• WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OXNARD........................
        Some citizen critics have been anxiously awaiting the January 24th City Council Meeting

    There will surely be public comment about the City's spending of 9.5 million on golf holes
    and the City Manger's signing off on a mere ONE MILLION DOLLARS of your MONEY without
    any advisory oversight or apparent approval from his alleged boss -- THE CITY COUNCIL......

    Some may comment that only the same group of people get up and talk.  They are called 'Gadflys' and
    often unfairly are dubbed as such, especially if what they have to say is crucial to our City.

    Call them what you wish - these people spend time sharing with the City and with the Public facts and input that should be of great importance to those who care to hear. 


    I'm confused ... I was told that we can't afford to repair and/or pave our roads here in Oxnard because we don't have the $$ in our budget ... what's up this story?
    I live in Oxnard and they're as corrupt as a tv movie, why cant they be more like Camarillo!
    I am too!!!!I strongly suggest to our "Leaders" to tour the city riding a bicycle in order for them to see with their own eyes that our roads all over the city need serious attention.

    i myself recently called the city about repairing roads they flat out told me it is not in there budget but they can let this guy sign a contract for 1 million without any one to answer to i wonder how much of a kick did he get???????????

    WOW!!! There's not enough money for infrastructure improvements right now...however we can spend $9.5 million on a new golf course, & $1 million for a consultant for our very important general plan update! That's over $10 million in the last two weeks that we know about! Most cities would love to be in the strong financial position that Oxnard is in!
    Hey, I hear that there is an opening for Oxnard City Manager...

    Seriously, what the heck is this guy thinking? Must be able to sign checks for $$ that isn't yours.

    I'm in total agreement about our streets...I am so sick of the pot-hole patching instead of repaving neighborhood streets. Hard to take pride in homes when the streets are so ghetto-like...

    Good point on the Golf course Alejandro! Like the average Joe-Nard would even want to golf and the true majority (by the numbers anyway) would likely only got here to cut the grass...Ha!

    Mayor Holden promised the Inter-Neighborhood Council in February 2005 that he would address the issue of the City Manager's open-ended blank check spending on contracts such as the Big League Dreams one which was referenced by the Mayor when he first took office. To Date, it appears that the Mayor and Council has yet to address this issue of Big Spending - and again we are spending millions on things that only benefit a few instead of the whole community. Reminder to all Councilmembers - Elections are this November - we may remember what happens today when we vote later this year.


    The City of Oxnard can spend huge amounts of money because THEY are the CITY OF OXNARD. yeh. yeh. yeh. --Personally, the only time one person should be able write a check out for a million is if it is their own money...as in winning the lottery.

    I'm not impressed by the rationalizations for giving the City Manager so much unchecked authority. In Simi Valley a non-controversial contract would simply be placed on the Consent Calendar portion of the City Council's meeting agenda. Assuming no Councilmember had a problem with it, such routine contracts would be approved unanimously along with all the other Consent Calendar items.

    However, any Councilmember can pull an item from the Consent Calendar for further discussion. It rarely happens, but it safeguards the City against a City Manager who oversteps his bounds, and it provides the necessary oversight.

    Why can't Oxnard do the same? It seems like a pretty easy and obvious solution.

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