydrants
3197-04-PW Black & Veatch Corporation Ken Ortega Design of South Yard Power Building
3205-04-PW CPS Landscape Architecture Ken Ortega landscape architecture for South Annex and ADA
3213-04-PW Perennial Designs+B816 Ken Ortega Develop interior finish for BS#3
3230-04-PW Comp View Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 1 Admin. Building Audio & Visual lntegratio
3255-04-PW Kennedy/Jenks Ken Ortega Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Oxnard PIE
3256-04-PW BC Rincon Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Resurfacing Blending Station Number 1
3269-04-PW Cs’ Ken Ortega BS#1 CCTV integration
3275-04-PW Z-Pipeline Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega various emergency construction services
3280-04-PW Z-Pipeline Construction, Inc. Ken Ortega Emergency Repairs of sewer line and vault
3284-04-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Ken Ortega Blending Station No. 1 Concrete repair
3302-04-PW Parrent Security Ken Ortega 24-hour security surveillance and monitoring of Blending Station
3314-04-PW ProUsys Ken Ortega Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
3315-04-PW TetraTech Ken Ortega OVWC - Legal formation, infrastructure, customers and service
1160-01-PW Millennium Systems Technology Group ken orterga Consulting redesign and maintain website
1587-02-FO Howard’s Carpet Kevin Schroepfer Installation of carpet at Fire Sta. #4
1279-01-PW Channel Islands Aviation Kimberly Howell Use of aircraft for aerial surveying
1555-02-PW Ventura Intercity Service Kimberly Howell Coop agreement for Vista 101
1485-02-PW G & R Concrete Kin Ortega Phase II of curb, gutter and sidewalk imp. At Water Yard
1388-02-cdc Thomas E. Fig Kymberly Homer HERO Amendment.
3273-04-CDC Foothill Weed Abatement Kymberly Homer Weed abatement for new development
1730-03-HA Illumimatize Concepts Larry White Customer Service Training
1964-03-HS Faulconer & Carawan Larry White Architectural design for Rainbow Recovery.
3171-04-HS Dyer Sheehan Group, Inc. Larry White Consulting services
1146-01-PW Hansons & Sons Construction Laurie Beltran Sidewalk installation at Rehab Point
1352-02-PD Care-VC Lee Wilcox Youth tobacco & alcohol reduction
1629-02-PD The Center for Cross Culture Lee Wilcox Teaching classes.
3249-04-PD Dr. Lawrence N. Blum, Ph. D., Inc. Lee Wilcox Pre-employment psychological services
3250-04-PD Dr. Lawrence N. Blum, Ph. D., Inc. Lee Wilcox Stress Management training and assessment.
0975-00-CM Addiction Medicine Consultants, Inc. Lino Corona Drug intervention
0984-00-CM Health and Human Resource Center Lino Corona Employee assistance program
1334-02-CM ShredRite Lino Corona Shredding of documents.
1423-02-CM Solution Plus Lino Corona 758-99-
1477-02-Hr Employee Relations, Inc. Lino Corona Background checks on new employees
1638-02-PD Regional Training Center Lisa Ragone One day seminar conflict resolution
1639-02-PD Regional Training Center Lisa Ragone One day seminar on stress management
3201-04-PD Interview & Interrogation Institute Lisa Ragone Three day interrogation
1161-01-DS Rosalinda Nakamura Lois Lavery Architectural service for the entire Civic Center
1332-02-DS BTC Laboratory Lois Lavery Deputy inspection
1384-02-DS Braitman and Associates Lois Lavery El Rio West Annexation
1387-02-Ds Dudek & associate Lois Lavery biological assessment services for two city owned properties at Oxnard Shores
1571-02-DS Roger Ryder Lois Lavery Perform and audit 5 Points project
1644-02-DS Channel Island Building and Development Partners, Lois Lavery Construction management for civic center renovation
0919-00-PW Rainbow Housing Lori Beltran Lease of 2610 Channel Islands Boulevard
0919-00-PW Rainbow Housing Lori Beltran Lease of 2610 Channel Islands Boulevard
1030-01-RCS Carrino, Davis, Evans, Scott Dorriety, Wol Lori Beltran Leaf abatement © Imperial MH Park; adjacen
1169-OI-PW Santa Clara High School Lori Beltran License agreement, cross-country event.
1232-01-PW Channel islands High School Lori Beltran Cross Country
1269-01-PW Pagoda Imp. Lori Beltran Plans & specs for bid for pagoda improvements
1275-01-PW Oxnard Union High School Lori Beltran License agreement for use of College Park.
1287-01-PW Oshan Trees Lori Beltran Transplanting trees to City Hall
1307-01-PW Precision EnvironmentaL Inc. Lori Beltran Bio-hazardous abatement.
1350-02-PW BPC Structural Pest Control Lori Beltran Termite Control.
1488-02-PW Cross County Santa Clara High School Lori Beltran Use a portion of college park for cross country tournament
1512-02-PW Oxnard Union High School Dist Lori Beltran Use of college park cross country tournament Sept. 28, 2002
1845-03-PW Hansons & Sons Construction, Inc. Lori Beltran Repairs to city parks, sidewalks, plumbing and rool
1905-03-PW Oxnard Union High School Dist Lori Beltran cross country tournament at College Park
1973-03-PW Golden State Fence Co. Lori Beltran  installation of materals & labor for fence
1979-03-PW Santa Clara Highs School Lori Beltran cross country tournament at College Park
2053-03-PW Hydrex Pest Control Company Lori Beltran Termite abatement at PV & Johnson Creek Parks; exp. 1/31/04
3010-04-PW Oxnard School District Lori Beltran Use of Colonia Park during construction of Cesar Chavez schoo~
3111-04-PW Channel Islands Roofing Lori Beltran Repairing roof at Johnson Creek Park
3224-04-PW Oxnard union High School Lori Beltran Cross Country meetings at College Park
3268-04-PW Dewey Pest Control Lori Beltran College Park & Lemonwood
1493-02-PW Kaiser Sheet Metal Inc. Lori Betltran Supplying copper roof at Plaza Park Pagoda
0929-00-PW Hawks & Associates Lou Balderrama Storm Drain Master Plan
0929-00-PW Hawks & Associates Lou Balderrama Storm Drain Master Plan
1148-01-PW Hawks & Associates Lou Balderrama Cypress access study.
1786-03-PW Komex Lou Balderrama Site assessment at Equipment Yard.
3024-04-PW Komex H2o Science, Inc. Lou Balderrama Equipment Yard storage tanks - disposal of toxics
3142-04-PW Hassan Kasraie, RE. Lou Balderrama Civil engineering and geo-graphic services
0951-00-PW4 EPIC Group/EMSD Company Co. Ltd. Lou Beltran License Agreement for landscape
3184-04-PW Santa Clara Highs School Lou Beltran Using College Park for cross-country
0935-00-CDC Roofing & Waterproofing Forensic, Inc. Lyn Harnishseger Michelle Oxnard Transportation Center, roofing & wa
1170-01-CM Susan Berk Lynn Hutton Training.
1599-02-HR Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Lynn Hutton Employee relations.
1675-03-HR Shredrite Lynn Hutton shredding services
1792-03-HR Susan Berk Lynn Hutton Training program
1985-03-CM RJA Management Services, Inc. Lynn Hutton  Recruitment of Human Resources Director
2071-04-HR William Avery & Associations Lynn Hutton recruitment for SoIiId Waste Superintendent
3161-04-PW Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Lynn Hutton Employment Relations Training
3320-04-HR Bob Murray & Associates Lynn Hutton Serve as project manager of the recruitment for a Finance & Ma
1395-02-PW Gold Coast Working Dog Assn. M. Henderson Dog show @ Cowboys Field 3/16-3/17
1277-01-CM CPI Network Solutions Manny Ancheta Network hardware/software and project urgent services
1109-01-CM Gold Coast Group Marie Briggs Fire Department physicals.
1854-03-HR Health Quest Physcial Therapy Marie Taylor-Briggs Aerogomic
1866-03-HR Center for Cross Cultural Competence, Inc Marie Taylor-Briggs Leadership training services
3154-04-HR US Health Works Inc. Marie Taylor-Briggs Vacines
1492-02-DS Impact Science Marilyn Miller Addendum to final EIR for Northwest Golf Course Specific Plan.
1635-02-DS Rincon Consultants, Inc. Marilyn Miller Environmental consulting work.
1643-02-DS Lauterbach & Associates Marilyn Miller Providing architectural services.
1651-02-DS Dudek & Associates, Inc. Marilyn Miller Biological investigation, environmental consulting
1809-03-DS Main Street Architects+Planners Marilyn Miller Architectural engineer design services on as-needed basis
1970-03-DS Rincon Consultants Marilyn Miller  Preparation of supplemental EIR for the Gabels Project @ Williams Drive and Gonzales Rd.
2031-03-DS PCR Services Marilyn Miller Biological study
3067-04-DS Impact Sciences, Inc. Marilyn Miller Envrionmental review Wagon Wheel Specific Plan
3172-04-DS URS Corporation Marilyn Miller To provide consulting sevices for the Ormond Beach
0947-OOfffV’ New Image 2000 Mark Morris Vehicle maintenance, car washes
1014-OO-PW --Camp Dresser & Mckee, l)ic. Mark Morris As needed environmental consultant service
1179-01-PW JG Engineering Contractors Mark Norirs test switch installation
0902-00-PW Beyaz & Patel Mark Norris Prevention Program
0907-00-PW Rick Giardina & Associates Mark Norris Master plan for wastewater system
0950-00-PW Malcom Pirnie Mark Norris laboratory up-grade project
0957-00-PW Malcolm Pirnie Mark Norris Durley Park concrete demolition
0982-00-PW Malcolm Pirnie Mark Norris Consulting services for Malcolm Pirnie
0986-00-PW Merriwood Corporation Mark Norris bio-solids forming Inspection services
0999-00-PW Brown & Caldwell Mark Norris replacement planning project
1025-00-PW West Coast Environmental Mark Norris Conducting storm water study.
1060-01-PW Malcolm Pirnie Mark Norris Minor modification assistance.
1068-01-PW Beyaz & Petal Inc. Mark Norris Air toxic air spots & support services.
1072-01-PW State of California General Services Admin Mark Norris Purchase of natural gas.
1083-01-PW Dive Con Mark Norris Outfall survey.
1111-01-PW Stewart & Stephenson Power, Inc. Mark Norris Main bearing replacement
1178-01-PW Vera Roofing Company Mark Norris Roof replacement at 6001 South Perkins Road.
1180-01-PW Valley Detroit Diesel Allison Mark Norris Refurbishing of emergency generating unit
1181-01-PW Firmplex time recorders Mark Norris Installation of fire alarm panel
1184-01-PW Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris bio-solid pasturization project
1189-01-PW Tn Max Residual Mgmt Mark Norris digester cleaning
1192-01-PW New Image 2000 Mark Norris vehicle washing and detailing
1204-01-PW Text Tile Engineers & Associates Mark Norris Roller stripping and coating.
1230-01-PW HP Turbo, Inc. Mark Norris Preventive maintenance for blowers (stage two)
1246-01-PW Anacapa Heating and Air Mark Norris Supply and install 5 and4 ton heat pump and air conditioning systems
1262-01-PW Stuart & Stevenson Mark Norris Engine repair
1263-01-PW Sierra Roofing company Mark Norris Roof replacement at Wastewater Treatment Plant.
1264-01-PW ConCECO Engineering Mark Norris Cathodic protection
1265-01-PW Malcom Pirnie Mark Norris As needed basis.
1268-01-PW Syntlex Time Recorder Company Mark Norris Upgrade of waste water treatment plant fire alarm system
1276-01-PW Merriwood Corporation Mark Norris Biosolids form inspection.
1281-01-PW Textile Engineering & Associates Mark Norris Re-coating.
1290-01-PW Dudek & Associates Mark Norris McMillan Manor
1291-01-PW Perimeter Security Systems Mark Norris Gate security system at entry of WWTP
1316-01-PW PROUSYS INC. Mark Norris data system project update
1321-01-PW Ecology Control Industries Mark Norris Vacuum truck services.
1339-02-PW PacificCom Mark Norris Installation of fiber optic cable ata WWTP
1340-02-PW Electro Test, Inc. Mark Norris Testing of WWTP elect. Power system
1369-02-PW Combustion Compliance Corporation Mark Norris Engine repair.
1370-02-PW Air X Testing Mark Norris Engine Testing (Air Emission).
1400-02-PW Anacapa Heating Mark Norris Heating & Air Conditioning on an as-needed basis.
1459-02-PW Longitude 1 2 3 Mark Norris Outfall terminus inspection services
1467-02-PW H P Turbo, Inc. Mark Norris Stage II preventative maintenance
1526-02-PW Kosher Schiir Consulting Engineers Mark Norris Electric power system evaluation water treatment plant
1561-02-PW Stuart Stevenson Power, Inc. Mark Norris Re-building generator.
1631-02-PW Kennedy Jenks Mark Norris Redwood trunk project No. 91-6102
1632-02-PW Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris Headworks Project No. 91-6102
1636-02-PW Duke’s Sales & Service, Inc. Mark Norris Sewer line root control (Las Posas Estates)
1645-02-PW Brown and Caidwell Mark Norris Design for McMiII and Manner
1646-02-PW Sierra Roofing Company Mark Norris Waste water treatment plant
1577-02-PW Rios School District Mark Norris Provide waste water conveyance and treatment services to School and gym
1580-02-PW Vailes & Patel, Inc. Mark Norris As needed consulting work.
1581-02-PW Image 2000 Mark Norris Vehicle carwash
1694-03-PW Applied Controls & Engineering, Inc. Mark Norris Power regirator startup at Treatment Plant
1695-03-PW South West Management Grp. Mark Norris Public relations for bio-soluds
1702-03-PW AirX Testing Mark Norris Imiss ion testing on internal combustion
1704-03-PW Electro Test, inc. Mark Norris "as-Need" basis.
1706-03-PW Penfield & Smith Mark Norris engineering design for Oxnard College track
1707-03-PW Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris under ground tank removal at Wastewater
1795-03-PW Michael Emerson Productions Mark Norris Video “the answer man”
1796-03-PW Quin Company Mark Norris Engine overhaul
1797-03-PW Stuart Stevenson. Inc. Mark Norris Power engine overhaul
1814-03-PW S Gromer Associates Mark Norris Storm water school presentations.
1818-03-PW Hawks & Associates Mark Norris Drainage Master Plan.
1843-03-PW Sierra Roofing company Mark Norris Roof repair.
1853-03-PW Sierra Roofing company Mark Norris Roof replacement at Wastewater Treatment Plant.
1857-03-PW BrQwn & Caldwell Mark Norris wastewater rate studies update
1885-03-PW Oxnard Harvest Company Mark Norris Miscellaneous labor.
1888-03-PW Malcomn Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris Minor modification project management
1902-03-PW Michael S. Emerson Productions Mark Norris Video production for Redwood Trunk Project
1960-03-PW Malcoim-Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris  Bond financing and connection fee review
1968-03-PW Quinn Company Mark Norris  Rebuild the top end of Influent Engine #2
1993-03-PW Stewart & Stevennson, Inc. Mark Norris enginerator rebuild at WWTP
1995-03-PW JVW Communications Mark Norris Web site design and outreach
2042-03-PW Advanced Geotechnica~ Services, Inc. Mark Norris Geotechnical study
2043-03-PW Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris Construction administration Headwork Project
2044-03-PW Harris and Associates Mark Norris Construction management for Redwood Trunk Project
2051-03-PW Channel Islands Floorcoverings Mark Norris Replacement at WWTP Ext. 2004
2059-03-PW Southern California Edison Mark Norris saving by design program
2079-04-PW Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris As needed consulting work.
2094-04-PW GVW Communications Inc Mark Norris public relations website for redwood trunk
2095-04-PW Horizon Air Measurement Mark Norris tradeservices air monitor
2099-04-PW Kennedy Jenks Mark Norris Post design engineering services
3000-04-PW DHK Mark Norris Hazardous material (risk management)
3023-04-PW Brown and Caldwell Mark Norris User rate model update
3070-04-PW Perimeter Security Systems Mark Norris installation of security gate at W\NTP
3071-04-PW Fence Factory Mark Norris installation offence at WWTP
3074-04-PW ProUses Mark Norris HMI Programing
3077-04-PW Stuart & Stevenson Mark Norris Power Engine Repair
3081-04-PW Grace Building maintenance Mark Norris Janitorial services
3082-04-PW US Health Works Inc. Mark Norris Wellness Program
3083-04-PW Quinn Company Mark Norris As-needed engine repair
3092-04-PW Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Mark Norris Post design services
3102-04-PW Z Pipeline Construction Mark Norris Manhole repair
3108-04-PW Prousys Instrumentation and Control Systems Mark Norris SCADA Update services
3162-04-PW Gradall Rental Company Mark Norris Heavy equipment operation
3167-04-PW RC’s Prime Detailing Mark Norris Auto detailing
3202-04-PW Anacapa Heating & Air Mark Norris As-needed air conditioning.
3204-04-PW Santa Clara Wastewater Mark Norris Sewer service.
3214-04-PW Emerson Production Mark Norris Public service announcement
3219-04-PW SimplexGrinnell Mark Norris Fire Alarm inspections
3220-04-PW Ventura County OverHead Door Mark Norris Door Installation
3221-04-PW Electrical Reliability Services, Inc Mark Norris Electrical Reliability Testing
3228-04-PW Performance Theraphy Center Mark Norris Fitness Evaluation
3232-04-PW Alliance Environematal Mark Norris Asbestos removal
3236-04-PW 7-Eleven, Inc. Mark Norris Lessee consent agreement
3243-04-PW Ecology Control, Inc Mark Norris Emergency & non-emergency truck services
3281-04-PW Channel Islands Floorcoverings Mark Norris Installation of carpet at WWTP.
3287-04-PW Taft Electric Company Mark Norris Replacement of conductors
3291-04-PW Dukes’ Sales and Service Inc. Mark Norris Sewer line checmical root control
3298-04-PW Ventura County Watershet Protection District Mark Norris confidentiality and disclosure agreement
3320-04-PW Penfield & Smith Mark Norris Engineering College Park sewers
3321-04-PW Combustion Compliance Corporation Mark Norris IC engine adjustmemt & testing
1094-01-HA Oxnard Auto Clinic Martha Albanez repair cars for participates of Welfare to Work Pr
1096-01-HA Martin Shay Martha Albanez Educator for classes
1097-01-HA Profession Drivers Training School Inc. Martha Albanez Individuals to learn to drive Trucks
2033-03-PW Pedus Security Services, In.c Martin Erickson Amendment to agreement for security at OTC
0892-00-CM Lazer Corporation Mary Barreto Broadcasting services
1314-01-HS Alex Moving and Storage Mary Chapel moving services to relocate to 435 D Street
1315-01-HS Excellent Building Maintenance Improvement DBA Mary Chapel final construction cleanup of 435 D Street
1720-03-hs Service Master Mary Chappell Cleaning services at 31-3 (Colonia)
0881-00-PW David Atkin Construction, Inc. Matt Winegar PW 00-0 1
1517-02-DS BRW-URS Matt Winegar Planning services.
1621-02-DS Bing Yen & Associates, Inc Matthew Winegar Geo-technical for Civic Center renovation
1868-03-DS Criterion Environmental Inc. Matthew Winegar asbestos and led assessment @ Civic Center
2056-03-DS Twining Laboratories of SC Inc. Matthew Winegar Materials, inspection for parking Structure
2077-04-DS Historicial Evirnon mental Research Team, Matthew Winegar Archeological survey for parking structure
1386-02-CD ODMD Maureen Hooper PBID Management
1873-03-CDC Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation Maureen Hooper License Agreement -201 Meta Street
1874-03-CDC Delaware VC1 Telcom, Inc Maureen Hooper License Agreement - APN: 202-0-143-090,100, 080 & 210
1896-03-CDC Central Coastal Hertiage Group Maurren Hooper Real estate for CDC owned properties.
1806-03-LB AMT Systems May Roque Video and sound system Meeting Rm B
1402-02-HS C CC Mehimi Rahimi Assisting in labor contract for housing authority
1414-02-HS Nation Wide Environmental Consultant Inc Mehrdad Rahimi Environmental, ampling and testing
1458-02-HA AH American Roofing Mehrdad Rahimi Colonia roof 31-1
1487-02-HA Hernandez Painting Mehrdad Rahimi Painting at 1100 Colonia Road.
1510-02-HA Dc La Tone Plastering Mehrdad Rahimi Stucco of 2-story bldg. 1100 Colonia Road
1576-02-HA PDG Environmental, Inc. Mehrdad Rahimi Abatement Colonia Rd. project
1666-03-HS Dan Patterson Masonry Mehrdad Rahimi Brick work at Colonia.
1667-03-HS Casa Roofing Mehrdad Rahimi Roofing at Colonia.
1671-03-HS Del La TorrenPiastering Mehrdad Rahimi Stucco at Colonia Project No. 31-1
3140-04-HS Alex Moving and Storage Mehrdad Rahimi storage for construction materials 1050 Factory Ln.
1946-02-HS Protec Engineering Merhad Ramhimi Asbestos and lead removal from CAL 31-1
1353-02-PW Pacific Building Maintenance Michael Griffith Janitorial services at WWTP
1238-01-PW Oxnard Union High School Michael H. License agreement for the use of RiverRidge by Pacifica High School
0908-00-PW Strategic Golf Design, Inc. Michael Henderson High tied and green grass
0936-00-PW Oxnard Youth Soccer Association Michael Henderson License agreement for River Ridge field
0983-00-PW Palmdale Summit, LP Michael Henderson PZP-99-5-74 & 75
1115-01-PW Plaza Enterprises, Inc. Michael Henderson Agreement for use of property at the northwest cor
1248-01-PW Oxnard Union Soccer Association Michael Henderson Use of River Ridge fields.
1546-02-PW Southern California Edison Michael Henderson Electrical service at 1401 North F Street.
1574-02-CA R & R /Service-Westlake Village Michael Henderson Soil testing for Northwest Golf course
1672-03-PW Meyer & Associates Michael Henderson Park master plan for Campus Park (old O.H.S.)
1813-03-PW Russ Alfaro Tennis Academy Michael Henderson Use of River Ridge field house.
1842-03-PW Curtis P. Stiles, A.S.L.A. & Associates Michael Henderson Downtown Street Tree Master Plan
2009-03-PW Harrison and Associates Michael Henderson Grant writing services for State Parks grants
3242-04-PW High Tide & Green Grass, Inc. Michael Henderson maintenance of coastal landfill
3257-04-PW Rincon Consultants, Inc. Michael Henderson Environmental Impact Report on College park
1129-01-PD K & M Enterprises Michael Matlock Grant writing
1251-01-PD Ventura County District Attorney’s Office Michael Matlock GVS Grant.
1252-01-PD Ventura County Probation Michael Matlock GVS grant.
1254-01-PD Oxnard School District Michael Matlock GVS grant.
1253-01-PD City Impact Michael Mattock GVS grant.
1640-02-PW Taft Electric Company Mike Glenn Electrical work for Beck Park.
2010-03-PW Taft Electric Company Mike Glenn Street Light repairs on Oxnard Boulevard
3066-04-PW Main Street Banner Mike Glenn installing banners on Oxnard at Saviers
3121-04-PW Main Street Banner Mike Glenn Banner for Dallas Cowboys
3187-04-PW Taft Electric Company Mike Glenn Replacement of ball field lights
0904-00-PD MJB Electric Mike Matlock Replacement of electrical outlets
0905-00-PD NB Sheet Metal Mike Matlock Installation of heating/air conditioning
0906-00-PW Bob’s Fence Mike Matlock Fencing services
0922-00-PD Sunshine Carpet Mike Matlock Carpet Installation at Oxnard High School
0922-00-PD Sunshine Carpet Mike Matlock Carpet Installation at Oxnard High School
0874-00-FN Penfield & Smith Mike More AD-83-1
0877-00-FN Stradling, Yocca, Carlson Mike More CFD No. 1
0880-00-EN Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates Mike More Financial advisory services
0882-00-FN David Taussig & Associates Mike More Mandalay bay project
0888-00-EN Economic Research Associates Mike More Golf Course
1031-01-FN Bruce Hull & Assoc. Mike More 101 appraisal
1032-01-FN Penfield and Smith Mike More Rice 101 assessment engineering
1033-01-FN Government Finance Grp Mike More 1-101 special tax consulting
1035-01-FN Cox corp Mike More Rice 101 bond council
1038-01-FN Penfield & Smith Mike More Highway - 101 assessment engineering
1045-01-FN HDL Mike More HERO tax increment study
1250-01-FN Arm Tech Mike More Risk Management Study.
1284-01-FN Economic Research Associates Mike More Feasibility of Northwest Golf Course
1285-01-FN David Kimurn Mike More Appraisal of Oxnard Shores lots
1311-01-FN Hoffman, Vance & Worthington Mike More Appraisal of old Oxnard H. S.
1408-02-FN Warmington Homes Mike More Use of Oxnard Shores lot
1451-02-FN Army Corps of Engineers Mike More License to use City property
1529-02-FN Bruce Hull Mike More Appraisal for Highway 1/CFD & AD.
1616-02-FN David D. Kimura, MAI Mike More Consulting Services (Appraisal)
1722-03-FN Advanced Risk Mgmt Tech. Inc. Mike More Finance Reports
1736-03-FN SSC Technology Mike More Software.
1840-03-FN Bruce Hull and Associates Mike More appraisal of property
1957-03-FN Fieldman, Rolapp & Assoc. Mike More review of MRF contract
1991-03-FN Feldman Rolapp Mike More  Financial advisory services — RiverPark
1994-03-FN David Taussig and Associates Mike More  RiverPark
2005-03-FN Myers Groups Mike More Assorption for Riverpark
2006-03-FN Bruce Hull and Associates Mike More Appraisal RiverPark
2007-03-FN Morley & Associates Mike More Audit of RiverRidge Golf Course
2084-04-FN Pillsbury Winthrop Mike More bond services CCRP
2085-04-FN Pillsbury Winthrop Mike More bond services RPHP
2086-04-FN Pillsbury Winthrop Mike More bond services WRPB
2087-04-FN Pillsbury Winthrop LLC Mike More bond services RCFD
3096-04-FN David Taussig and Associates Mike More Consulting services - Northshore Project
3114-04-FN NBS Financial Group Mike More Assessment District Admin.
3149-04-FN Gregory B. Bragg & Associates, Inc. Mike More Claims Administration
3165-04-F N Fieldman Rollapp & Associates Mike More Issuance of bond - CFD No. 6 Northshore
3246-04-FN Bruce W. Hull & Associates, Inc. Mike More Appraisal services for GREAT Water Facility
3247-04-FN Bruce W. Hull & Associates, Inc. Mike More Appraisal services for RiverPark right-of-way
2093-04-PW G & R Concrete, Inc. Mike Muro Concrete curb at gutter at Water Station No. 1
3211-04-PW McCarthy Construction Mike Muro Demolition and retrofitting work on the Water Yard Power Buildir
1413-02-FD TechnoFit Milligan Preventive maint. for exercise equipment
1409-02-HS Lyons Staffing Moham Rajheem employment services
0869-00-C DC Kelly Michel Nancy Davison Retail business retention plan
0870-00-C DC Jacques Ettedgui Nancy Davison Retail business retention plan
1130-01 -PW Lissen & Hardy NO ONE SHOWN Performing environmental programs for the schools.
0860-00-FN Rincon Consultants Norma Owens Environmental Consulting CDBG Funded Projects
1483-02-FN Roger Rider Norma Owens Audit Services-Compliance report/Caltrans
1652-02-FN Comprehensive Housing Services, Inc. Norma Owens Consulting agreement for consolidated plan.
1783-03-FN Equality Consulting Norma Owens Labor compliance consulting services
2016-03-FN Rincon Consultants Norma Owens Consulting services for environmental review
2060-03-RCS CarpetMax Olga Fernandez Installation of tile at 195 North Marquita.
2015-03-FN Paul Lewow Orlando Capulong audit service on business license tax
1069-01-DS Impact Sciences, Inc. Paul Huckabee Supplemental EIR for Daily Ranch.
1019-00-RCS Taylor Tennis Courts Paul Ronan Oxnard Tennis Center court resurfacing
1137-01 -RCS The Fence Factory Paul Ronan Oxnard College
1916-03-RCS Rachele Ford Paul Ronan Yoga workout
1918-03-RCS Jeff King Paul Ronan Preschool Music
1919-03-RCS  Corine Reeber Paul Ronan .Tai Chi Chin classess
1920-03-RCS Edward Gafford Paul Ronan Ballroom dance
1922-03-RCS Ann Boardman Paul Ronan Dog obedience class
1923-03-RCS Susan Farrell Paul Ronan Dancing into fitness
1924-03-RCS Dustry Gonzales Paul Ronan Finance for kids
1925-03-RCS Carlos Gonzales Paul Ronan Youth guitar
1926-03-RCS Mark Elliott Leon Paul Ronan Drums are fun.
1927-03-RCS Carol Kilbanks Paul Ronan ~Cartooning class
3100-04-RCS First Serve Tennis Courts Paul Ronan Repair and reservice of Oxnard Tennis Center.
3231-04-RCS Tc~mark Sports Paul Ronan Repair of baskeball backboard support systems at pal gym
0926-00-DS Martin V. Smith Paul Wendt PZP-97-5-57 DIA
0926-00-DS Martin V. Smith Paul Wendt PZP-97-5-57 DIA
1020-00-OS M & H Property Management Paul Wendt Project PZOO-5-75
1026-01-DS Leo L. Bunnin Paul Wendt PZ 00-5-63
1342-02-DS M & H Properties Management Paul Wendt PZ-00-5-75 (Phase 2)
1642-02-DS Wallace Property Inc Paul Wendt PZ-01 -5-97
1647-02-DS Oxnard Union High School Paul Wendt NPO2-03
1597-02-DS Southern Ca Gas Company Paul Wendt Encroachment agreement
1951-03-DS Pacific Atlantic Processors Paul Wendt PZO3-550-4
1959-03-DS Sysco Food Services of Ventura Inc Paul Wendt  PZ03-500~-7
1990-03-DS Corinthian Industry Partners Paul Wendt  PZ 03-200-3
3109-04-DS Horizon LLC Paul Wendt PZ 03-500-20 DIA
3153-04-DS Ventura County Community College District Paul Wendt NPO4-05
3233-04-DS Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints, a Utah Corp Sole Paul Wendt Development agreement PZ 02-500-34
1653-02-CM EWAP, Inc. Paula Kimbrell Compromise agreement and release
1420-02-FD Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling Pete Macen Replacement of vents at Fire Station No. 6
3293-04-HR Rewards Strategy Group Rachel McSorely Review total management positions
3288-04-PW Parsons Transportation Group Inc. Ralph Alamillo Perform Project Report and Project study and environmental do
3300-04-PW DR Mecnatty & Associates Ralph Alamillo Training on Primavera
1141-01-DS Bunnin Buick-GMC, Inc. Randa Gill Agreement for fee reimbursement and repayment.
2045-03-PW Super Seal & Stripe Raymond Williams Installing signs.
2097-04-PW RailAmerica, Inc. Raymond Williams Purchasing agreement - concrete panels.
3019-04-PW Moffatt & Nichol Raymond Williams Inland Waterway
3020-04-PW Noble Consultants Raymond Williams Inaind Waterways
3234-04-PW Harbor Offshore, Inc. Raymond Williams Diving services and debris removal services
1910-03-DS Manuel Martin Rebecca Guevara Deferred of Fees for Development of In-Fill Lot 122 North Harrison
1911-03-DS Daniel Estrada Rebecca Guevara Waived of Fees for for Development of In-Fill Lot 123 South Grant Avenue
1108-01-PW Sierra Roofing Co. Returned 5/7/0 1 Roofing of effluent building
0949-00-PW Sage Consultants, Inc. Richard Braccamonte for GPS Technology
0931-00-C DC Lyndon Golin-Regency Theaters Richard Bryan Business retention loan
0932-00-CDC Dr. Gary J. Jacobs Richard Bryan Business retention
0931 -00-CDC Lyndon Golin-Regency Theaters Richard Bryan Business retention loan
0932-00-CDC Dr. Gary J. Jacobs Richard Bryan Business retention
0942-00-CDC Chang-Ho Bae dba Step-N-Out Richard Bryan Business Retention Program
1067-01-CDC Hunt & Design Richard Bryan Signs and graphics for Community Development Commi
1679-03-CDC Channel Islands Paving Richard Bryan South Winds Park basketball court
1741-03-CDC Hunt Design Richard Bryan Gateway Sign Design
0973-00-PW Venco Western Inc., Richard Llamas Street sweeping
1171-0l-PW California Shopping Cart Retrieval Richard Llamas abandoned cart retrieval
0876-00-CDC Mark Briggs & Associates, Inc. Richard Maggio Economic bank loan application
0916-00-CDC Oxnard Downtowners Richard Maggio Agreement for grant to the downtowners
1081-01-HA RJ Fire Sprinkler System Rick Shear Fire sprinkler system
1176-01-HS CALl USA Acoustics Rick Shear Installation of suspended ceiling at 435 South “D”
1177-01-HS A. Scholle Company, Inc. Rick Shear Installation of HVAC system at 435 South “D” Stree
1195-01-HS Abbey Carpet Warehouse Rick Shear Installation of carpet at 435 South D St.
1196-01-HS McPherson Plastering, Inc. Rick Shear Application of Stucco at 435 South D St.
1255-01-HS RJ Fire Sprinkler Systems, Rick Shear 435 D Street fire sprinklers
1259-01-HS Faulconer & Carawan Rick Shear Renovation of 1470 Colonia Rd & 300 N. Marquita
1288-01-HS J.T. & B Enterprises dba All-American Roofing Rick Shear re-roof 435 South D Street
1306-01-HS Lyon Staffing & Training Services Inc. Rick Shear Temp employment services.
1346-01-HS MINI-BLINDERS Rick Shear mini-blinds for 435 South D Street
1347-01-HS MB Painting Rick Shear paint exterior trim of 435 South D St.
1393-02-HS Abby Carpet Warehouse Rick Shear replace carpet at 1470 Colonia Road
3099-04-HS PHA Partners LLC. Rick Shear Consulting Services
3115-04-HS Western Exterminators Rick Shear Pest control at Housing Authority sites
3116-04-HS Republic Elevator Company Rick Shear Elevator maintenance
0866-00-DS Fred Kavli Rob Roshanian PZP-99-5-85
0872-00-DS McGarrey Development Co. Rob Roshanian PZP-99-5-1 22
0879-00-DS Alice Ranch Company Rob Roshanian T- 1964
0895-00-DS San Wall Properties, LLC Rob Roshanian PZP-99-5-1 08
0896-00-DS Industrial Building Contractor Rob Roshanian PZP-99-5-153 & 154
0899-00-DS Davilyn Corporation Rob Roshanian PZP 96-5-6 1
0903-00-DS 1625 Gateway Associates, LP Rob Roshanian PZP-99-5-9
0912-00-DS Oxnard-Spc, LLC Rob Roshanian PZP 98-5-103
0965-00-DS Brown & Caldwell Rob Roshanian As-needed agreement for developer calculat
1027-01-CA George Ossman, Ill Rob Roshanian Examination, evaluation of claim C.A. Rasm
1101-01-DS Jaime R. Parga Rob Roshanian Agreement to Pay Deferred Fees for Development of
1102-01-DS Jaime R. Parga Rob Roshanian Agreement to Pay Deferred Fees for Development of
1103-01-DS Jaime R. Parga Rob Roshanian Agreement to Pay Deferred Fees for Development of
1104-01-DS Jaime R. Parga Rob Roshanian Agreement to Pay Deferred Fees for Development of
1105-01-DS Jaime R. Parga Rob Roshanian Agreement to Pay Deferred Fees for Development of
1224-01-DS Harris Engineering Rob Roshanian Plan Check
1282-01-DS NCR Document Services Rob Roshanian Large document imaging.
1498-02-DS Bing Yen and Associates, Inc. Rob Roshanian Geo-Technical services
1540-02-DS Ricco Roofing Company Rob Roshanian Re-roofing services.
1822-03-DS NCR Document Services Rob Roshanian Document imaging
1846-03-DS Castillo Rodriguez Rob Roshanian Waiver of Development of In-Fill Lot (543 S “D” St)
1847-03-DS Castillo Rodriguez Rob Roshanian Deferred fees for Development of In-Fill Lot (545 D St)
2066-03-DS Rose Plaza Development/Channel Development, Inc. Rob Roshanian Rob Roshanian PZ 99-5-8
1478-02-DS DCH Robert Hearn Development Improvement Agreement, PZO1-5-1 14
1479-02-DS ESI Properties Robert Hearn Development Improvement Agreement, PZOO-5-146
1482-02-DS Wankel Way Associates Robert Hearn PZ-01 -5-135
1620-02-DS Resneck and Sons Robert Hearn PZ-01-5-22
1594-02-DS 7/11 Inc. Robert Hearn PZ-01 -5-32
1708-03-DS BPG/KERN, LLC. Robert Hearn PZO1-5-50
1719-03-DS Beacon Place Investments Robert Hearn PZO2-500-20
1778-03-DS Oxnard Merchant VII Robert Hearn PZO2-200-4
1779-03-DS Ocean View School District Robert Hearn NPO2-02
1788-03-DS Ventura Cty Coastal Association of Realtors Robert Hearn PZ-02-200-1
1794-03-DS Southern Counties Gas Co., CA Robert Hearn PZ-02-500-14
1816-03-DS Centex Commerical Development Robert Hearn PZ 02-200-11
1819-03-DS 300 North Graves, LLC. Robert Hearn PZO0-5-66
1890-03-DS 7-11 Inc. Robert Hearn PZO2-500-26
1952-03-DS Oxnard Martime Ltd. Robert Hearn PZO1-5-74
1961-03-DS RHC Communities Robert Hearn  PZO2-500-17
2011-03-DS Sanwall Properties Robert Hearn PZ-02-500-36
2078-04-OS DCH Investments, Inc. Robert Hearn DIA PZO2-200-07 Lexus
3013-04-OS Force-Royal, LLC Robert Hearn Winery PZ 03-200-5 Legacy Partners DIA
3016-04-DS Strand Cinemas, LLC Robert Hearn DIA PZO3-500-17 Centennial Cinema
3026-04-DS Pacific Land Mark Robert Hearn PZ-03-200-6
3028-04-DS MBL Sturgis, LLC Robert Hearn PZ-02-500-4
3031-04-DS Berndan Holdings, LLC Robert Hearn PZ-03-500-28
3087-04-DS Sukhi Sandau Robert Hearn PZO3-500-3
3112-04-DS American Dream Home Loan Robert Hearn PZO2-500-33
3139-04-DS J & N Amoroso Family Investments, LLC. Robert Hearn PZ 03-500-4
3144-04-DS Harris 1994 Family Trust Robert Hearn PZ 03-550-13 & DDR No. 90-8
3148-04-DS PEGH Investments Robert Hearn PZO4-500-2
1377-02-DS Jack in the Box Robert Hearne PZ-01-5-41
1513-02-DS Fred Kavli, dba Sunbelt Ent. Robert Hearne PZOI-5-80 DIA
1535-02-DS Community Memorial Hospital Robert Hearne Planned Development No. 221
1568-02-DS Oxnard Building Materials Robert Hearne PZP 01-5-119
3283-04-DS Saint Paul Baptist Church Robert Hearne DIA PZO4-500-10
3327-05-DS Gibbs International, Inc. Robert Hearne DIA PZO4-200-04
1336-02-DS McGaelic Group Robert Herane PZ-99-5-128
0996-00-RCS Carolyn Bowker-Gonzales Robert Holden Services as a sales manager for PAC and Ox
0937-00-PAC West Coast Signs Robert W. Holden Working on marque sign at Performing Arts
1194-01-LD Kelly Cleaning and Supplies Robin Middleton cleaning services
2029-03-LB Eagle Business Systems, Inc. Robin Middleton photocopying equipnt & maint. svs. -12/04
3173-04-LB Brodart Company Robin Middleton Opening Day Collection for SOC
3227-04-LB Roberto L. Delgado Robin Middleton Create two murals for South Oxnard Branch Library
0861-00-DS AT&T Wireless Services Ron Parcon DDR No. PZ99-5-96
0927-00-DS Willem Jonker Ron Parcon PZP-99-5-83 DIA
0927-00-DS Willem Jonker Ron Parcon PZP-99-5-83 DIA
0963-00-DS Price Metzger General Partnership Ron Parcon PZP-99-5-6
0969-00-DS Marlin Oxnard Properties, LLC Ron Parcon PZP-00-5-44
1002-00-OS Vineyard Oxnard, LLC Ron Parcon PZP-99-5-1 36
1023-00-DS Jordanos Inc. Ron Parcon DIAPZOO.-5- 14
1059-01-DS G.K. Development Ron Parcon Project PZ-00-5-72
1074-01-DS Grinbaum Properties Ron Parcon PZ-98-5-96
1080-01-DS G.K. Development Ron Parcon PZ-00-5-73
1120-01-DS Channel Island Business Center Ron Parcon PZ-00-5-67
1126-01-DS Sanwall Properties Ron Parcon Development Improvement Agreement, PZ 00-5-97.
1136-01-DS CBC Credit Union Ron Parcon PZOO-5-1 42.
1221-O1-DS Barbaco Properties Ron Parcon Development Service AgreePZ-OO-5-76
1244-01-Ds Penta Building Group Ron Parcon PZ-O1 -5-12
1247-01-DS Buckeneer Holding LLC Ron Parcon Development improvement Agreement PZ-OO-5-1-O1O
1293-01-DS Terminal Freezers Inc. Ron Parcon Development Agreement PZ 00-5-93
1308-01-DS Oxnard Merchant VI Ron Parcon PZO1 -5-10
1318-01-DS GV Northfields I Ron Parcon PZ-97-5-62 and 63
1367-02-DS Sbuthern California Builders Ron Parcon PZ-01-5-18
1410-02-DS DTG Investors Ron Parcon PZ-O1 -5-33
1437-02-DS ITA Graves Investors LLC Ron Parcon PZ-00-07-49
1449-02-DS Channel Island Gateway Ron Parcon PZ 01-5-73
1530-02-DS Cymark Company Ron Parcon PZ-01 —5-44
1539-02-DS Mac valley Oil Com Ron Parcon PZO1 -5-20
1556-02-DS Del Norte Investment Company Ron Parcon PZO1-5-6 and 7
1634-02-DS Channel Islands Business Ctr. Ron Parcon PZ-01-5-75
1579-02-DS Storquest Oxnard Ron Parcon PZ-1 -5-102
1609-02-DS Western Precooling Systems Ron Parcon PZO2-550-01
1617-02-DS The Mian Companies Ron Parcon PZO2-500-1 5
1676-03-DS Cabrillo EDC Ron Parcon PZO2-540-2 DIA
1681-03-DS Seagate Sturgis Oxnard Limited Ron Parcon PZO2-200-9
1682-03-DS McGarrey Development Co., Inc. Ron Parcon PZO2-500-18
1683-03-DS McGarrey Development Co., Inc. Ron Parcon PZO2-200-5
1692-03-PW Oxnard Oceanic LTD Ron Parcon PZ-01-5-77
1701-03-DS Big T Freight Liners Ron Parcon pz-02-500-19
1703-03-DS Silverstand Equity Ron Parcon pzO2-500-10
1705-03-PW T’;s freight liner Ron Parcon 0-2620
1817-03-DS Elevar Seven, LLC. Ron Parcon PZ 02-200-3
1841-03-DS Bulldog, Eagle Enterprise, Inc Ron Parcon PZ99-05-134
1858-03-DS Harris Ross Industries Ron Parcon PZ 01-5-28
2028-03-DS Sunbelt Properties Ron Parcon PZ-03-500-2
2030-03-DS Mercy Housing CA Ron Parcon development inprovement agreement
2050-03-DS David Kasper Titan/Stellar Dev Ron Parcon DIA PZO3-500-1 1
2090-04-OS Oxnard/Wooley, LLC. Ron Parcon PZO3-500-8
2098-04-DS Harold Hutchinson & Anna Hutchinson Ron Parcon development improvement agreement
3002-04-DS Noel Thompson - Gold’s Gym Oxnard Ron Parcon Development improvement Agreement, PZO2-520-1 1
3029-04-DS Viola Industries Ron Parcon PZO3-500-9
3122-04-DS R & E Pacific Ron Parcon PZ 04-140-13
3150-04-DS Lot 52 Oxnard, LLC. Ron Parcon DDR 01-5-92
3223-04-DS Rose Channel LLC Ron Parcon PZ 02-500-22 Development Improvement Agreement
3265-04-DS Ojai Oil Company Ron Parcon PZ 03-200-9
1113-01-DS Leesed Engineering Corp Olde Thompson Ron Parkon PZ-00-5-86
1114-01-DS DAT Partners Ron Parkon PZ-00-5-1 37
1884-03-H5 Oxnard Industrial Park II, LLC. Ruben Andrade Rental of warehouse space at 311 Wooley Road
2060-03-HS Allied Environmental Services Ruben Andrade Abatement of suspected asbestos
1880-03-HS City o xnard & HousingAüThority Sa onza ez Extension of Multi-Purpose Center Lease
1191-01-HS American Housing Construction Inc. Sal Gonzales agreement for reimbursement of cost
1296-01-HS City of Oxnard Sal Gonzales WIA Funding
0891-00-HS Pacific American Properties Sal Gonzalez Rancho Ellen Apartments
0914-00-HS Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC Sal Gonzalez Colonia Village 31-1
0943-00-HS California Conservation Corps Sal Gonzalez Oxnard Housing Corps local youth employed
1128-01-HA County of Ventura Job & Career Center Systems Sal Gonzalez Oversee operation of jobs and career center
1140-01-HS MOU - Mini-Library Sal Gonzalez MOU Between Housing and Library
1385-02-HS City of Oxnard Homeless assistance program Sal Gonzalez lease agreement 435 S D Street
1436-02-HA Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation Sal Gonzalez MOU between Housing Authority for homeownership to Section 8 participants.
1497-02-HS Library Program Sal Gonzalez MOU w/ HA for mini library at 1500 Colonia Rd.
1570-02-HA Housing Authority/Senior Services Program Sal Gonzalez Operational activities at Senior Center
1625-02-HA Account Recovery Services Sal Gonzalez Collection
1727-03-HS Polis Consulting Group Inc Sal Gonzalez Grant writing for Homeless Employment Program
1784-03-HS Pat McCarthy Sal Gonzalez negotiation agreement
1811-03-HS Polis Consulting Group Inc Sal Gonzalez continuum of care grant 2003 super nofa
1844-03-HS Counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Sal Gonzalez MOU regarding development of homeless management system
1895-03-HS Affordable Housing Agency Sal Gonzalez New member agreement
1987-03-HS Alfredo P. Esparza Sal Gonzalez Afterhour security at Palm Vista Apt.
2052-03-HS Ventura Cty Behavorial Health Dept. Sal Gonzalez Services at Section 8
3018-04-HA HUB for public housing Sal Gonzalez Annual contribution contract amendment for CFP
3196-04-HS Hawkins, Delafield & Wood, LLP Sal Gonzalez for legal service
3313-05-HS Hueneme School District Sal Gonzalez Neighborhood for Learning First 5 Ventura County
1894-03-PD Performance Therapy Center Scott Hebert Physcial trainer
1898-03-PD Seaside parklState of California 33 Agriculutral Association Scott Hebert Exhibit booth.
3200-04-PD Seaside park/State of California 33 Agriculutral Associ Scott Hebert Recruting booth.
3244-04-PD Carl Stincelli Scott Hebert School and interview interrogation class
1201-01-HA Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation Sergio Castro senior aids program;
1312-01-HS Child Development Inc. Sergio Castro Office lease @ 1500 Camino Del Sol
3208-04-HS RHC Communities Sergio Castro Offering services to seniors 65+
1499-02-PD Home Corporation Sharon Giles Weed and Seeds abatement
1500-02-PD Oxnard Elementary School District Sharon Giles Weed and Seed Abatement
1501-02-PD PAL Sharon Giles Weed and Seed Abatement
1502-02-PD PAL Sharon Giles Weed and Seed Abatement
1504-02-PD Ventura County Probation Sharon Giles Weed and Seed Abatement
1507-02-PD El Concilio Sharon Giles Weed and Seed Abatement
1508-02-PD The Boys and Girls Club Sharon Giles Weed and Seed Abatement
1122-01-HA Department of Housing & Community Development Shelley Harrison Warning shelter.
1206-01-HA HUD Shelley Harrison Operation WORK WHEELS agreement
1439-02-HS Geoffrey Gilbert Shelley Harrison Coordinating City’s Continuum of Care Grant
1495-02-HS Homeless Assistance Program Shelley Harrison Office lease, 435 South D Street
1533-02-HA Statae of California Dept. of Housing and Comm. Dev. Shelley Harrison Obtain grant funds for 02-03winter cold wweather shelter
1234-01-RCS David & Mary Augustine Sofia B. Lease of office space at 555 South "A" Street, Suite 200
I 235-O1-RCS David & Mary Augustine Sofia B. Lease of office space at 545 South "A" Street.
1236-01-RCS David & Mary Augustine Sofia B. Lease of office space at 555 South "A" Street, Suite 265
1188-01-RCS David & Mary Augustine Sofia Balderrama lease for City Corps space 555 So. A St
1803-03-RCS  Carpetino Sofia Balderrama carpet installation @ 545 So A Street
1831-03-RCS Signs Pacific Sofia Balderrama Sign for Show mobile
1937-03-RCS Ventura County Children & Families First Commission Sofia Balderrama Operate a preschool to you program.
2088-04-RCS Camp Fire USA Sofia Balderrama After school program.
3323-04-RCS Anacapa Heating & Air Sofia Balderrama Install new heating and conditioning at Colonia recreation center
3146-04-LB EBSCO Sofia BeIlos Data license to allow the library to use masterfile select
1733-03-LB Gale Group Sofia BelIos Use of Opposing View Points Resource Center
1690-03-LB R. R. Bowker Sofia Bellos Subscription
1728-03-LB EBSCO Sofia Bellos License to use data base.
2091-04-LB NewsBank, Inc. Sofia Bellos on-line delivery of Ventura County Star & LA Times
2096-04-LB RR Bowker Sofia Bellos Web subscription to Books in Print.
1691-03-PW Dial Construction, Inc. Soher Abdel-malik Specification No. PWO3-05
1897-03-PW Padre Associates, Inc. Soher Abdel-malik Environmental document for Hueneme Road project.
3001-04-PW Signal Maintenance Inc. Soher Abdel-malik install traffic signal pole @ 3rd & Garfield
3089-04-PW Signal Maintenance Inc. Soher Abdel-malik Signal modification at Vineyard & Ventura Road
0884-00-FN Mark Briggs & Associates Stan Kleinman Application
0898-00-FN DMG-Maximus Stan Kleinman State Mandated programs
0921-00-FN KPMG Stan Kleinman 2000 Audit
0921-00-FN KPMG Stan Kleinman 2000 Audit
3127-04-FN Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. Stan Kleinman Audit Services - financial statement under gasb 34
1407-02-DS Dudek & Associates Stephanie Diaz EIR “Ph lIfer Residential development.
0865-00-DS Impact Sciences Sue Martin Consulting Services, Mandalay Bay
0928-00-DS Impact Sciences Sue Martin Esplanade Plaza PZP-00-5-75
0928-00-DS Impact Sciences Sue Martin Esplanade Plaza PZP-00-5-75
0964-00-DS Impact Sciences Sue Martin Biological Assessment
1520-02-DS Impact Sciences Sue Martin Biological study for Pacific Vehicle Processors.
1061-01-RCS Artistic Landscape Susan Miller Replacing lawn bowls back boards.
1802-03-RCS Ventura Pest Control Susan Miller Pest control at Wilson Senior Center
1078-01-CM Pac Med Inc. Susan Nelson bill review services on workers comp.
2083-04-HR ComCo Management, Inc. Susan Nelson Third party administration for workers comp.
0980-00-LB Elite Janitorial & Carpet Care Suzanne Bellah Ongoing services needed for cleaning at Ca
2017-03-CDC Howard & Van Sande Structural Consultants, Inc. Suzanne Quitoriano Structural engineering for 348 - 350 South Oxnard Blvd
3229-04-CDC Sigma Engineering, Inc Suzanne Quitoriano Environmental Assesment for 852 S. A Street
0894-00-PD Data Scan, Inc. Sylvia Paniagua Police reports
3159-04-PD Anacapa Imaging Sylvia Paniagua Imaging
1434-02-FN Fleldman, Rolapp & Assoc. Tamar Sexton Financial advisory services — Seabridge
1447-02-FN Empire Economics, Inc. Tamara Market absorpotion study for Seabridge Proj.
1087-01-FN Arbitrage Compliance Specialist Tamara Sexton Finance consulting agreement
1149-01-FN Parkcenter Realty Advisors Tamara Sexton Appraisal services.
1207-01-FN Carl Warren and Company Tamara Sexton Liability insurance
1226-01-FN NBS Government Finance Group Tamara Sexton Assessment thstrict administration
1337-02-FN NBS Financial Group Tamara Sexton Continuing Disclosures.
1345-02-FN Parks Realty Advisors Tamara Sexton Appraisal for Westport at Mandalay
1348-02-FN Rincon Consultants Tamara Sexton Environmental consultation at the Santa Clara Landfill.
1404-02-FN David D. Kamarua Tamara Sexton Real Estate Appraisal Sports Park Site
1433-02-FN Bruce Hull and Associates Tamara Sexton Appraisal services for Rice Ave/Highway 101 Assessment
1441-02-EN Stradling, Yocca, Carison & Rauth Tamara Sexton Bond counsel for Sea Bridge project
1450-02-FN David Taussig and Associates Tamara Sexton Special tax consultant for Sea Bridge project
1684-03-FN Shuts Consultants, Inc. Tamara Sexton Public opinion survey.
1793-03-FN Shiltz Consulting Service, Inc. Tamara Sexton Phase II City Wide benefit assessment
1963-03-FN Impere Economic Tamara Sexton  Price index for Seabridge project
3182-04-PW CPS Landscape Architecture Tamara Sexton South Oxnard Library Demonstration Garden
3183-04-PW Mainstreet Architect & Planners, Inc Tamara Sexton NO DATA SHOWN
1879-03-FN Maze & Associates _________ Tamara Séxtorr Audit basic financial GASB34 FY02-03
1738-03-CM Information Technology Design Tara Willis I.S. design plan for Civic Center rennovation
1930-03-CM Selectron Techologies Tara Willis procurement and installation of voice permits
2002-03-CM Hansen Info Technologies, Inc. Tara Willis Software conversion and training
1355-02-PD Esperanza Mora Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1356-02-PD Victoria Gonzales Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1357-02-PD El Concilio Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1358-02-PD Oknard Elementary School District Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1359-02-PD Guadalupe Aguilera Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1360-02-PD Cabrillo Eôonomic Development Corporation Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1361-02-PD Coaliation to End Sexual Violence Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1362-02-PD Barbara Bell Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1363-02-PD Coalition Development Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1365-02-PD H’.O.M.E. Corporation Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1366-02-PD Ventura Probation Tom Cady Weed and Seed Program
1962-03-PD New Image 2000 Tom Chronister  Mobile car wash.
3138-04-PD GAGE-BABCOCK & Associates Tom Chronister Security Consulting, Downtown, Water & WWTP
3210-04-PD Pedus Service Tom Chronister Security Services @ Campus Park
3253-04-PD Phoenix Group Information Systems Tom Chronister Parking Citation Process
3254-04-PD Community Action Resource Exchange of Ventura County Tom Chronister Alcohol abuse intervention
3299-04-PD Dynamic Imaging Systems Inc. Tom Chronister Mugshot imaging software.
3301-04-PD Infokall Tom Chronister Automated citations
1744-03-CM CPI Network Solutions Tom Clock network eng. Support and services
3266-04-CM Soft-Train, Inc. Tom Clock NONE SHOWN
1228-O1-FD Terra Firma Tom Wailer Emergency preparedness written p{an.
1075-01-FN Data Pros Tom Wilson Printing, inserting and mailing of utility bills.
1051-01-LB Baker & Taylor Wendy Penrose Compass.
1053-01-LB OCLC Online Computer Library Center Wendy Penrose Retrospective conversion of Asian materials.
1313-01-LB SIRSI Corporation Wendy Penrose Integrated library system
1322-01-LB Sirsi Corporation Wendy Penrose Annual Maintenance
1870-03-LB CMS Inc. Wendy Penrose Acquire systems & services to implement I-net filtering
3264-04-LB Gold Coast Small Business Development Center William R. Gohlke Expert speaker services
1056-01-PW Hold for Lori Beltran Replacement of vandalized play equip